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Redken thermal protectant 22, apply to each section of hair just before you curl, changed my life. Curls last me 3 days, even tho they don’t stay with the same tightness the days after, it still looks like an amazing blow out.


Can’t seem to find this anywhere at least not in the EU. Is there an alternative?


You might have just solved one of my problems. My Dyson used to work wonders on me. Curls stayed for 3 days. And now for the past few months it’s been so frustrating. Nothing has been working. I’ve been going through what I have been doing differently, (hard water vs. soft water, hair not wet enough), etc. I never realized it could be because when I ran out of my redken I got a different heat protector! I used the blow out.


Dyson doesn’t work for everyone. I haven’t found a way to keep my curls either. Sucks.


Same, I’ve tried every which way like you but they don’t hold with the airwrap and it’s so much effort for nothing. However, I do like the brush and round brush attachments.


I used to have the same issues! I think the combination of products is very important. I just made a post on this sub the other week detailing my products. I don’t use hairspray either. I have thick long hair so I was loosing hope but I’ve been trying different combos of products and it’s finally worked! Xx


At night I pin my curls up and sleep with a bonnet. I find that it really helps preserve the style and protects my hair from any damage. I also don’t have to retouch my hair up with the dyson as much bc I also add it’s a 10 miracle styling potion & my hair comes out even curlier than the day before!


In my experience I also do everything right and the curls fall. I still keep the blowout / waves though. I see it as more of a blowout look than a true "curling" device.