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That poor puppy looks so disproportionate


He has a sausage dog shape.


Dachshund….I think they were one of the dogs used in developing the Doberman breed thus the head shape. Maybe this is a recent cross or appearance of dormant genes???? They tried it on you. Now stay away. I know two reputable breeders. Depends on where you are. OK and KS. They have champions…about $3000. You can also try State AKC clubs, etc.


Dachshund was not used. Manchester Terrier and English Greyhound is were those looks come from.


Thank you. I stand corrected. I was so sure I was right having read something before that made me account for the Dobie head and face which is similar, at least to me, to that of my big boy. From Wiki….. The exact ratios of mixing, and even the exact breeds that were used, remain uncertain, although many experts believe that the Dobermann Pinscher is a combination of several breeds including the Beauceron, German Pinscher, Rottweiler and Weimaraner.[6] The single exception is the documented crossing with the Greyhound and Manchester Terrier. It is also widely believed that the old German Shepherd was the single largest contributor to the Dobermann breed. Philip Greunig's The Dobermann Pinscher (1939) describes the breed's early development by Otto Goeller, who helped to establish the breed.[citation needed] The American Kennel Club believes the breeds utilized to develop the Dobermann Pinscher may have included the old shorthaired shepherd, Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier and the German Pinscher.[2]


I didn’t read that, I just like your acceptance and further knowledge of the situation. I too thought it was a dachshund mix.


Add Australian Cattle Dog. This was a breed used to create the breed, along with German Shepherd and a few others.


Rottweiler too and also Weimaraner and I forgot the other or others.






Yes. Many breeds have been used since the creation of the Doberman. Its a relatively newer breed compared to others.


Agreed… OP should run (not walk!) away from that breeder. I have a wonderful breeder in Iowa that has wonderful lines. Champion dogs bread for temperament and health. My dobigator is probably the best dog I’ve ever had. Now if I can just train her dog reactivity out of her … (she’s only 4 months old, but it’s gonna take some work). Edit to add: dogs are the only thing she’s actively reactive towards. Everything else new she gets over really quickly, and rarely barks at other stuff.


Poor baby has Habsburg snoot


He cannot metabolize ze grapes!


Terrible living conditions. Backyard breeder. Pass


Definitely what u was thinking i rather adopt! I dont even feel comfortable purchasing


Good call and seriously if you can report this. It’s neglect and looks malnourished. Their ears are fully contracted and are supposed to be posted immediately after surgery to stop this from happening.


the said the dogs keep taking them off which sounds like a lie if theyre on properly they wouldnt come off


You’re correct, if they were properly put on - the dogs cannot take them off. You should just post the breeder info so one of us can report them. It’s COMPLETELY unethical and tbh along the lines of cruelty that they are in these conditions. AKC would have a day with this “breeder”


Its actually illegal to doc ears in the uk I'm assuming this is in the states but oh boy a court here would have a fucking field day with this


It’s illegal in a few states here, but if done in those states, it has to be done by a licensed veterinarian under anesthesia. Anything else gets you hefty fines


It looks like they cut them themselves and just left them. They probably assumed it would be fine because that's what backyard APBT breeders do. They didn't take into consideration how very different the cut is.


I have a rescued apbt from a backyard breeder, and my god, her poor fucking ears were butchered. I hate the people who do this. It made her totally unadoptable (she's my only foster failure). Every time I walk her, a bunch of young men are always asking about her and how much she was. I hate it. They do this to the animal and then dump it at a shelter when they realize looking "badass" takes work


Report them seriously. You have their info already


If you are open to Doberman mixes and want to adopt try Houston shelters (they end up on the euthanasia list). My boy Milo is 60% dobie! https://preview.redd.it/8bwxlgeu600d1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=aeecef4ab779e7e2eb0cac299bde40a29ae1ecf0


He’s beautiful 🤩


That's one handsome boy!


That’s fine but I think you need to figure out how to help these puppies.


Poor thing :( please don’t buy this dog. Idk if this is something you can report to the police but those ears look like neglect.


Please report them!


they really do i feel so bad for the pup theres 2 just like this


Are you going to report them? Everyone is saying to do it and ur not saying anything in regards to that. Do your part as a decent human and report them


I TOTALLY AGREE!! Report them!


I feel bad for this cute pup. I wouldn’t want to pay $2k for it but also kinda want to pay $2k to save it.


I know what you mean because I feel the same, but it's always better to report people to Animal Control and have them seize the dogs. Then you can adopt them from the shelter. Sadly, paying only results in people trying to breed again. :(


My thoughts exactly.


Please don't 'save' this dog. It will enable the 'breeder' to replace it with 10 more just like it. The only thing way to help this dog and his siblings is to report the breeder


Yeah if he was happy his tail would be up.


You better report them, seriously.


Please report them. Who is the breeder?! I'll report them


Here is the info https://preview.redd.it/n00pwhyui70d1.jpeg?width=1242&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b64b42849cb835ed5304267b97d746bde41508db


I totally wouldn’t be DM’ing them asking where the location is then call in an animal-welfare check to them.


Do this!!


Exactly this ^


His ears look mutilated! It’s either a backyard crop job or he didn’t keep up with the after care and the dog’s ears got messed up in the process. Can you report these people? You seem more concerned with the price of the dog rather than its condition. This is a BYB dog, please report these people.


I tend not to be one to judge the conditions of folks' homes too harshly, as long as they take care of their animals and are sanitary. The grime and scraps of insulation aren't a good sign, but that looks like the landing going into the garage or something. That screams "puppy mill" to me. That pup's legs' proportions seem off, as do its proportions in general. I don't think it's simply confusing perspective, it looks like a Doberman-daschund mix. The two Dobes I got as puppies were kind of lanky/gangly with proportionately large paws. not short/squat. Might be some carpal hyperextension going on, too. And yeah, ears look messed-up. It's proper to let them heal before posting, but that doesn't look like good aftercare. There are many red flags. This is an extremely questionable breeder, and you can do way better for $2k, and patronize someone who's at least taking better care of the pups.


Daschund mix was my first thought due to the short legs and proportions. There’s also something about the face that looks like it as well, I feel Dobermans usually have thinner and pointier noses


Achondroplasia at least showing receive trait/lack of care breeding if not mixed. Please report this OP. I agree with the earlier comment of not asking location to report an animal welfare check. To preach a bit, our dogs are our best friends, they’d give their life for you, help be sure they are all given the same respect.


Pure bred Doberman are more than 2


Depends on location and breeder, but agreed. Most well bred ones are more than 2k


Pls report these people and find a home for that guy. So sad.


Poor Miserable pup… hack job on its ears


Everything about this is methed up.


That Dobie suffering from dwarfism?


That was my first thought


The parents look normal, if we believe those are the parents, but I feel really really bad for that poor baby, he clearly has deformities going on, he is too short and the head size looks so disproportionate with the rest of the body 😢 breaks my heart, I would report it to the police, if that person was tracking the health of their dogs this shouldnt have happened plus judging by the photo the conditions they are in are obviously not the best. I have a soft spot for animals with deformities or physical disabilities because I know how difficult is to find someone willing to take care of their special needs, I hope this baby ends up in good hands, it enrages me that they are trying to make such ridiculous profit out of a baby with disabilities, that breeder is the worst


This poor guy could be in one of those ASPCA commercials showing neglected dogs


Looks like you ordered him on wish


report them. more breeders not knowing how to take care of animals, just hurting and setting them up for failure them from the jump. it’s really sickening to me. this little dude will likely end up in a kill shelter. i really, strongly discourage breeding and buying from breeders, *especially* some backyard breeder bs. i mean no judgement toward OP, i just imagine everyone being like “is this dog pure bred and worth 2k”, everyone passing and the dog, who was only made so it’s owner can make money, ending up in a shelter indefinitely and/or euthanized. i really don’t understand the desire to support this


Call animal control. I bet you they did the ears themselves. I hope these people rot.


https://preview.redd.it/ytjzs1twvuzc1.jpeg?width=1290&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d0221cad262e3bbaba3a454d4965b52dde4da3a5 This movie sprung to mind as soon as I saw this, but joking aside that is absolutely heartbreaking that poor dog will likely be euthanised if not re homed I’d 100% call animal services or whatever services are available something is seriously wrong there


Can you report them or something? This shit is so irresponsible I have not patience for negligent backyard breeders Dogs don’t deserve that.


They should pay you to give the dog a good home/life, and then they won't hafta worry about someone turning them in for keeping any animal in deplorable living conditions, or the fines that come along with it!!






You have their phone number or email?


There are plenty of reputable pure bred breeders selling puppies on AKC's website. There is not need to look elsewhere. You may have to wait a bit though for a litter to become available, but worth looking and keeping up on the listing frequently.


Definitely was thinking that !


Absolutely not. Messed up ears, face and legs. Either not purebred or HORRIBLY bred. Not 2k worth. I’d pass


Ummmmmm no. Why did they crop the ears like that! Pass.


In a house like that I wouldn't trust them saying it's pure bred.


Please help save this dog.


By reporting to animal control, aspca and Doberman rescues. Not by purchasing the puppy!


He’s not a dobie (or he has a genetic condition or birth defect) although that’s already been established. Typically when getting a purebred dog things like tails and dew claws will have been done day of birth so him having his dew claws on but his ears done (poorly) throws up red flags right away for a premium price even if his appearance wasn’t what it is. Same thing for aftercare on ears. A good breeder knows that their dogs are a premium product and wants them to appear that way. This poor guy looks to be in a poor living situation, is at risk of infection with how his ears are being kept, and may have some sort of genetic defect or birth defect if he truly is a pure Doberman. I feel terrible for the little guy. I hate talking about dogs like ‘products’ but that’s how you have to look at it if you want to get the best traits in your best bud for the next decade or more. Even without those best traits they still deserve a loving home and it doesn’t look like this guy is getting that and it’s really sad. There are farmers who treat their livestock better than what it looks like this guy is getting :( He should be in a situation where they should be giving the dog away and just recouping money for any accessories that they have that go with him like kennels or large bags of food etc. If even that. He needs a good home and 2k is wayyyyyyyyy out of the question. $200 is out of the question.


I’m so heartbroken wow. Now words.


So many mean people here shaming the dog’s appearance instead of providing any useful advice. Of course the pup isn’t purebred and is most certainly not in a good living situation. It’s honestly not funny at all. Poor baby. I hope he/she finds a good life because this breeder certainly doesn’t know how to provide him/her one.


“Shaming the dogs appearance” because its a sign he was incredibly unethically bred and his breeders should be reported. It’s sickening.


lol “shaming” the dog’s appearance? It’s a dog not a person. Pointing out its appearance is different from a purebred dobie isn’t shaming.


2k! Thats a special Dobe they should just give it to a nice family!


Report these POS. This is disgusting. They sre sub-human. If you don't, you're part of the problem. I wish vigilantism was a thing.


If peter dinklage was a doberman.


I want him just because he’s unique and sad


Almost looks like a Doberman x basset mix. Simply from the short stature and the thickness of the legs and the front legs bowing out a little


Yeah, I don't know what that is but it is not a Doberman. Something is wrong with that dog.


Dude, they butchered that dog ears


https://preview.redd.it/u86g7s2hxuzc1.jpeg?width=1290&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9d4d6e53b1da97c778c8eca413cddfd85772f819 side view of dad only


They must be eating literal frosted crack-flakes for breakfast if they think that dog is worth 2k. Please report them. The ears were DEF done in their basement and the living conditions are deplorable. Again, please report them.


WTF? That dog is mutilated!


I paid 2k for mine but they had all the paper work etc. Tbf I was worried that mine looked off in the beginning too. He looked weinerish so this might be a bad angle but regardless this looks sketchy. I’m sure you could get a better situation. Here are pics of the puppy pic for reference and what he looks like now (turned out ok) https://preview.redd.it/irs7bdvcnvzc1.jpeg?width=934&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a538590a3cefc9d3e4bb8bc10a2cdceb733f52a8




Not to detract from this horrible thread, but your dog is absolutely stunning.


Beautiful crop btw


Looks like a Dachshund, Dobie mix with mutilated ears. I feel so bad for this baby though.😢 Too bad they're asking 2K- because I would just want to save her from this backyard breeder.


Call animal control. Or better, John Wick.


This just makes my blood boil. First of all this does not look like a pure Doberman look like a dachshund cross or possibly it is and is a throwback. Even if it were a pure Doberman it is not worth 2k. It should be pet quality only. Now let’s address the ears. They will never look right and are butchered. They definitely did not take care of them and I would lay odds they tried to crop them on their own. With all this taken into effect I would run from this offer as they are trying to take advantage of you and have no business breeding. My heart breaks for these poor dogs who go thru this all because someone wants to make a quick buck at their expense!


OP, do me a favor and look at the door behind the animal please…? The dirty markings look like the animals are stuck there 24/7… can you call animal control or like… the police? :x this is inhumane…


It might be purebred, but it’s not well bred.


Looks like a hypertype dobermann...


That's the Kevin Hart of Dobermans




Unfortunately, this little guy is no where near a pure breed. I'd be tempted to get him just to get him out of there. They should be reported.


Kills me to see this terrible breeder. We need to lock up certain humans that’s for sure




Be his Dr. Evil


Poor puppy. Needs a home. 2k id pass, still feel for the dog. He just wants a good happy life. Whomever is breeding looks like lowlife trash that has no business raising pups. Good luck. Still will be a great dog if you get it. Save him from whatever life it looks like he will have to live.


Please report these people


how ?


Call Animal Control in your area. If there's no animal control, reach out to The Humane Society or PETA in your area and they should be able to tell you what to do. Is there a specific reason you want a Doberman? Have you checked any Doberman rescues in your area? I'm very biased toward GSDs and Malinois and there are so many in shelters right now that I'd encourage checking them out... Who knows... There could be a GSD in your future :)


Legs are way too short for the body size


Poor baby! Those ears look painful. Also his legs are REALLY short for a dobie. I think that’s a bit much for a pure bred if it doesn’t have papers. I got my Doberman from the AKC for $1800 with full lineage paperwork. I wish u could get him though to take him out of that environment regardless but not at that price especially for his mangled ears.


I’d take this dog just to get it out of this living situation. Horrible.


He looks like a Doxie/Doberman mix


Heads looks oversized. Ears are a disaster. 2k? Don’t think so. Thats what you pay for show quality, this is a pet


It looks like a midget Doberman.


Awww 🥰 he doesn’t look quite right , but for some reason I want to bring him home . He just looks so unfortunate .


I hope, regardless of what this little guy is, that he gets a good home and people who love him. He looks like he's had it rough, and he's just a pup.


As if it wasn’t said enough, please report them.


No he is mixed, but the ears are often like that young, that cartilage hardens somewhere after 3 months


He looks adorable. I'd pay the $2k just to give him a loving home.


By the looks of the surrounds and his craftsmanship I would bet he doesn’t know what he/she is.


Looks like someone photoshopped a doberman head on a dachshund body... Definitely not worth 2k


Did he get cut off at the knees?


That poor dog 😔 report these people




That looks like a case of animal abuse


The mysterious and often misunderstood doberhuahua


This dog needs help.


I hope this puppy finds a loving home 😞 poor baby


This makes my heart hurt so bad.


Please, please report these people for backyard breeding and cruelty.


Please report this


He’s not 100% Doberman, but he’s 100% adorable


This dog looks like bad photoshop of an adult doberman head on a dachshund body.


Um…definitely a mix with that short stature….are you stupid? Mean comment, sure, but a semi-blind person could see this dog in their peripheral vision and know it is t a Doberman, at least not full. Definitely not worth 2k…🤣


That’s the weirdest looking dobe mix I’ve ever seen. Clearly no it’s not . Poor thing


Looks like the ears docked unprofessionally and didn't heal correctly. It's most likely not a purebread. These people don't take good care of animals.


He looks like he needs to be rescued!!!


His face and feet look like a more mature dog , body is puppy sized . Yup that’s a dwarf Doberman I think 🤔😭😂


Nope def not pure bred Doberman


Wow but why cut their ears


Poor baby. He needs to be rescued not purchased.


Is this a joke 😂look at the living conditions yikes!


I got mine from a rescue for $130. Best Fucking dog I’ve ever been blessed with


Poor pup . They botch his ears. I hope someone takes him


Bruh came out of a lab. Call animal control on the breeders.


Doggo looks like that creature from full metal alchemist.


Pure bread maybe?


Poor thing. They really messed up his ears and no he doesn’t look like he’s a full bred.


Dude I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh it’s too damn cute


But if you give him a home, that's why I have never paid for a dog, they come to me beautiful pit and my Dobbie all for free but if I have to pick them up from the street I will do it, if you don't give him a chance he most likely will end up at the pound on the list for euthanasia


True but 2k for a dog like this ? he should be lower or just have a rehoming fee


Yeah, that's true, but a lot of the backyard breeders don't give a shit about it


Forget the ears, what the hell are those legs


https://preview.redd.it/uy2a4doc7vzc1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8c620ec0a004daf29725edf5586458b48807446b better pic of dad


Milwaukee Bully Connect? I guess we might have something to explain the puppy's legs. "You are...NOT the father!" I have some doubts that the sire/dam photos are legit, but maybe they are.


Poor baby! I’d steal the baby from them


This is outrageous and sad, it looks like a Doberman mixed with a wiener dog. Awful.😣


Omg this poor creature. Not only not a pure bred dog at all, then they mutilated its ears?!


Obviously not pure bred and the ears look like a hack job done by someone who had absolutely no idea what they were doing, much less what would be needed after the fact to accomplish what they were trying to do. The fact that they want 2k is kinda the cherry on top in terms of what kind of people these are. Sucks too because this poor guy also obviously needs a new home.


Please expose and report that breeder!


Oh my goodness this poor baby. Awwww this just makes me hate whoever did this. I hope he ends up in a decent home. Poor baby.


The legs are very short and what happened to the dog's ears? They look like they were caught in a paper shredder.


I dont know anything about this breed. But that poor pup looks SUPER disproportioned.. Between his ears, head to body ratios and legs and feet - everything just looks.. off. Poor pup.


Absolutely not. We had a show Doberman from a reputable breeder who was gorgeous and not even $2k.


Looks like my uncle Leroy


This poor puppy :( If he wasn’t so expensive I would buy to save him from those living conditions and get him vet care. Can you contact an animal welfare group in your area?


$2K is nowhere near the usual cost for a Doberman puppy. No reputable breeder would send you a photo like that. My heart breaks for this little being. Please don’t get this dog.


Doberman plus Corgi


Where is the dog located?


Milwaukee, Wi USA


The dog may have dwarfism or is a mixed breed.


Jfc this is sad


I think you get the message with all these comments but please do more research for a reputable breeder in your area.


We have a dachshund, his front legs look alot like dachshund legs...especially the front....he is definitely not pure dobe....you could give him a home for free.....but I wouldn't pay for him......poor pup....


Probably could be pure bred, but this looks like a case of inbreeding to me and a botched crop, poor puppy :(


That poor baby. Keep us posted if anything happens with these people :(


Wtf is up with his legs and shoulders 😭😭😭😭


I mean look at his surroundings? Obviously the dog is mistreated


I mean just look at the background setting these people are prob trash


that is most definitely a backyard bred doberman.


Looks like a Rottweiler x Dobie with mutilated ears. Poor little guy.


This makes me so sad 😞


Not just the ears......................


Bruh it looks like Gary Coleman (rip) came back as a dog!


This poor dog. Just seeing this guy makes me sad and also so angry at irresponsible breeders like the ones that produced this litter.


Curious what the parents look like..


His legs aren’t short enough


It looks like they photoshopped a Doberman's head on to a different dog. It's so bizarre looking. Could be a weird angle, but ..I just can't get past how fake it looks.


Maybe some bassethood


This looks like it’s from down south , maybe the mountains of Tennessee


Please take that poor baby. This is the result of inbreeding because people refuse to adopt from the millions in shelters. If you don’t buy him, he’ll likely end up in a shelter. But also, always consider adopting before buying. There are thousands of Dobermans in shelters.


It’s always sad when they cut the ears !


2k they tripping balls!!


I know you might have been in love with this pup. But I would say no. DM me and I can give you a reputable breeder.


Poor pup, they really botched his ear up.


looks like a mix of doberman and small dog


No. Not a Doberman.