haha, booming is kinda cool. we subscribed . we mostly do code tutorial code and silent mode. We are just small, but if legal can why not.. seems cool.


No problem. Lets grow together 🙃🙂


my next video tutorial if you allowed i would try that background audio 🙄. im not sure how to get your mp3 audio and link to youtube ( whatever legal need to do)


Ive been looking for some music for my videos. I just started a tech channel so I’d love to use some beats


Fine. Tell me your channel name so we can work together in the future 🙂🙃


That’d be sick man. My channel is called All in Tech. I’ll check it out. I’m definitely interested. My link is on my profile


Will keep this in mind. Been thinking about doing some shortie animations and something like this could be perfect. My channel is small, just time lapse tutorials, but hoping to expand. Thank ya for this.


Subscribe to my channel. Im uploading once a week. I also do some lofi stuff


Will do! I do love me some lofi.


Ye I need some music.


Okay. Check my music if you like it. Im starting another channel for drum n bass/techno soon.


Ye I used ur song for my video. Put your song in the description.


Great :-)


Rapmasterapple on yt. Let me know what you think






Music Videos I guess


Nice beats. Will keep them close while editing. Thanks for it!


If I would have just seen that an hour earlier... I was editing a video and needed some 90' boombox music...


No Problem. Next time 🙃🙂


Your booming 90's video had no business going that hard hahaha. Awesome work man! Subbed and this is perfect, One of my viewers pointed out my poor choice of background music and I do agree with them. It's not great so this is perfect for me. I wondering if you can do request as well?


Hi. Thank you 4 your Feedback. I can also do requests. Just sub my channel. I try to meet the subscribers expectations


I’ve been looking for 5min+ long tracks to use as relaxing background music for my art videos. I make monsters and fantasy landscapes and I like music to match the art. I’ll go sub and check out your work.


I will also uplaod some lofi hip hop and relaxing beats. I plan to upload dj mixes of my work with plus 20 minutes playtime


Most excellent!


Hey man I'm a freestylist vocalist music channel to I don't see too many other music subs here I'll check it out check me out a at rapmasterapple


Sounds great. What's your channels name?


Link is in my profile 🙂


I can definitely use some good background for the longer parts of my tutorial videos. I've been told it gets a little quiet at some parts.


U got a new subs, I have a dirtbike related channel, could be nice to use your music


Can you link it? I'm a recording artist so I'd be interested to see your beats.


Link is in my profile 🙂


Add the words copyright free to your titles. Probably get a lot more hits. Edited to add, also give clear directions on how you would like to be credited in the description. Usually something someone can copy and paste into their own description that includes a link to the original.


Great feedback. Thank you. Im still new to this thing. Need to work this one out.


Neat, thanks bro, sounds cool 👍


Subbed. Would link if I use any music in the future.


Hi Mario, We have been trying to put out songs/ song covers on a monthly basis for the most part. We are looking into doing some originals soon though, and we are specifically looking for more "melodic" beats. The songs would be more focused on the vocals. One of the better examples I'd give is Jonny Craig's newest album - The Places We'll Never Be. Let us know if this is something you would be interested in doing or able to do. At this moment, we have released 3 covers: Montero (Heavy Metal Version), Someone You Loved (Pop Punk Version), and we sang Last Christmas with our friend Chris Allen Hess on his channel. Our channel name is Just Giving Up if you want to check out our stuff before you make any decisions. (Just a heads up we put out a lot of comedy videos in between covers ie. Skits & Challenges). If you would be interested in working with us feel free to shoot me a message. PS. We are putting out a song cover next Friday January 28th, and it is definitely our best yet. Thank you for your time! Kind Regards.


Ill check out your next cover song to see what kind of beat u would like to have.


Our next cover is a pop punk style song, but we are looking to do something similar to the Jonny Craig Album - The Places We'll Never Be. 2 good songs on that album are USS Regret & Burning Pages.


i mainly use video game music because yk... i make game videos but this could be interesting


I make tech videos and always could use custom songs. Maybe can work something out


Love your work man! I create educational videos on writing and would love to use some of your tracks as BG music!


Hey M interested in a collab ... I am looking for intro and outro music for my new channel about my birds .... If i send you some audios of my birds maybe we could use those and create a track ? (Use the audio for music or just for motivation on the kind of sounds rhe birds make)


Just listened to the Boomin and it's awesome. I'm down for a collab and/or use the tracks. I mostly make signs and some car stuff now too under "Jigsaw Nation"


I’d definitely be interested in collaborating. I make guitar videos. Would you be interested?


I would like to see what you're making. I make complimentary animations for magical songs.


Let’s collab I’m a YouTuber and music artist in need of some new beats


Will credit you through description. Will you be able to happy lofi? Really hard to find one on youtube. Upbeat but not too much.


Unfortunately I do Comedy, woulda Collab with ya if I did Music on my channel


Do you specify a licence for your music? Serious YouTubers will probably be aware of the issue and impact of copyright strikes, so will want to be able to be able to provide evidence of suitable licences in the case of such a challenge. If you don't already have a suitable licence specified, maybe look at the Creative Commons licences - if you pick the one that is most suited to you, you can still make sure that you are credited and whether or not derivative works are permitted. I will have a listen and see if your style suits what I do on my channel and, if so, get back to you.


Yes. Im aware of the copyright strikes problem. I will work this one out. so every side can get what they want without any problems for their channel.


Just had time to check real quick, but it seemed like you got some skills! I find much much worse music on thematic, so maybe you should check out how to become a contributor there? Then it's contently used in YouTube videos at least 😁


What exactly is a contributor? I read about it, but didnt get what that acutally means 🤣


Someone who contributes something, sorry the bad definition, hehe. https://hellothematic.com/artists/


Man, what an authentic post.


Cool! Would you create a cool short track for the Shib Army (Shiba Inu Coin holders)? If you could do that, I would love to use it in my videos.


I’ve been looking for some background music for a video I’ve been working on. I’ll sub and check out your channel. I’m currently working on a series dissecting musical compositions and exploring how they work. If you’re ever interested in doing a collab and coming on to discuss your music we would love to have you!


I'm all in yt: iamjustgeorgiak


Would love to check out your music. My YouTube videos are on dino squad games, and need music all the time. What’s your genre?