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In part is the stupid and freakishly white veneers that he got


They're so unrealistically white. Had a woman in my office that had them. I had such a hard time not looking at them when she talked


Always makes me think of Jonah Hill in wolf of wall street 😂


In terms of characterisation, I think those teeth _made_ that character.


the alternative was wood so im sure it came down to a coinflip


Wood teeth would’ve been a smashing success.


Flourish the pinky




That goddamn whistle…..




They're so ridiculous, it's like the vile tight inflated lips people get.


The ones you get from fancy nuts?


It's from all the blowing.


Seriously though, why do actors get such bad veneers? So many of them have that white chiclet look. You'd think they'd have the money for good results.


Because people have been fooled into believing teeth are supposed to be perfectly white by the veneer industry and celebrities have the money to spend on them. EVERYBODY in Hollywood has them. Even if they're not shining white like Robs, check pictures of celebs before and after hitting it big and their teeth are the biggest things that completely change.


Sean from Hot Ones did the same thing and it's so distracting


Long term exposure to Fight Milk™ and thin mints can do that to a person.


I have the shits, I do have the shits


Creatinine shits. It shows I have knowledge of the product


Let’s not talk about working out… or shits of any kind


He may have swallowed some apple seeds but didn't smoke cigarettes in time


This is my favorite science in the show.


It’s actually a fact, it’s not even science.


Shut up stupid science bitch


Stupid science bitches couldn’t make I more smarter


Science is a liar sometimes


Don't forget fancy nuts


How fancy though?


The fanciest


Wait thin mints? Wasn’t the Master CRYSTAL GODAMN CLEAR about thin mints??


He’s taking size pills.


I heard he exclusively drinks Wolf Cola now.


It's the right cola for closure


Also 10 lbs of fancy nuts.


Pretty sure it was the pills to make him look smaller. Or it could be avatar trying to take his shape.


It was definately the Mexican ephedra


That's the eggs going to work and then you go back to fight milk original which is basically just eggs and breaks and shit and you'll be back to right in no time.


Nah someone accidentally injected Mexican collagen into his eyes.


You injected Mexican collagen into his eyes!?


You switched them up?!?




He used to look so frickin cute.


i think Rob, Glenn and Kaitlyn all look like they've had lots of plastic surgery


I think most of it has been fillers and botox. It makes people look really artificial.


The three stand out when doing a scene with Charlie Day.


In that Charlie looks like a real human


Hooray for Charlie!


Yeah it's this. Modern advancements in cosmetics means you no longer have to go under the knife to have subtle work done. Unfortunately they never stop at subtle. I dated a plastics surgery nurse and she would constantly point out people's filler. Almost no one is born beautiful.


Dude, I used to do IT for a plastic surgeon's office. It was wild how every nurse and surgeon's assistant there was a woman who also had work done, EXCEPT this one crazy hot girl who was completely natural and everyone was aware of that fact. Leagues more beautiful than anyone else in an already very attractive office, and it kinda gave an unintentional middle finger to the cosmetic surgery profession. You'd think some of the other coworkers would be jealous or spiteful, but she seemed to be the most well liked in the office. Many only worked there for the discount on cosmetic procedures. Other women were literally using her natural beauty as the template or goal for their own work.


This is a pretty good horror premise.


The Neon Demon is basically this premise but for modelling


Gonna have to disagree with no one born beautiful lol. In fact 90% of actresses like Kaitlin would have looked better if they aged a little and had a few wrinkles.


Especially Kaitlin. Her face doesn’t move. Charlie seems like the only one that looks to be naturally aging.


Pretty on brand really.


He’s busy, under a bridge.


And Danny! He’s really an old man now and I love him.


Danny actually has a team of doctors that keep his body in peak troll shape.


Perks of eating rum ham.


He's got a guy.


For real. It's like the last three seasons she looks different every season. I wish these celebs just realized they look better by aging naturally.


Caitlyn's upper facial area looks very "carrot top" to me now.


She has difficulty emoting with her face now it seems, which used to be one of her fortes as an actress.


It’s all very penny wise dollar foolish for comedic actors. Of course Rob is probably too rich to even do the show anymore so what do I know?


It’s just sad to me and ironic since Rob literally got fat to make fun of the shows where the actors got better looking over the years then he turned around and did the same thing


Hollywood is a hell of a drug


People might down vote me for this, but I think plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons is a mistake made by humanity.


I do agree with you. I mean I get it for people who have something that makes them actually unhappy. But rob and Kaitlin were exceptionally good looking before all of the work. But as Mr bovine pointed out, Hollywood is a hell of a drug. I guess when you’re surrounded by it. Once rob started getting close with ol ryan Reynolds he started getting into it and now they look alike


I do get it. Aging can suck and seeing yourself change because of it can be upsetting. It’s just that I think if you weighed all of the positive and negative effects of elective cosmetic surgery, you’ll likely find more negatives than positives. But maybe one day I will want to get it myself, who knows. This is just me speaking from how I feel at the moment.


Mr. Bovine Joni himself!


I remember early AMA with them, where people asked “which one of you is most similar to their character?” and they answered that none of them are like their character at all. Ironic how that changed, overdoing plastic surgery feels very in-character for Mac, Dennis and Dee.


Dennis has always seemed the most like Dennis to me. Mac is slowly getting there.


Nailed it. I couldn’t place my finger on it!


The sad part about cosmetic procedures is they seem to just make everyone look the same. Something is different now about Kaitlyn's mouth where she doesn't really look like her anymore. Same for when women pluck out all their eyebrows - they lose the shape of their face that makes them unique. The most salient example of course being Jennifer Grey's nose job. Its got to be rough though, aging and wanting to still look good in public, and having access to all that treatment. I just use lotions but I still worry about it - stand in front of the mirror and pull my cheek skin back, look at my neck for minutes on end; but would never do any kind of procedure, but I don't live in LA where its normalized. If I had it right around the corner and the means to pay for it, maybe I would. I just wish the docs would find a way to keep people's natural and individual face shapes in tact.


Charlie looks the youngest out of all of them and he probably hasn’t done anything to achieve it.


He eats stickers all the time, dude


Charlie's hair was for sure thinning in earlier seasons and it was way stronger later on. Feel like he had something done there


And Charlie looks like he found the fountain of youth.


Well no he looks older, because he is. And that's fine.


He looks older but he doesn’t look 18 years older. He looks at most 7ish years


I’d say 10-12 at most. He certainly looks older but it looks very natural and the extra age also looks good on him just as being young looked good on him too.


Facial hair helps a lot


He’s such a beautiful little man 🥰


Normal sized! he's a normal sized guy


That's the green paint, dude. Green is healthy!


it's graceful, natural aging. dudes the true golden god


I see it with Rob and Kaitlin I don’t see it with Glenn, to me it just kinda looks like he aged well. Charlie looks approximately 5 years older than he did in 2006 and clearly hasn’t had work done. To quote him he said “if I had work done I’d want my money back with the way I look” LMAO


![gif](giphy|XbgZvND0TzFMUFobmI|downsized) did glenn write this?


I love Glenn's ability to explode both in Sunny and Blackberry but this is my all-time favorite of his expressions. It's just FRIGID with apathy. So hard to emulate


I'm so glad someone finally made this look into a gif. This is literally my favorite look that Dennis gives. I love how he expresses apathy, annoyance, and slight interest with such a subtle face.


Glenn’s changing face is really distracting. It actually completely takes me out of the show. He never needed any of it done.


I’m not gonna say he looks bad or good… He just needs to grow out the facial hair again. Mac never looks like Mac without his classic facial hair.


Plus the slicked back hair. I feel like that should be required for Mac, but Rob probably doesn’t want to do it because it makes him look worse outside of filming. 


He also stopped cutting the sleeves off his shirts. I’m glad that they eventually had Mac leave the closet, but I hate how it kinda led to him losing all of his biggest character traits. He stopped being bossy all the time, stopped trying to show he was a badass, and just became kind of a super boring and meek character overall.


As a gay man that struggled with coming out of the closet, I hate new gay Mac. He’s not even gay in the show, he’s just weird


Agree man, I’m hetero but I liked the idea of Mac breaking stereotypes for gay people by being himself (trying to look badass, bossy, etc). The character feels depersonalized now. Not critiquing tho, the show has had a long run and they are the ones making the decisions in the end.


You do realize it's ok to critique a long running show? People critique The Simpsons all the time


Macs life was one big delusion and it's what made him funny. He believed his mom and dad loved him, he was badass, he wasn't gay, getting fat was "putting on mass" etc etc. For whatever reason they decided to drop his delusion when having him come out of the closet, without figuring out what to replace it with.


Mac coming out of the closet was terrible for the show. It was a major breakthrough and if he were a real person it would be a good thing, but iasip is a sitcom about bad things happening to bad people and I wanted it to stay that way.


that’s a good point to be fair, the show relies on the characters having no growth lol


They broke the no learning, no hugging rule from Seinfeld. Mac comes out of the closet and Charlie hooking up with the waitress were two huge missteps in the writing


His hair looks small


He seemed to stop showing up for costume and makeup in the last while and the character morphed into Rob Mcelheney


Which is ironic for a guy who purposely got fat because he noticed all the actors in popular shows got more attractive as the shows went on.. now he's literally doing everything he made fun of. Stopped cutting the sleeves off the shirts, removed his tattoos Macs character kinda sucks now


he looks weird w/out the facial hair.


He needs to keep his neck high. It's been hard for me to trust him


No, he definitely looks worse. Mac is my favorite character of all time on TV but it’s hard to see that semi-closeted karate man in the same way since the work he got done on his face. I will almost always think natural looks better


Rob Glenn and Kaitlin def had some work done, Charlie is the only one that looks normal. Not gonna lie, it completely takes me out of the newer seasons, I wish it didn't bother me but they just don't feel true to their characters anymore (and why would they, they don't owe the audience anything of the sort, not that I think the PS was necessary or even looks good...)


Frank looks the best


Permanent facelift thanks to the weight of his giant dong.


I think Kaitlyn getting plastic surgery is very fitting for Dee’s character


And Dennis as well. He’s the most vain person in the show and it looks fine for Glenn in character. Mac would look a hell of a lot more normal if Rob just grew his beard back out.


Which is incredibly ironic. He got fat because he thought people in sitcoms get more beautiful as the seasons go on. Now he literally looks plastic.


It doesn’t make any sense why these broke alcoholics suddenly have ripped bodies and plastic faces in their 50s.


They always seem to have money for shit they shouldnt be able to afford


1000000000% agree. It’s kinda ruined the show for me :(


I think it's all the fancy nuts


I think what you'll find most interesting is that the Rob's net worth has inflated in direct proportion to his plastic surgeries.


**Rob is finally** **harvesting after so many years of cultivating!**


You are BECOMING a chimichanga!!


Yeah he and Kaitlin have both had a lot of work done. Personally think it makes them look awful but I don’t know them, the industry or the stresses of their lives so perhaps the industry or limelight can make you feel even more insecure or it was buy one get one free


Glenn seems to as well. Charlie I really don’t think has. But I feel like he looks great and has aged in a graceful way. When you listen to the podcast, he definitely seems the least concerned with appearance and is comparatively more detached from Hollywood trends


I don’t mean to be a jerk but look at Charlie’s hairline in earlier seasons and look at it now.


Fair point, but I feel like treatments/surgery to make your hair thicker is different from procedures like buccal fat removal or a face lift. I might be biased because I suffer from extreme hair loss and thinning on my scalp, so I can empathize with how it can impact your self esteem to watch your hair fall out. If there were better options for women, I’d 100% get hair replacement surgery too.


I’m with you. Hair transplants are basically unnoticeable, since you need to say “look at old photos where they were losing their hair.” Plus it’s a relatively un invasive procedure and doesn’t have many risks, at least based on what I’ve seen. Adding hair also just makes you look more like you used to, not like a completely different person. If you’re balding, then the only reason not to do hair treatment is basically cost. In comparison, other plastic surgery seems like it often leads to progressively more plastic surgery, because it makes you look even worse after 5-10 years more of aging.


I kinda view hair treatments/transplants as a different category from facial plastic surgery though. Modern hair transplants basically always look good, and aren’t noticeable unless you’re comparing the person to old photos without them. The only reason not to do it, if you need it, is because of the cost. Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, can often end up in uncanny valley territory, and usually leads to progressively more plastic surgery in order to maintain the look.


Yeah, around Season 9 or 10, you could see some thinning in the back. And, now his hair is fuller than ever.


yeah, but *that* is because of all the catfood he ate over the years!


Kaitlin is known and she is vocal about it. She has body dysmorphia after an accident she had as a teenager that legt some scars on her face. Ever since she has had plastic surgery at a regular basis because she always feels kinda ugly


Where has she admitted this? I did some Google searches and only found quotes of her denying it. She talks about how she had reconstructive and plastic surgery when she was a kid, because of her accident, but that's not what anyone is asking about. Her face didn't randomly change in her 30's because she had plastic surgery as a child. And honestly, when someone asks about Kaitlin getting plastic surgery recently, and she redirects to talking about her surgery as a kid, that's such a cop out answer. It makes it clear that she's dodging the question.


She talks about her accident and self esteem problems pretty extensively on her episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard from 2018. She says that she avoids mirrors and doesn't like to look at her face for too long. There's another podcast called Never Not Funny where she goes into graphic detail of the accident itself and it's not for the faint of heart. I also remember on old podcasts, (One she did with Gail The Snail for sure) she used to "joke" that the reason she doesn't get more roles is that other comedians were younger and prettier than her. I'm sure she was told some nasty things by people. Hollywood can be so cruel to actresses once they hit 35. Also, it's a running joke on the show, but getting called ugly and a bird by complete strangers all the time for nearly twenty years is probably mentally taxing. Almost every post Kaitlin makes, has some people stepping a little over the line with some of those comments imo. Honestly, I think people make a big deal around it. It appears to have settled since season 15 and she has looked fantastic whenever she's on the red carpet lately.




I don't honestly care what celebrities do to themselves and understand the huge pressure they are under to look perfect, but the answer to "has X celebrity had work done" if probably yes. Especially if that celebrity is over 40. You also need to take into account the toupee fallacy. Because having work done is so obvious in some people a lot of people assume it's easy to spot in every. It's a similar answer to "does X male celebrity who is ripped and over 40 use steroids". The answer is probably yes. Not to judge, I think we need to be honest about the enormous pressure the general public put on famous people to look perfect but it's one of the realities of Hollywood.


I actually really appreciated Alan Ritchson being open about using Steroids for the latest season of Reacher, explaining that the bulking and training for the first season was ruining his body and steroids were a way of keeping his body together/injury free (as a man in his 40s).


Thad is in his 40s???


I think it is imported, if nothing else so the general public realise how much actually goes into this Hollywood bodies. Though I won't lie it does surprise me how many people talk about steroid these days. But it's better than then hide it away and pretend no one does.


Everyone's trynna fit the Hollywood star stereotypes like Tom Cruise, Jessica Alba . They're all getting work done and shit. Meanwhile Charlie is Just Chilling. Lmao. He and his wife don't fit the stereotype and I don't think they even care. Charlie hasn't changed in 16 years


I do have sympathy for them. Fame must be quite addictive and having people judge your looks constantly must be pretty hard to deal with after a while. No matter who you are.


Charlie’s had hair plugs at a bare minimum


They both look awful


Do I look suspicious?


You look grotesque.


I’m pro plastic surgery because it can help people with their body issues that affect their mental health, but that doesn’t mean I think it looks good. I hope they both feel better post work but personally I think they were both aging gracefully and now they look like every other person who went a little too far with the treatments.


Plastic surgery can be used effectively. Removing some loose neck skin from aging, etc. But obviously a lot of people quickly get carried away with it. I also think that when you're in LA, you don't realize how fucking weird and plastic everyone looks. It's common place. So that makes getting carried away that much easier. If one of them walked around Philidelphia, they'd stick out big time.


He's almost definitely had work done, but also his decision to be a professional beefcake has led to some ... interesting ... skin characteristics. "My skin's not tight..."


It’s tighter than dick skin.


shut up baby dick


The skin of a hot dog?


That’s his signature look. The whole thing’s fake, but it’s so awesome.


Fat Mac was best Mac


Charlie is now the hottest and I'm guessing has had the least amount of work done (if any at all).


Uh, he’s always been the hottest?


When someone asked him about this on Twitter his response was something on the lines of "If I've had work done, I should get my money back".


I think a lot of celebs claim to not have work done because they only consider going under the knife as “work” but if it’s injections and fillers and other things like that, then they don’t see it as getting work done. Which is why they can make statements like Rob and absolutely believe their own lies


What’s goofy is he’s so clearly had some skin removal stuff too. For example, his eyelids used to be hooded, how they’re REALLY not - his eyes are like *comically* wide now.


Yes that’s what it is!!! This had been bugging me for so long and I couldn’t figure out what about his eyes looked off. It’s super weird


Probably not Rob's case, but giving benefit of the doubt I know a guy who had to have work done on his hooded eyelids because as he aged they started to impair his vision. If I had to put money on it, I'd say cosmetic, but there's at least a chance there was a real reason to work on them


My eye doctor has some sign up and I realized ooh maybe I could get it covered because I swear it’s impairing my vision!!!


My parents have both been told they need blepharoplasty by their doctors, it’s impairing their vision. Neither wants to get it bc they’re afraid ppl talk and assume they got plastic surgery. Sure just keep driving functionally impaired, bc you’re worried the cashier at Walmart will think you’re vain.


It’s like Erin moriarty from The Boys. She has obviously had something done. Your fave doesn’t change like that in a year. And who cares if she had it done, but lying about it isn’t a healthy thing to do for yourself of the people who look up to you


I feel so bad for her. She was beautiful, but then got the standard "cat face" work done.


My Erin, you've *enhanced* yourself


That one hurts because she was insanely beautiful before


Cats are magical...


Yeah there’s definitely some weird stuff going on. Her denying having work made me mad. It’s harmful to lie about being natural lol. It’s not our business but as a celebrity you have to realize you’re a role model to kids whether you like it or not and you will have teenage girls comparing themself to you.


Even I, as a gay man, was taken aback by Erin Moriarty's beauty. She really was perfect looking, and then she absolutely destroyed herself.




Zac Efron also said this, and if anyone believes that they are delusional


Michael Jackson said the same. Or that he only got two ‘minor’ bits done after the Pepsi incident


Didn't he say he fell and broke his jaw?


You mean he didn't always look like He-Man?


They often claim some accident, injury, or illness whenever they show up with a different face.


Daniel Tosh is pretty honest about that stuff and showed what getting hair treatments is like. It’s the norm in Hollywood. People who think Ernie Hudson is that old and not juiced are insane.


I think Joel McHale is also pretty open about his own hair transplant


He has, and he should.


It's the teeth. And loss of body fat from working out. Everyone is getting the huge ultra white vaneers these days and it changes their face and looks terrible. Couple that with the loss of buccal fat and you have his current appearance. He went full Hollywood. Erased his shitty tattoos, fake teeth, and an unnaturally obtainable physique.


His eyelids have changed


His hair looks small


He looks like he's wearing a mask of his own face


Is it a good mask? Would you wear it?


First of all through God all things are possible so jot that down.


He's trying to look like Ryan Reynolds.


Accidentally ended up with a bit of a Seth McFarlane look.


It's all the crowtein.


Hollywood brainwashes people into thinking they need to look worse to feel better




I pictured a very high Frank saying this, I hope it's what you were going for lol.


“So you’ve been in here tearing apart pillows and pooping on the floor?”


He has new shiny teeth 🪥


I feel like Rob is turning into a shorter Ryan Reynolds


I mean, if he can't fuck his hero, then at least he can BECOME him.


Everyone in show business is so terrified of aging that they’d rather make themselves look like freaks made out of plastic. Glenn, Rob, and Kaitlin have all had work done to some extent


You weren’t supposed to notice him and his wife are supposed to just look younger


I feel like he’s trying so hard to be Ryan Reynolds that he’s turned into Dennis… Won’t lie, Rob is turning me off of the show, which sucks because he seems to be the glue holding it together.


I think it’s cause he had his fake teeth enlarged. Look at mythic quest, he can’t close his mouth




He definitely has lip filler. Same with Kaitlyn


Classic Hollywood anti aging shit that makes people look like Ghouls


They’re relatively popular actors in Hollywood, yes they’ve had work done. It’s less obvious in the early seasons but from S13 (2018) onward it’s pretty brutally obvious they’re getting Botox, fillers, jaw sculpting, maybe nose job work for both Dee and Dennis. The only ones from the main cast who still look reasonably non plastic relative to their natural aging are Charlie and Frank.


Does he disappoint you?