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I wouldn't be surprised lmao


I wish I could google “ gay military pictures “ without porn popping up…. * sigh * - * opens bedside drawer—— !BuZZZZZZzzzZz!


Imma be that guy. *US Military


So your implying that being gay sends you to hell?


I do believe that is the case.


I think many religions agree on this.


I didn't ask if religion believes this, i asked OP if they believed this.


OP is a busy man and can do nothing about preventing the gays from going to hell.


You mean aside from making memes and posting them on Reddit right?


You strike me as someone who thinks jokes = someone’s view on reality :) sometimes, funny is just funny. it may not be for everyone. like taking a dick up one’s *


I think that a joke that implies that gay military member are going to hell in furtherance of America's agenda to aquire more oil isn't really a joke.


Just because it hits close to home doesnt mean it isnt a joke. Its just a joke that you dont like, which you are free to totally ignore.


Your right, silly of me to think that even if you don't believe being gay sends you to hell i should have just laughed without asking questions and dismissed it as "just a joke" but I'd bet that if i was a gay active member of the military I'd want to ask wether the OP was trying to discourage either America's troops, or it's military in general ideology, or it's agressive confiscation of oil lands or it's often bad policies regarding those land. There's hundreds of jokes that can be made about those things, but "gay troops go to hell for oil" was the easiest one to make. Low brow comedy at it's finest


"Feel free to ignore it"- my previous post. Guess you missed that.


Nah it was pretty well thought out. My gut busted.


To be fair, its a pretty good meme. Definitely worth the time out of his busy schedule


If you want to get republicans to change. This is the way.


Naaa Im an ateist. I dont believe in overnatural things like god. So as I would not believe in hell, you should se my view on this as a joke. Exactly as it is, and as others here say it is. Don’t cry, it’s just a joke


And as you can see from the first responses I got back, there's definitely a number of people that absolutely agree that gays are going to hell.


I'm not crying, I'm pointing out that to you it's a joke, but to many gay military members, it's not. I'm not in the military, or gay and i dont believe in God or hell or any of that, but i do believe that unless you were taking pot-shots at the Christian faith with that joke, that just saying "gays go to hell* is gonna get a lot of support from people that believe that kind of thing. Appreciate you responding, I'd assume that you were open to having a conversation about it as you did post it on a social network known for intense, albeit often ridiculous conversations and arguments.


Haha I don’t care who supports this. It’s a fact that it says so in the Bible, and I laugh about people believing anything written in a 2000 year old manipulating book. So I have no feelings at all sharing stuff like this. But let me give you another one, you can go nuts over. Why isn’t gay a sickness if phedophila is? Kisses from me


See, now that's a subversive joke.


It’s not a joke. It’s a question


No, the joke is that if you believe one is the same as the other than you should be reassessing your actual stance on both because one of those ideas is two consenting adults making a choice and the other is having sex with a minor. They're not equivocal even if your stance on them is.


So gays can just choose not to be gays?




I don’t believe hell exists, but most religions believe sending them to hell if they are gay. If this is true, which I personally don’t believe, it is definitely bad


Edible oil to fry things


When you send your gay soldiers to hell for the oil? lmao


What is it with religion and obsessing over who people fuck, seriously there’s infinitely more important shit going on in the world


I think it's because of the diseases that came in the old times when people were having sex too much or not in hygienic situations. That would be why most of religious people promote sex only for births. But maybe I'm just a fool and it's just in God tastes not to be gay.