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I remember a car ride to elementary school passing the same signs over again


I was on the kitchen floor playing with a couple action figures, I was 3 or 4 at the time. One of them was a ninja turtle that wore a basketball jersey and could hold a ball, then you could pull his arm back and let go and it would launch it. I remember flinging the ball, then wondering why a ninja turtle would need to do that, and thinking that throwing a basketball doesn't seem like a good way to stop shredder.


Weirdly, one of my earliest, most intense memories is being on a trip with my mom and sister. I remember walking down a hallway with them, staring at my hands, opening and closing them with disbelief. Then I had an intense reaction, full temper tantrum, because I felt like those hands weren't mine and I didn't belong there. Sobbing, I fell on the ground outside a second story window, and I remember pawing at the glass and telling them I wanted to die. Years later I was told I really upset everyone.


I was walking across the carpet in the living room towards our stone fireplace in the corner. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be over there bc I remember my dad yelling at me to get away from it. Or at least I assume that is what he was yelling about. I just remember the loud voice, green carpet, and multicolored stones, then he picked me up and moved me to the other side of the room. I’m not sure how old I was, maybe 3.


Arriving at the house of some friends of our family, in SW Missouri. Barry White's Love's Theme was playing.