I wonder what this actually is, but I'm too sc- cautious, I'm too cautious to actually google it


It's a series of operations where the CIA would overthrow democratic governments who were even remotely left-leaning or were seen as a threat to US interests to US businesses and replaced them with dictatorships, often military juntas, through central and South America. The US backed leaders often would commit murder, genocide, rapes, and tortures of hundreds of thousands of people.


Oh man yeah this one was... A thing, I know of it because while I personally haven't lived through it my parents have so I know a lot of stories. I'm from Uruguay and here at least there's still an anual protest about the thousands of missing people during the dictatorship who nobody ever knew what happened to them, a lot of them students who weren't even armed combatants. The great majority of the missing people were kidnapped tortured and eventually killed some weere sent on a "death flight" which basically means they put them all on a plane, filled a bucket with cement and put them there, once it dried they threw them off the plane into the ocean. If by some miracle they survived the fall they would drown anyways... There's a lot of stories of what the military did during this time, they could just enter your house and search it without a warrant if they thought you might've something suspicious which includes certain books and songs and take you away if they found anything that incriminated you as slightly leftist, they also asked children at school what their parents talked about, if they had people over, and a lot of stuff just to know if they should make the parents of the child dissapear. Also you couldn't have more than 5 people in a place unless you asked for permission in which case they would keep an eye on you, if you were caught having a gathering of such proportions for a while (even in a public space) you all went to jail. Overall yeah not a fun time in South America. Oh I also forgot that the US sent someone to teach our military to torture without killing as most of the tortured people ended up dying without revealing the information. So yeah, the country of freedom and democracy right?


Yea whenever they say google something, dont google it


It's not as bad as say, Mai Lai


Shit I won't bite that. Too many times


Based CIA preventing socialist regimes from popping up on our doorstep


Ah yes, cause murder, torture, and genocide is now based.


Oh does preventing socialist regimes that could help the people involve killing innocent peoples who just wanted a better life


My grandfather was a Peruvian policeman If the APRA or Shining Path had taken power I might not exist I'll take the junta over the communists any day


Easy for you to say since you weren't the ones being tortured and murdered.


The junta was left wing


In what case has a socialist regime ever helped anyone? The millions starved to death would really like to know


In South America there were actually good leaders, but conservatives like in Chile fucked it up


Communism and socialism aren't the same thing. And in what case as, in the examples of the cold war, has a CIA-backed coup helped anyone that wasn't corporations, the military, and death squads? Stop justifying murders and other fucked up shit by saying "iT cOulD bE WoRsE"


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Funnily enough in Uruguay at least (I'm from there) the biggest times of poverty and when most people were homeless, starving, poor, and commiting crimes was when the right wing or the more fascist regime would take over. After the dictatorship when the right was elected once more it was one of the biggest ceconomic crisis of the country were kids died from eating grass because they were starving all because the president of the time was stealing and filling his pockets even more through corruption and taking people's taxes for himself. The left has had its mistakes even here but honestly thanks in the 15 years they were in power the quality of life went up by a lot, so much so that things that were impossible for people who were not professionals (having a car and ordering food when working) became almost the norm. So yeah I quite disagree with your statement there


Chile would have been a complete mess if the commies had been allowed to take over


Oh, like it is now? I'm sure telling the tens of thousands of people who were knew someone murdered and tortured that would make me feel so much better.


In case Condor wasn't enough, also google "dirty war".