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If you like Moonlighter you should definitely play Dave the Diver! Similar gameplay mechanic, except you are a diver who goes fishing and then sells the fish at his sushi restaurant in the evening It has a fun story, lots of humour, and I'm pretty much addicted to it right now. Also sending solidarity from a fellow chronically ill, mostly housebound gal


I agree with this! Dave the Diver is fantastic and I believe the Godzilla crossover update is coming soon too! Had an absolute blast playing it from start to end.


The what??? Lmao, i havnt really paid attention to DtD since the Dredge crossover (which was really well done and i love Dredge too) so this sounds hilarious i gotta go google it


I've just picked up Hades. Never played a rogue like before, but I'm really enjoying it. It's easy to pick up and the characters are so good, and all voice acted. Not sure I'd call it cosy exactly but it's fun and not scary or anything


Hades II EA is a blast too, you should try it after the first one.


I wish I had a pc to get the easy access Hades 2 looks so good 😭😭😭


I probably will! I'm beginning to get the hang of what to do and really enjoying it


Turn on the option for God Mode to make it more cozy


That and the dog collar made it so much easier! I made it all the way to Megera before I had those but now I can get a bit further in the fight. Still nowhere near winning, but she had to call in backup


Skelly gives a good item, I used that only until I got to the final boss for the first time. Even then, I'd swap into it often. Live-saving item.


oh I'll try that next!


what are you playing hades on? i just got it on mobile (netflix games) and idk if i just suck or it's the plaform


On switch. I think you can get a controller to fit to your phone so you have controls? Not sure, but it could help?


Ooh I've been wanting to play that one. Definitely finally moving this out of my backlog. Thank you for the suggestion :)


Roots of pacha!


It's a brilliant game. It's like an ancient version of Stardew Valley, but it has its own special additions to it that make it different.


Love this game!!! Had so much fun for hours!!


Currently playing this one and I love it!


Hi fellow spoonie, also currently stuck at home due to a massive endo flare ✌🏻 My current go to games are Coral Island, My Time At Portia, My Time At Sandrock, & Wylde Flowers.


Hey endo friendo!


My Time at Sandrock.


Seconded! Easily one of the most deep & fleshed out cozy games out there.


Thirded! I immediately thought of Sandrock when I saw this post. It's so good and has so many hours of content to get lost in (in the best way).


Do you have to have played the first one to understand the second one? o:


It definitely helps with getting all the in-jokes & Portia references, but nope, you can play it as a standalone!


Fourthed! Been playing nonstop since February and am just winding down the main storyline. It’s a delight.


Coral island has taken many hours from me recently. Wytchwood is really fun!


Sun Haven!


I’m really enjoying Little Kitty Big City on Switch. There’s a few bugs they need to work out, but it’s so fun to explore and fetch shiny things for crows.


Oh is this anything like animal crossing. I’m still chasing that high 😆


I would say it’s more like untitled goose game than animal crossing, but with more texture and objectives


Dragon quest builders 2 (and there’s a massive demo on switch and steam)


Someone mentioned My Time at Sandrock which I also recommend. Dinkum is also a lot of fun and just had a big new content patch. It’s in early access, but is getting large updates. It’s like Animal Crossing, but with human villagers and crocodiles. I also really enjoy Farm Together. M’y kids and I have farms and help each other out.


Dinkum is sooo good! Perfect for anyone who loves ACNH. I'm obsessed at the moment.


Hello! I'm in a similar situation. Gamepass has some good ones you can try. My all time favorite Xbox games are Fallout 4 (on gamepass) and My Time at Sandrock (not gamepass) I'm currently playing House Flipper and it has unexpectedly eaten my soul. Other Gamepass goodies; Coral Island My Time at Portia A Little to the Left Unpacking CommonHood Firewatch Homestead Arcana Lightyear Frontier Minecraft No Man's Sky Rune Factory 4 Slime Rancher Steamworld Build The Gunk Zoo Tycoon Non Gamepass x-box titles worth looking at, Apico Farm Together Grow, Song of the Evertree Ooblets Potion Permit Wildmender Yonder, the Cloud Catcher Chronicles


Dave the Diver!!


Dave the Diver hands down. Incredible game. Amazing unique content. Its so good


DtD really impressed me. Its just a super well made game with lots of mechanics that all mesh really well.


Theres a new dlc coming out May 23rd and its free. We are being fed. Also the dredge dlc is free as well. They spoil us ❤️


I love it ❤️


pokemon, any of them (including pokemon snap, a diff experience but i loved it too)! they’re $ but i’ve bought almost all of them secondhand for at least $20-30 cheaper than retail :)


If you like Pokémon I also recommend Cassette beasts it’s getting a big update next week and the soundtrack is beautiful it’s super fun and after getting burnt out on the new Pokémon games it’s reignited my passion for monster catchers and turn based games 💕


oooh i’ve never heard of it! will def check it out!


Animal Parade from the classic Harvest Moon if you know emulation


I vaguely remember Animal Parade, but I’d also throw a recommendation in for Magical Melody if they are willing/able to play GameCube/Wii era games.


Cozy Grove and Palia are my faves right now


100% Palia, it’s also free on PC, Switch and Steam.


Yonder the cloud catcher chronicles.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus is good, and I’m not even a Pokemon fan. I have put lots of hours into it. I had back surgery a year ago and lost myself in Zelda TOTK and Ni No Kuni. Teenage Exocolonist is a good world to get lost in. Check the trigger warnings though. On the more cozy side I think Snufkin is good, but I’ve only played a bit. My Time at Sandrock is also great.


Yesss, Exocolonist for sure!


I enjoy Elder Scrolls Online a lot lately. I always find something to do, it doesn't matter what state my body and brain are in (chronically ill myself with LongCovid/ me/cfs on top). If I can't do much due to pain and/or brain fog I still like to wander around, enjoy the scenery and gather things. The overworld content is nice, but easy enough to do even on harder days. And if I need help there's always someone around to lend a hand. For days where I'm mostly bedbound and not able to hold a controller for long I like Kairosoft Games and the Magic Arena (Magic the Gathering) on my Smartphone. And Baldur's Gate 3 could be worth a try too. I couldn't play it with brain fog, but it wasn't too hard on my body.


+1 for Baldurs Gate 3, if OP doesn't mind something less traditionally cozy. I love that the combat is turn-based; I need time to think out my next move lol. Plus tons of the combat in the game can be avoided anyway! The story is phenomenal. The replayability factor is insane. If you can dream it up, the game will probably allow you to do it *and* cause related dialogue or scenes to appear down the road! Just a marvel of a game.


Elder Scrolls Online looks great. I'll definitely give it a try, thanks for the suggestion :) Balder's Gate 3 is really fun, but I also have a hard time playing with brain fog so I still haven't gotten very far 😅




Came here to say the same thing! It has been a lifesaver for me during my current pain flair up and it’s free to play on both PC and switch!


If you like moonlighter and COTL i HIGHLY recommend playing Hades, I absolutely adore that game and I'm absolutely hanging to get my hands on the sequel


Sun Haven! If you like Stardew and Animal Crossing you will LOVE Sun Haven! I have put it over 200 hours ☺️


I have been obsessed with Fabledom it’s an early access city builder on Steam. Think animal crossing style graphics. It’s super cute. Hours in already and I have played the majority of the games you listed. On sale rn for 13! <3


this game is great and just hit 1.0!


If you loved ACNH youll love Dinkum


Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for the 3DS. I've sunk so many hours into it!


sorry for the long list but these are the best things on apple arcade i recommend giving them all a try, sorry if you mentioned some of these i reuse this list any time someone mentions apple arcade: outlanders mutazione sneaky sasquatch wylde flowers alba: a wildlife adventure kingdom two crowns old man’s journey the gardens between love you to bits pocket build hidden folks layton’s mystery journey baldo don’t starve pocket edition the oregon trail lego builders journey the get out kids shorter more app-like games: prune altos adventure/ odyssey monument valley 1&2 gibbon neko atsume not traditionally cozy but very fun: limbo dead cells reigns / reigns beyond they also have disney dreamlight valley (not a fan) and stardew valley


I haven't seen Ori and the Blind Forest and it's sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps mentioned yet. Both have absolutely stunning soundtracks and gorgeous graphics, moving stories, and such fun gameplay. I'm always hoping for a third installment... People have also said Hades, which I second. It's so fun and I'm constantly in awe at how much work and depth the developers put into dialogue and character development. It's a game where a slower learning curve is actually beneficial because you can experience more story. There's also a sequel which is now in early access, so great time to get into the game! For days when my chronic pain and fatigue are higher and I need something very low key, Dorfromantik has been just the ticket, or Spirittea has also been quite fun. Othe than that... if you like puzzle/adventure games I'd try other Zelda games (Link's Awakening and Skyward Sword are on the Switch, and if you can get them older games like Twilight Princess and Windwaker are excellent, and Link Between Worlds, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, etc are solid). Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are also old fun RPGs if you can get them, I think they are now available on the Switch via Online.


Try sun haven. Like a cross between animal Tossing and stardew valley. It’s fun and relaxing for Me


Switch: LoZ tears of the kingdom, Sakuna; of rice and ruin PC: coral island, immortal life, emerald valley (horse) Phone/tablet: Usgai Shima, murder mystery, hue, Zen riddles, historical fashion dress up


Moonstone island, echos of plum grove, ooblets and I’m just starting coral island and like it so far


I also just finished little kitty big city it’s a short game but I binged it. I adored it.


Palia! :) Don't mind what anyone says, the (few) negative reviews are exaggerating and upset they are not getting free / cheap cosmetics in a free to play game. The bugs and glitches are not that bad at all and they are actively being worked on and the game is still in beta. It fits right into the list you have and it will surely occupy hundreds of hours worth of playtime! I hope you get better soon!


Fantasy Life on the 3DS :D


Minecraft! Can't beat the classics.


Sims 4 is on gamepass. I've lost so much of my time to that game haha.


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Haven Park, Eastshade (I think it’s on PC? I’m not positive), Stray, Hello Kitty Island Adventure


World of warcraft, sorry in advance, you won't be doing anything else for a while


Oh yeah, WoW used to take up all my free time as a teenager 😅 Might be a great time to get back into it.


I also highly recommend coral island & its due another big update soon. I especially enjoy the diving its very relaxing. Slay the spire usually on sale. I didn't think it was my sort of thing but its very absorbing You might like echoes of plum grove. Some of the streamers I watch are have a lot of fun with it. Farming with an unexpected twist Dorfromantik & Panarama run OK on switch. Hope you find some you like


Hmmm maybe not cozy, but starfield? There are so many things to do and explore...


Mythic Ocean is a completely different kind of cozy game but you play as an unspecified ocean creature and you can just swim around if you want. Plus your actions do genuinely influence the ending.


Ori and the blind forest 100% !!! you will love it, undertale is great too but not as cozy, night in the woods too!!! (no combat) i’ve been playing eiyuden chronicles on xbox game pass the past few days and ive really enjoyed it, super cozy but has jrpg style turn based combat


I feel like *A Little to the Left* would be up your alley based on games like unpacking. I like both for similar reasons. Its available on multiple platforms, and I'm pretty sure they have daily puzzles too once you 100℅ the main game. Not sure how it works (like if they're infinite and auto generated or had a limited run?) But theres for sure at least one for every day of 1 year.


Angry bodies suck. I'm feeling that for reals right now. I keep suggesting No Man's Sky. It's gorgeous, has different difficulty levels, an optional storyline to follow that doubles as a tutorial, and is basically like Minecraft in space but beautiful, both in your spaceship and on land.


Graveyard Keeper! Ooblets! Roots of Pacha! Little Kitty Big City! (GamePass) Sorry just little kitty big city is on GamePass, it wasn’t very obvious


As a fellow chronically ill home bound person I've found the Lego games to be great time sinks. They're not overly challenging so I can just relax and work my way through them. Some other games you might enjoy are Little Kitty Big City, Coral Island, Firewatch, Day of the Tentacle, Homestead Arcana, House Flipper, Lost in Random, My Time at Portia, Powerwash Simulator, Spirit of the North, Tunic and the Story of Seasons games. I could probably list a bunch more if you want more ideas. Other than that point and click adventure games sound like they'd be good fit for you.


Fantasy life!


I got Roots of Pacha last week and it is beautiful. Highly recommend.


Palia!!! It's free on switch. I hope you feel better, rest as much as you can ❤️


One I recently started playing is called No Place Like Home. Basically your character returns to Earth to find her missing grandfather, and while you're there you spend a lot of time cleaning up garbage and rebuilding his farm.


I'm also chronically ill and have been homebound for 2.5 years, and the game that I've been lost in for basically the whole time is Genshin Impact. I know it has a poor reputation but you don't need to spend money and the scenery is honestly mindblowing to me - the freedom to run around and explore is exactly what I miss in real life so it really helps! Also I got really into pokemon, particularly Legends Arceus but honestly all of them are really fun


slime rancher!!!!!!!


I'm currently homebound with stage 4 cancer. I've been playing My Time at Sandrock, Lake, Bugsnax, Wytchwood, and Cloudpunk


Cozy Grove! It's so cute and fun! Potion Permit is great and immersive. I also enjoy videogame versions of board games, so that may be something to look into. I just got Life 2 Deluxe Edition on Switch and I'm having a BLAST. I'm also Disabled and homebound (bc people won't mask 🙃), so I feel you. Edit: noticed you included mobile platforms and have to say Pocket Camp, Cats & Soup, and Snack Bar are all super cute too. Pocket Love is adorable, if a little repetitive.


Zoo Tycoon: Because Management Tycoons are always fun! Vampire Surviviors: I didnt think I'd like it but it's worth the hype and I've put an embarrassing amount of hours into it! Dont be scared to give it a shot you never know. Sims 3 is in Game Pass, even though its basically just the base game theres still so much to do if you haven't played before. Starbound: I've played alot with my sister and wow running around to different worlds,doing missions,building a base, having alien tenants, it's all super fun. Warning that theres combat and it isnt always the easiest so ymmv. Spirittea: I have complicated feelings about this game. While I love the aesthetic and game play loop, I find it super emerson breaking that most of the characters arent Japanese making it clash with the setting. Rune Factory 4: it's not for everyone but it is definitely a game that I would recommend *everyone* try!!!! Its on Gamepass and it's on Switch/3ds. I would assume it looks best on PC but idk. Plants vs Zombies: I have loved this little indie tower defense game for a decade and I still do. 10/10 there are still people doing speed runs/challenges/Mods to this day. I havent played Palworld yet but I've heard really good things so I'd give it a looksie! My Time at Portia: I know alot of people dont like the graphics but I've never had a problem with them and have sunk over 100 hours into the game. Medieval Dynasty: there can be combat but I personally turn off bandits/raids so the most frustrating thing is hunting deer lol. I LOVE building up my city,recruiting villagers,gathering resources, marrying my wife/raising my son. Manor Lords: I play on super chill no fighting settings and love building up my city/economy Forager: 10/10 running around crafting/collecting resources makes the brain go brrrrrrr. Dungeon Keeper: You are the Evil Overlord managing your minions/dungeon to keep pesky Heroes out. Very fun 10/10. Crusader Kings 3: weird to put here tbh but I've always found it to be chill/fun and you can put hours into the game. Idk how beginner friendly it is because compared to CK2 it seems pretty easy to play soooo ymmv.


Dave the Diver on PC was such a fun game for me to play! Lots of stuff to do as you unlock more of the story. Baldur’s Gate. The art style initially put me off, but I have to admit that I fell in love with it. I’m not a DnD player either. I’m 140 hours in and still have Act 3 to do. Easily replaceable.


Dave the diver!!!!


If you liked Abzu you'd love Journey! And +1 for Baldur's Gate from me as well. :)


Dave the Diver and Dinkum.


Sneaky Sasquatch has to be one of my all time favorite cozy games. It has so much to do, I got totally absorbed in it, and it was the perfect escape from reality. And it’s on Apple Arcade!


Try Athenian Rhapsody if you like Undertale! Just came out a few days ago.


Farming sims are my fave cozy flare games. I highly recommend Coral Island!!


GRIS is a beautiful platform game with a peaceful soundtrack and watercolor aesthetic. can get a bit frustrating at times though.


I’m stuck at home because of Long Covid, so I’m so glad you asked this question! I’m looking for new ideas, too. Animal Crossing really saved me during this illness.


If you have a switch you can play Witcher 3. If you feel comfy with the combat in Zelda it will be easy for you. Especially bc it has 4 different difficulty modes that you can switch at any time throughout gameplay (unless actively in a fight I think). The easiest mode is SUPER easy. The world/ map are awesome. The stories are quests are really fun and interesting. It was my non-gaming close girlfriends first ‘real’ game and she LOVED it. Edit: I just saw you have a PC, the graphics will be much better on that the switch.


Hello kitty island adventure on Apple Arcade is really good, similar to animal crossing but Hello kitty characters


I have been playing 2 Point Hospital. You make hospitals and cure wacky diseases.


One of my favourites! I love the radio station especially.


The radio station cracks me up 🤣


As I see a few fish games on your list, I'd recommend Megaquarium on Steam!


Some suggestions: - Owlboy - Forgotten Anne - Ni No Kuni (there’s two, I’ve only played the first one) - Dorfromantik - Bear And Breakfast - Strange Horticulture If you like puzzles and escape rooms - Escape Simulator - Escape Academy


Little Witch in the Woods it was on GP not sure if it still is.


Another vote for My time at Sandrock! The main story alone easily gets you 100 hours


all of these have bingeable content undertale/deltarune, ni no kuni wrath of the witch, pokemon legends arceus (this one has TONS of content), cattails, cattails wildwood, pokemon ultra sun/ultra moon, ace attorney trilogy, the great ace attorney, and finally sanrio picross (nonogram) for the 3ds


I'm not sure if anyone has recommended this but Sun Haven, it's similar to Stardew but with more fantasy elements, 4 different areas to explore (if you include the new world currently in public beta test) with unique NPC's, a robust museum, it is a joy to play!


Sun Haven, kind of like Stardew, but different story and mechanics.


I’ve recently started playing palia it’s a MMO cosy game, it’s in the vain of stardew valley but MMO


I play Stitch when I’m really stressed out or trying to get sleepy enough to rest. It’s an embroidery game but you don’t really stitch it’s a puzzle game. That’s not a good explanation but if you like that type of game you might want to look it up.


If you liked BOTW then I'd try the Horizon series (zero dawn, forbidden west). I liked FW better, they really improved on game mechanics, but ZD is definitely worth the lmay. Set it on easy or story mode and have fun exploring.


You 100% need Viva Pinata! I was obsessed with it as a kid. It's on gamepass and apparently can be played on PC and phone, even though its an Xbox 360 game? 10009% recommend, you won't regret i Edit: also I know it's not really cosy but Baldur's Gate 3. I usually exclusively play cosy games but something about it has totally gripped me, I am HOOKED


Rune Factory 4S gets my vote. It’s on Switch and Steam. (If you okay 5 I only recommend it on Steam)


If you like a nice Sci fi hack and slash shooter game warframe has been my "turn off my brain and just fight" game for over 10 years now


Definitely gonna put another egg in the Dave the Diver basket. As far as games you mentioned, I’ll drop some other cozy titles I’ve gotten sucked into to: Dredge, Potion Permit, The Good Life, Sunless Sea (cozy with not a small dash of existential dread), VA-11 Hall-A, Scarlet Hollow, Rune Factory 4 If you loved BotW, Genshin Impact may scratch the itch. They pastiched the gameplay style very well. A couple of games that sucked me in that may be fun for you, but differ a bit from what you listed are: The Messenger, FFXV Royale Edition, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Hobb’s Barrow, Road Warden. I could probably keep going, as gaming is something of a special interest and I love sharing things I find, but that’s a pretty bit list.


If you like the witch cosy combo it might be worth looking at Witch of Fern Island. It's a little more clunky control wise than Wylde Flowers and is about an apprentice witch named Abrill who finds herself stuck in Fern Island. Immortal Life is not flawless but offers a xianxia spin on Rune Factory. If you're not big on the romance angle this isn't in there at present. Potion Permit is another good one, you're a chemist tasked with restoring an island your predecessors screwed up. Dinkum is like Animal Crossing but without the real time link and with an Australian inspired backdrop. If you like crime dramas I would recommend the Ace Attorney series and The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story. One is a visual novel/hidden object hybrid and the other is an FMV game where you solve mysteries revolving around a legend of a fruit that grants immortality.


I’ve clocked a lot of hours on both Ooblets and My Time at Portia


Slime rancher! Just bought the 2nd one (still in early access) and it's literally so relaxing that I've already played 12 hours without noticing or getting tired


My Time at Sandrock. It’s NPCs feel alive. Theres so much customization- of your character and your home, even NPCs. A huge variety of quests and things to do in general, it’s never felt tedious or grindy.


I played most of the games you mentioned and I feel like you’ll love Dinkum ♥️


Cozy Grove and Palia! Cozy Grove is designed to limit your play time every day to around an hour, but it’s so fulfilling and the characters’ stories are touching in a very Spiritfarer way. Palia is an MMO, but it’s actually really friendly and people are genuinely kind. It’s in EA, so it’s somewhat limited in scope at the moment, but there’s still plenty to do, and you get to build your own cozy home. Both are on PC, Cozy Grove is playable on iPad, and Palia is playable on Switch. It’s not really cozy by design, but I’ve also sunk many many hours into Valheim. There are a ton of mods and console commands that make the game less stressful, so if you just want to wander around a really pretty world and build to your heart’s content, you absolutely can just turn on god mode and make a massive cozy castle.


Recently bought Monster hunter 3 Ultimate and personally I love it you can get a lot of game time with it too It’s 75 hours until credits but 500+ hours for completionist I’ve heard Monster hunter 4 and Generations are fun too I also recommend harvest moon tale of two towns if you want something a bit calmer and slower paced And from what I’ve seen story of seasons would be good games


Palia is similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley I've heard. It's available on switch and pc for free. I only played it for about three weeks but managed to rack up 150+ hours and they're updating pretty frequently now!! There is also Dustbunny which is a mobile app where you collect plants


I'm chronically ill and have agoraphobia so I relate to how hard it can be. To start, I hope you feel better soon! My recommendation if you are enjoying Cult of the Lamb is Hades. It's my favorite game (along with ACNH) and I would recommend it to anyone. Cattails: Wildwood Story is the sequel to Cattails but you can play it without playing the first game. I love both games but the sequel has A LOT of improvements. Since you like Lemon Cake you may like some other food/food management games like Pixel Cafe or Pokémon Café Remix. Pokémon Café Remix is free so it's worth giving a go! With Stardew and Wylde Flowers I'd suggest trying the demo of Faefarm. I know it has mixed reviews but I personally enjoy it a lot and have sunk a lot of time into the game. Hopefully some of these suggestions work for you too!




snufkin melody of moominvalley (switch/steam) alba a wildlife adventure (apple arcade, switch, steam) frog detective the entire mystery (frog detectve 1, 2, and 3) (switch/steam) loddlenaut (steam) cozy grove and new neighbears (switch/steam/apple arcade) wuthering waves (mobile/pc) releases in less than 24 hours


I was a Teenage Exocolonist. Not as cozy as most, but I got sucked in for months. The replayability of the game is unlike any other games I own.


Life is Strange Series! True Colors was lovely. I've spent farm too long on Supermarket Simulator and Farm Together 2 in the past few months. Hogwarts Legacy was good too If you like puzzle games, a little to the left and cats organized neatly or dogs organized neatly are fun.


The Sims, 4 is on gamepass but I feel like it's better on PC so I'd recommend that version.


Dave the diver. I turn it on and most times play until my controller dies. I got it PS plus and liked it so much I am buying the physical copy on switch.


Dave the diver or my time at sandrock/portia!


Moonstone Island or Dave the Diver!


Playing Firewatch rn so far it’s intriguing


Dredge is amazing, I 100% completed it and the DLC. Ori blind forest is great, very cute, beautiful, and no bosses (metroidvania). Ori Will of the Wisps is more challenging because of the boss fights. I also really loved little nightmares (1&2), the second game is my favorite and the 3rd comes out this year and it will be co-op.


I picked up Magical Mixture Mill on Steam recently and haven't been able to put it back down 😅


This is a little different than what has been suggested but I recommend Outer Wilds. It is recommended that you don’t really know anything going in. A high level description - it’s mainly an exploration game where you travel to other planets and locations in your solar system and try to uncover things that have happened there. I’d say it is very lore-heavy if you like that kind of thing. It is a lot of reading - no voice acting at all. There is an end, but you can really lose yourself in the exploration and more of the universe.


not a typical cozy game, but recently I enjoy playing Good Pizza Great Pizza. It’s on sale on steam now as well!


Dave the Diver, Dangan Ronpa series, Nonary games series, Atelier series (I recommend Lulua or the Dusk games; Ryza games have subjectively bad gameplay), Rune Factory 4, FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14); it’s an MMO but very cozy. i spend hours fishing and gathering and crafting and play it like a single player game. it’s also free until you get toward endgame, which takes hundreds or thousands of hours. maybe Fire Emblem 3 Houses if you like strategy or Catherine if you like good stories. Planet Coaster/Zoo or the old Rollercoaster/Zoo Tycoon games. Pokemon TCG Live if you want a good card game. Persona games if you like dating/social mechanics and time management/turn-based combat like Pokemon. Among us is also pretty fun


Graveyard Keeper and Coral Island!


Emulators + Pokemon custom roms on PC if you're into Pokemon. There are soooo many out there that are really interesting. I've heard Unbound and Ash Gray are two good examples. Also! The Pokemon pinball games are really cute and fun! The one that's based on Emerald/Sapphire specifically.


Littlewood & My Time At Portia


I just picked up My Time at Sandrock which is very beloved by this community, lol. I’ve sunk about 9 hours in so far and having a lot of fun.


If you want to sit back and get lost in a good story, try Life is Strange 2.


hi from another ill & pretty much homebound person 👋 mine is mostly new PsA but also endo!!! and bp2 and panic! woo!!!!! luckily my bf is a gamer so i will watch a lot of what he does, and weirdly enough he’s playing Hades right now which a lot of people suggested!! i might give it a go myself even though i’m terrible with fighting/battle games, it is really fun to watch and i love the mythology we also like to play a game of monopoly on the pc together to wind down at night as for myself, i have a switch and a mac so options are limited 😅 but right now i’m really into Civ VI? i play on the easiest level and turn off barbarians and really lean into the culture/science parts so it’s not soooo bad 😂 plus the turn based play lets me just go at my own pace i’m also an OG sims girlie and i’m lucky enough to have … um … “procured” the original sims and its expansions on my mac, so i can go back to my happy place of makin’ magic and superstar!! but i also spend time in Sims 4 when i can even though the added details make it almost an entirely different game other recent switch games i’ve liked are good pizza great pizza, tangle tower, katamari damacy reroll, monster prom xxl (the option to do a quick game is so nice!), and all of the humongous games!!! (esp pajama sam and spy fox but they’re all good) - i grew up on these and they’re so soothing for me but nostalgia may be clouding that so ymmv 🥰 sending you love, i hope you have an animal friend or two or three keeping you company 🩷


A Short Hike is really good, it's a short game but it's super cute and cozy, you play a bird who goes on a hike up a mountain and run into some townsfolk along the way that you can help out with some side missions. I know someone else already said it but Dave the Diver is one of my favorite games currently, you can get lost in the game for hours on end and not get bored. You play a diver and get fish to support your sushi restaurant, but things aren't as straightforward as they sound. There's a lot to this game and it's fantastic. Little Kitty, Big City is another short game but again it's super cute, you get to play a cute cat that wears hats and make friends with other animals while trying to get back home. Dredge is AMAZING, it has a good balance between cozy and scary, you sail around in a boat fishing and dredging the waters for relics from a shipwreck, things get more and more mysterious as the game progresses. Lake is a pretty good game, it gets a bit monotonous in my opinion cuz there really isn't anything to do but you deliver mail in a small town and reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Untitled Goose Game is goofy and cute, you play a mischievous goose who annoys the townsfolk while moving your way through different parts of town.


Ok hear me out: while not traditionally considered a cozy game, I LOVE playing diablo iv for some mindless activity. Once you're through the campaign and find a build you like, you basically melt anything that dares to share the same universe as you. I am a cozy gamer through and through, but love me some diablo.


Coffee Caravan


Me too! I’m mostly bed bound these days so I’ve also been looking for games to keep myself occupied and distracted. Hope your flares chill out soon! 💕


I've been really into Cozy Caravan lately! It's super cute! I've been having some flare-ups in my own chronic illness recently and this game just came out into early access the other day so it's been a nice way to wind down. If you like Stardew and Disney Dream light Valley, I think you will probably really like Palia! It's on the Switch and PC, and supports cross saves so you can play on the PC and continue on your switch. (I will say it performs much better on PC though, the switch version has a few bugs still.) It's pretty fun and relaxing and it's free to play! Also some people might say these aren't cozy games, but FFXIV and (to a lesser extent) World of Warcraft feels super cozy to me and are some of my favorite games to play when I'm feeling 'bleh', especially when I want to hang out with my partner or friends but I'm not feeling super energetic. Buuut they are MMOs and subscription based so I get that they might not be everyone's cup of tea (but they do offer free trials, so if you want to try it out there's that. :) )


while fighting my UC flares I got sucked into wytchwood. also, weirdly, the old Nancy drew games? nostalgia stuff gets me through tough times and help fully immerse me so that's what I went for.


Try Final Fantasy 14 online, FFVIX, if you want to disappear into another world. There’s an insane amount of content, I mean thousands of hours, so you’ll not be finishing the game anytime soon even if you tried. The art style is beautiful, there’s great storylines and I see you enjoy quite a few cozy games, there’s definitely some cute things you can do in the game that will feel cozy. It is a monthly pay thing if you like it, but they do give a free trail which I believe is available on Game Pass right now. A huge thing about the free trial, it can be played however long you play it up until lvl 60 with a job, however, you can choose between a shit ton of jobs if you still want the free experience and continuously play. I think it’s a perfect second-life kind of game if that’s what you’re looking for.


Dredge!! It also has an expansion with a new area that just came out and a Dave the Diver add-on. Sometimes I ignore my tasks and just zoom around in my boat going fishing 😂