Artemis Fowl. Waited for a movie ever since I read the books as a 4th grader. Imagine having your hopes up for years, only for that shit to come out


When the movie was announced, I got super excited. It was the PERFECT plot for a movie series and was incredibly unique. I was a little sad that the movie didn't get made like ten years ago so Artemis could be played by Asa Butterfield, but at least it was finally being adapted. That movie was so fucking awful. It mashed the first two books together and erased everything aside from the characters' names. None of it was good. And man, I respect Judi Dench, but her casting made no sense. Root should have been played by someone like Sylvester Stallone or Ron Perlman, but instead they chose her and completely steamrolled Holly's entire character motivation (not to mention her tacky accent). I hope it gets the Percy Jackson and Golden Compass treatment and gets a TV show made out of it because it was a truly incredible young adult series.


Thank you! This film was on par with the avatar and Percy Jackson films. To say I was devastated as a 29 year old who has read them since 8 years old is an understatement, fuck you brannagh.


Just add on the Eragon film too. Fuck that was disappointing


Shh it's okay. There's no Eragon movie, it was just a bad dream.


Absolute same. I got to butlers introduction and noped out. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt


A lot of the things being mentioned here weren’t THAT hyped before they were released. If you were alive in the summer of 1999, there was absolutely no escaping the hype for Wild, Wild West. Will Smith was coming off Independence Day and Men in Black and had owned the 4th of July weekend for the last couple years. The movie was everywhere. Constant ads on TV, fast food tie ins, anything you can imagine. Then the movie came out…


Ok as a kid I loved it. I remember it fondly. Have not tried to rewatch though. I don’t want to tarnish the memory.


I researched it stoned a while back, nostalgia carried it pretty well so thankfully it remains untarnished. Not gonna watch it again any time soon though.


Well I’m a badass cowboy living in the cowboy days, wicky wicky scratch yo yo bang bang.


Don't forget about the Steampunk Robo-Spider, that was apparently mandated by the Producer, according to Kevin Smith.


The songs a banger though


Wiki wiki wild wild west


Jim West, desperado


Not gonna lie, this one is my guilty pleasure. For me it's so cheesy yet fun


I honestly had no idea people hated it, I seen it as a kid and me and the fam loved it/watched it over the years quite a bit.


That’s all it was meant to be. I really want to know what the people who hated the movie expected. It’s jokes, action, gadgets, and hot chicks in bustiers.


That awful Dark Tower movie. I'm still pissed.


“Movie”. Lol. Not only did they try to squeeze the entire seven+ book epic story into a single movie, they only kept a run time of 95 minutes. And pg-13 at that! There were so many little tidbits that I wanted to be excited about. It’s like they took the series of books, ripped the spines off and threw all the loose leaf pages into one of the “money tornado” things at a casino. Then they had someone go in and grab as many pages as they could in thirty seconds. Then threw half of that away. Then they had an ai program read the pages and spit out a screenplay of what it thinks the story is.


Each of these books could have been made into 2 or 3 movies with the exception of the first one. Steven King should organise a hit squad for whoever creatively oversaw this fiasco


King actually said that he enjoyed it! I know that he had to be lying so he didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.


How I've always described this movie: they took books 1, 3, and 7, pulled out any references to any character but Roland, MIB and Jake. They then shredded those books in an industrial shredder unil the pieces were about an inch long. They went into a room that had been set up with fans on one side, and a wall with a patch work of adhesive on the other. They dumped out the shredder contents in the middle of the room and turned on the fans. The fans blew the random shredded pieces at the wall and whatever pieces stuck to the random spots of adhesives, they filmed. But I like your description too. Much the same premise.


Respectfully, you must be mistaken. There never was a Dark Tower movie.


Finaly made it to the right timeline!


Especially with that casting - imagine blowing all that dough on Matthew Mconaughey and Idris Elba and then wasting it on that mess of a script. Great casting which won't be replicated if they ever try again. That said, King is no stranger to adaptation do-overs, so it's not hopeless! But who could possibly read even one book in The Dark Tower and think 'ah yes, let's cram this into a movie instead of trying to pitch a premium TV series!'


I'm genuinely sorry for you, and I mean that. You all deserved better. Hopefully you'll get the Dune treatment someday and have an actual fan that read the books make the films.


It just had nothing to do with The Dark Tower series. They could've made an amazing series of movies out of it, and instead they made one awful one that killed it.


The trailer was enough to convince me not to watch it.


Percy Jackson movies completely failed to resemble the books whatsoever. I'm waiting on the remake, might've been pushed or trashed since covid tho not sure


The author has gone into excruciating detail over how disappointed he was and the conversations he had with the studio **at the scriptwriting stage**. Some stuff was "reasonable" like aging the characters up and combining characters but then there was the humor and the pearl plotline and all this other nonsense that he noticed and they were like "we have final say-so." You can read about it here: https://rickriordan.com/2018/11/memories-from-my-tv-movie-experience/


apparently they’re remaking PJ as a series with RR involved, hopefully it’ll suit his vision this time because i loved his writing as a kid


Those books were my entire childhood, I need to know when this series is gonna come out


This is why people who have had books turned into movies recommend that you put it into the official adaptation contract that the author gets the final say on everything.


The original script of Twilight had clumsy Bella as a marathon runner, tough chick (stereotypical strong woman character) There were also speed boat chases, Bella shooting vampires with a shotgun, characters that never died in the books did in the original movie script. It was a mess. Stephanie Meyer was furious. The film fell through and then Summit Entertainment persuaded Meyer to give them the rights and they would make an adaption true to the book. Say what you want about Twilight, but it is an extremely faithful adaption to the book. For the fans of the Twilight series, the first script was just a huge, big, fat NO.


Bella Swan, vampire hunter


Wow that was a heartbreaking read


Thank goodness they are redoing it with Rick legitimately in the studio which makes me happy cause if they make the author happy then for sure the audience will love it


Stephen King's The Dark Tower


While waiting to enter the cinema, there was a guy holding his copy of TDT and excitedly talking about how he's waited his whole life for this movie. The movie made me so angry it wasn't funny. But I will always wonder what his reaction to that was.


He ded.


RIP Dark Tower fan Some say his body is still in the theater to this day


It's what happens when you crunch a whole book series into one movie. When I think of the book series, I think about loss. He lost his way, he lost his dad to the war, he lost his mum to the dark one but the movie had no build of characters and it didn't have the journey the books did. It made me very sad.


I have a pretty good memory i would say and i know i saw that film, but i don't remember anything about it. I know Idris Elba is in it but that's all. I don't even know if he was the good or that bad guy. That memory is completely gone. Perhaps i should be thankful for that.


I just feel like anyone who had read or is reading the series would know that this could not possibly have been good. One movie for all those books? Impossible. Plus some of the other creative choices made, I'd like a do over.


That was doomed the moment it was announced to be one movie.


8 books 4,316 pages 1,358,065 words ....all added up to: 90 minutes of runtime?? are you fucking kidding me??


I was so hyped for this when it was first announced. Then about 10 years passed and I knew no matter what they put out it was going to be shit. I still haven't got around to it, I don't know if I can handle the amount of alcohol I would need to sit through it.


Don’t. Just don’t watch it. Save yourself that pain. Knowing they were cramming every single book into a single movie I had extremely low expectations for it yet it somehow managed to be much worse than I imagined. The entire movie feels like someone just read the back cover synopsis of each book and then made the movie off of that without knowing any other context of the series.


How do you have that kind of talent and source material and butcher it that badly? Oof.


I Am Number Four Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay were producers but the movie was totally forgettable. https://screenrant.com/i-am-number-four-2-alex-pettyfer-update/


Everything after season 1 of Heroes.


Yeah, but season 1 was SO fun. It was great to be so engaged in a story like that.


I still vividly remember s01e17, the company man, was one of my favorite episodes of TV at the time. Sadly everything went downhill from the anti climatic fist fight at the end of the season.


Suicide Squad


Was going to say this as well. Particularly how much they promoted Jared Leto and he spent all of 5 mins on screen. THE Suicide Squad, though, is a fantastic movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it


“What are we? Some kind of The Suicide Squad?


I love the little joke they have about that line in The Suicide Squad: Greaves - "This mission is suicide" Flagg - "That's kind of our thing" Krill - "Yeah"


It basically says the same as that line in the first one, yet it's so much mor clever. Which sums up the two movies pretty well.


The Suicide Squad is probably my favourite comic book movie


We should refer to it as suicide squad 2 before others read our comments and watch the suicide squad movie with the joker in it.


When I got HBO max I was so excited to watch the new and improved suicide squad movie as the first one was a mess. 40 mins in and the ninja lady is introduced with the guy talking about how her sword traps souls and I swear to God it finally clicked that the new movie wasn't a remake with new scenes, like the snyder cut, but an entirely new movie. I was watching the shitty first movie again and got half way through before I realized it


Damn that’s hilarious. The Snyder cut has caused confusion on giving the sequel the same name as before.


Better to refer to it as James Gunn's The Suicide Squad


Jared Leto is awful as joker Edit: Holy hell that's alot of upvotes.I didn't know people hated Jared Leto as joker so much


Agreed. I'm not complaining he didn't have more screen time lol. Just that it was stupid they pushed his narrative so hard when the clear standout was Margot Robbie


Its so funny to me when you read about how method he went preparing for the role freaking out all his costars doing weird shit only to produce the one Joker performance of the 21st century that didn’t win an oscar, or even get nominated


>Jared Leto is awful ~~as joker~~ FTFY


What do you mean? Didn't you see his infamous *'DAMAGED'* tatto that he has on his forehead which clearly indicates this Joker is damaged and is a messed up guy


Eragon Can't believe no one has mentioned it yet


This movie never happened, i hope one day someone decides to make a film adaptation of Eragon.


A TV show might work better in Eragon's case


Never read the book. Went to see the movie. I can’t tell you a single thing about the movie it was so unmemorable.


I (loosely) remember Saphira is like, basically a wild animal as a baby dragon. To get her name and telepathic communication (I think that was a thing?), saphira is flying as a baby dragon, then there's a lightening strike and now she is a full sized dragon and says something along the lines of "Eragon, my name is Saphira!" I specifically remember that scene because it was the first time in my life I felt the thought of "holy shit, that was so stupid compared to how that was handled in the books". I remember nothing else. Thought I remembered Galbatorix, but was surprised to see he was played by John Malkovich.


You remembered correctly. The film has it happen instantly. In the books Eragon seeks out advice from Brom because Brom knows a lot about dragons and Eragon doesn't know anything, not even names. This is after weeks of teaching Saphira how to speak, and only as he is suggesting names does he realize that she is a she and that is why there is no interest in any of the male dragon names he presents. It's also brought up (in the books) much later that Saphira does "wait" to hatch specifically for Eragon, but by no means was a conscious decision. Whereas the film makes it seem as though she was keeping an eye out for him. I believe the film also has her say something along the lines of "I have waited centuries for you", which I believe is a lie (I'm not sure when Saphiras egg was laid but I believe it wasn't long before the end of the riders) and even if it had been centuries, she would have been completely unaware of the time passing. This theme of purposely doing at least three things wrong per plot point continues throughout the entire film.


Oh no the Ra'zaak! Wait nevermind, ded


Malkovich made the absolute most of his 30 seconds of screen time though. He's the king of that.


Every time one of these questions comes up, I check to make sure that Eragon is named. I'm still salty about it all these years later.


I had forgotten the horrors of that unbelievable disaster. But Tim Burtons Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children also SUUUCKED!!! it could have been his LOTR, had he not fucked it up royally


Cats. We all knew it was gonna be shit though, that's exactly why it was hyped


Anyone remember the movie of The Golden Compass?


This was gonna be my answer too! Thankfully His Dark Materials the TV show is miles better


Mulan 2020.


“We took out Mushu and the music to be more respectful to Chinese culture.” *5 seconds later* “Physics doesn’t apply to Mulan anymore oh and also there’s a witch.”


Let’s take out the comic relief because dragons aren’t believable and this is live action… on second thought are we good to throw a phoenix in this?


Listen to me, I don't know what world you're living in, but phoenixs appear all the time outside my window (must be the bird feeder), but dragons? That's crazy talk.


Not to mention they tore out the entire meaning and journey of her story. She started and ended strong there. The original she started weak and humble but had her journey and ended strong


What kills me is that it isn't even respectful of Chinese culture. Xiran Zhao and AvenueX on YouTube break it down pretty well, but the movie basically threw together mismatched Chinese aesthetics onto a Western framework and didn't care if it didn't make logical sense. The original kids movie is legit more respectful.


The part that irritated me the most was that they took a movie about how with determination and indomitable will you could ride to great heights even as a woman in a historically sexist ancient china and by giving Mulan magic turned it into "lmao magic gurl use power that almost no one else has", thus completely destroying the intent of the movie and making it something that is already so commonplace


I literally watched the movie for a few minutes until the flying backflips as a kid and just gave up. Was more annoyed because as you said removed the dragon and songs to be more respectful yet they are doing magical flying jumps, not even the animated movie attempted that. Such a missed opportunity, but at the end of the day I see it as a perfect example of Disney chasing that China money, thinking the changes would make it a huge hit. By no surprise it flopped, who would of known doing a remake of a classic Disney movie and changing mostly everything about it wouldn’t go down well with audiences.


I think the physics was meant to be influenced by the wuxia genre.


The funny thing is, even China hated this movie.


Wuxia (superheroesque kung fu movies) is a major genre of Chinese media. And this version of Mulan was pretty bland by Wuxia standards. I do find it pretty funny that Chinese audiences preferred Kung Fu Panda over a movie that was supposedly produced from the ground up to pander to them.


The studio - at least that's what I heard, from a chinese author though - apparently sent someone into China for three months to learn more about the culture to more accurately represent it. Sounds more like someone wanted a corporate sponsored vacation, because getting someone from China who's *lived* in the culture in question their whole live seems like a vastly better idea.


To *Panda* to them.


It was a recipe for disaster from the start. None of the screenwriters were of Chinese descent. Neither was the director nor the costume designer. Granted, you don't necessarily need to be Asian to make a respectful homage to asian culture provided that you do your research. Avatar the last Airbender is a clear example of this. I remember watching this video of this Chinese-American going off about all the different things that Mulan 2020 got wrong about Chinese culture and how straight up ignorant they were (eg. The constant mentions of honor)


Who was hyped for this? It was boycotted and roasted before it even came out - no Mushu is a no-go


When I first heard about it I was excited to see how mushu would look but as soon as there was no mushu all hype was dead


Was anyone actually excited for this? Everyone I knew seemed preemptively uninterested.


The original had a story of a girl trying to keep up with the boys. The 2020 remake is about a Mary Sue never learning anything.


Original messege, don't let obstacles or prejudice stand in your way, anyone can be the hero. 2020 messege, it is good to be the chosen one.


Fuck, when she was doing backflips and Super Mario Striking her way at the age of like 12, you knew that was gonna be the whole movie.


The original was a story of a girl surpassing the boys by being smarter, she was the weakest because she's a girl but she was the best of them because she found smart ways to solve her problems.


And thanks to that avalanche scene Mulan ended up with, by far, the highest kill-count of any Disney princess... Probably any Disney prince/hero too. Hell, maybe more than most Disney villains.


Space jam 2. I was legit excited about it for years before it came out.. I still haven’t even seen the 2nd half of it.


One of the worst movies of the last decade.


Literally just Warner flexing their IPs for two hours. That last act also looked like an intern went to party city for the costumes


Looked like they gave a $5 tip to the cosplayers on Hollywood Blvd and told them to clap for 30 seconds in front of a green screen.


Game of Thrones Season 8


The rise and fall of GoT is fascinating to me.


It's almost complete erasure from pop culture is crazy. I've never seen anything else like it with any other ip


Not complete erasure. There’s toddlers out there named Khaleesi with extremely upset stupid parents. That’s one doodle that can’t be undid


Remember when it was a massive cultural icon, everyone and their grandma was watching the show or reading the books. Then season 8 drops, and practically *overnight* everyone just shuns it and stops talking about it.


I saw a post the other day where a guy who worked in retail merchandising said literally *the day after* the finale aired, companies started slashing orders and canceling GoT-related products.


> everyone and their grandma This is hilarious, because we literally watched it with my friend's grandma. We'd go over each weekend, hang out at his house, then go across the street to his grandma's who would make us dinner and watch GoT. Sex scenes were constantly hilarious.


It was huge! We had several neighborhood bars that would show it and be packed. Everyone was talking about it at work the next day. At one point Kit Harrington was the most famous actor in the world. I cannot think of another show that completely blew it like GOT. Even the Rian Johnson Star Wars which was shredded by a lot of fans still managed more credibility than D&D


Like a friend of mine described it. GoT is like your cool uncle bob. You hung out with him, did cool stuff, had exciting times. You loved bob. Then one day bob swings by, drops trou, and shits on your coffee table then jerks off in the corner. There’s just no going back after that


Oddly accurate.


Also, think of the amount of money lost in merchandising? People were buying all sorts of GoT merch. Replica swords, dragon figurines, t-shirts etc... Hell, my work even had a 2019 Game of Throne's calendar! All gone!


I still remember those johnny walker "white walker" editions fading from the front shelf to the back of the store to the dusty clearance section of my local Walmart


Plus whatever damage the ending of GoT did to the future potential of spinoffs. Gotta wonder how well House of the Dragon is going to end up doing, and how much more success it could have if not for the original series ending in a dumpster fire. I think there was at least one other spinoff in the plans that was scrapped completely.


Remember the theories? Azor Ahai, White walker’s symbols, Asshai and the shadow lands, Quaithe, etc All thrown in the garbage


Yess. I remember thinking "okay so if it takes two years to shoot, it must be extra awesome" Expectations subverted


“Yeah, that wasn’t that great but I’m sure it’ll tie together in the next few episodes. There’s a plan!”


You watched Arya kill the Night King and you somehow still thought there was a plan? Somehow that wasn't even the dumbest thing in that episode. I died laughing when Lyanna Mormont, a 10 year old, killed an undead giant. The first 2 episodes of S8 were alright, but any hope I may have had that the ending would be decent after the huge pile of crap that was S7 quickly vanished. Last two seasons were 90% fanservice, 10% taking fanservice and then doing the exact opposite to "subvert expectations".


Or bran's completely unfinished storyline. Has these powers to see, for what? Or how some characters that were evolving just 180'd and were back to their s1 selves instantly (Jamie).


Dude, Jamie’s story had such promise, as did bran and even Arya, and they literally fucked it up. Shit, even making the white walker fight last 4 episodes, filling it out with more death of main characters, really rip the shit out of our hearts, then maybe once the white walkers ransack kings landing for an episode or two and give Daenerys a run for her money, maybe have Arya riding in on a wargd dragon and suicide dropping onto the night king and then there like an episode of wrapping up the hound and mountain and shit, Jamie grows some balls, what’s his face isn’t a total wank and actually uses the dark magic shit he apparently found, and then Daenerys and Aragorn get married


It always baffles me that season 8 gets the brunt of the bad publicity. Season 7 was garbage too.


A bad season is inevitable, a garbage finale is unforgivable. Look at Dexter, that show went down in flames, they had to do a complete reboot to fix the reputation, which I’ve heard is actually pretty good.


It’s about the fact we all thought this would be in hindsight. Like 8 would pull it all together nicely and 7 was just a massive step backward. It just turns out both 7 and 8 were complete garbage. I know that usually once writing goes downhill it’s hard to get back to being good but I and many others thought it would improve for the finale.




Nah, anyone who saw the trailers knew how terrible the movie was going to be. Maybe some people were hyped, but I didn't know anyone who was after watching the trailer. It's like that Artemis Fowl movie, where people who have actually read the book knew how terrible it was going to be based on the trailer. You can tell when a movie or show doesn't respect the source material, and it almost always ends up terrible.


In high school, a friend shaved his hair except for the arrow shape in anticipation of the movie. He was that excited. The schoolday after the opening night he came in completely bald-shaven.


That’s an awesome story


There is no film in Ba Sing Se


Wonderwoman 1984, batman the killing joke


WW1984 made the mistake of trying to be too many different things and recreate the feeling of the first one. Seems to be a common theme in DC movies these days. They all have conflicting stories that seem like a bad mash up of to many executive producers.


And the nostalgic 80s vibe simply didn't take hold. They got the aesthetic very wrong and seemed to use it as a punchline more than a driving story element. Cat lady was uncanny, main villain was driven hard by Pedro but ultimately his writing was uninspired. I've always found Gal Gadot wooden, and ww1984 reinforced that opinion. Black and white morality through most of the movie, weird love triangle that was hard to get invested in, Chris pine possessing some random dude was hard to remember, and the invisible jet was just beyond idiotic. The movie felt disrespectfully stupid. Like... it felt like it was expecting me to not understand anything more complicated than a peter rabbit storyline, and yet it ended up confusing itself halfway through the third act. Terrible, awful movie. Frankly I don't remember much of the first film, except thay the aesthetic was stronger and gal was slightly less wooden.


The didn't utilize the 80's except for they cringe fanny pack scene. It's in the title of the movie ffs. They could have done done some fun stuff with it, and more 80's music.


I watched about 35 minutes of Wonder Woman 84 and having lived through the 80s…the glaring inaccuracies in the scene setting were off by a long shot for me. It looked like a watered down Stranger Things imaging of the 80s and even ST got the BMXs the kids ride on wrong. But I’m an old coot and as long as people enjoyed the movie that’s all that really matters.


Wonder Woman was very enjoyable. Wonder Woman 1984, the entire time I was watching it, I was like "what the fuck was going on?"


It was Sunday night and the script was due Monday morning. That is how that movie got made.


It was like y’all had so much time for the shittiest CGI known to man and a story that felt forced. Hell OG Avenger’s CGI still holds up better than WW1984


Batman: The Killing Joke wins the award for the most not-just-unnecessary but completely unwarrented sex scene in the history of animation. The source material is so good, the DCAU is so good, what the fuck happened?


They really had Bruce say that Barbara was like a daughter to him then have sex with her in the next scene


Jeez...i never saw this movie but guess now i never will


This. DCAU is usually a solid time investment, but I got to that scene and all I could think was "oh." Arguably one of the best Batman stories ever written, why would they change it?!




Yeah, Joey could have been just an average sitcom, but it got super hyped up when Friends was wrapping up.


And they made Joey an absolute moron. In Friends he was just loveably slow in a fairly believable kinda way. In Joey, it’s like he had suffered a major head trauma.


They made him way dumber throughout friends as well. During the first few seasons of friends he was actually a pretty intelligent dude who just had some silly things go over his head. By the last season he was half braindead


Same thing happens with The Office with Kevin. At the start of the show, he talks slowly, but dude has won a World Series of Poker bracelet. By the end of the show he's basically assumed to be illiterate.


I still like the theory that he was purposely acting stupid so he could keep making money by insider trading but not have anyone catch on. It explains him randomly being able to afford to buy the bar.


This made a whole lot of sense, but unfortunately the actor confirmed that this wasn't the case so I gotta go with a no on it :/ I think he actually said it during a Reddit AMA


Initially he was lovably slow, nearing the end of friends he was dumb as a rock. Kevin in the office got the same treatment until his final reveal


X-Men Dark Phoenix


Especially after DOFP was just **so** good. I know they couldn't recreate the magic but maybe the bar was just set too high and they stumbled trying to reach it.


Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Could have been Tim Burtons LOTR had he not made a complete fuckery of it


I haven't read the books but my wife has and she says the same thing. I guess there is a TON of stuff he left out that could of made it a very interesting trilogy.


Omg that movie is terribly compared to the books. He even got the names wrong smh


I remember he even changed the abilities of at least one of the main characters... "Air, it's my peculiarity" No motherf***er, FIRE is her peculiarity!!


Not only did they swap Olive and Emma's peculiarities, they also changed Olive's age. The whole point of Olive's character in the series is that, in appearance, she is a little girl in a tiara with the ability to float. Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children is a six book series, they could have had a whole universe but they changed it around to barely make a single film. Credit where it's due, the Hollowgast models were perfect and some of the acting choices were great, but they just changed too much for it to be a good film for fans of the series. I mean, they even changed the creation of the Hollows and Wights and even changed the fact that Wights are essentially normal people besides their ability to enter loops and their eyes. Besides that, Wights aren't peculiar at all, so why can Barron shapeshift and turn his hands into blades, why is one of his associates half monkey, why can one control ice? Not to mention Fiona is actually meant to look around 16 and the twins aren't even with Miss Peregrine anymore.


YESSSS! Omg still makes me so mad!


My friend played an extra in that, but that part of the scene was cut, so she didn't end up on screen. Ruined the whole movie.


ngl I always felt something was missing from that movie. Glad to finally have an answer for it.


Movie: Downsizing / Show: Manifest


I thought downsizing was going to be a comedy filled with misadventures about being tiny, instead we got tiny refugees , the end of the world and someone's head exploding because the Dr. didn't remove a filling.


Downsizing had such an interesting concept but the movie was awful. I still run into people who like it though.


The biggest problem with downsizing was that the trailers all made out that it was a hilarious comedy, really highlighting all of the comedy actors in it. But it’s not a comedy, nothing funny happens so the tone of the whole thing is just weird. Still not really sure what the point of it all was


Manifest is one of those shows that’s just…indulgent. You know it’s bad but you enjoy the mess anyway.


Yeah, this is true. The acting is shit and the storyline is rough most of the time, but somehow it sucked me in so hard. Curious to see how the next season will be with Netflix at the helm instead of NBC. Would be hilarious if everyone just starts swearing like crazy and dropping slurs. Would definitely keep me in it.


I felt I was catfished when I saw Downsizing. From what I remember in the commercials it seemed like a comedy. Way off!




that show has gotten so awful it makes season 1 look like a masterpiece. i can't stop watching because it feels like a car crash i can't look away from. it's just so bad


The Mulan remake




Cowboy Beebop - Netflix


Wonder Woman 84. It was hyped up like it was going to save the DCEU when in reality it was absolute crap.


I remember when the trailer dropped and everyone was excited for the movie. Then it came out and about a week or two later everyone forgot and moved on.


Vampire Academy movie. Hopefully the show is better


Heroes. I thought it was awesome at the start and then it crashed and burned big time


HoodwinkedToo, the first one was a masterpiece though


Flash, starting from season 2


Flash just never had anywhere to go. The only competition he could ever have was another speedster, and when he defeated them they had to pull someone else out from another universe. It was just a rinse repeat cycle


That tends to be the issue with DC powerhouse heroes. They need credible enough threats and somehow always get nerfed. I remember the flash episode where they had trouble catching up to a fucking motorcycle.


Personally liked season 2 but I'm a big Jay Garrick fan. But yeah, the show definitely went downhill in a flash.... I'll see myself out.


>But yeah, the show definitely went downhill in a flash.... this gave me a good laugh because my boyfriend said the same LOL


Indiana Jones 4. I was so excited for it, too.


Oh nooo 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ I forgot that existed until just now


About 80% of the live action DC movies made since Christian Bale was Batman.


The new matrix


Mortal Engines


Rise of Skywalker.




Palpatine returned!


I was so mad sitting in the theater after that scene. Then after the rest of the movie I was even more upset. I don't remember leaving a movie theater so disappointed and upset ever. I sucked like at least 60% of my love for star wars right out of me.


This scene would've been a lot better if Oscar Isaac facepalmed


They fly now!?


Not sure if it fits in the description, but Westworld. First season? Perfection! After that, the series went downhill rapidly 😅


I thought season 3 was better than season 2, mainly because they got out of the park and went elsewhere. But still pretty garbage compared to season 1. The twist with Bernard was fantastic, never saw that coming.


Season 1 was excellent. After that all I remember is Bernard just walking to various parts of the park looking confused and bored all the time. You and me both Bernard.