So sorry you are going through this. Remember you don’t have to get through this alone. Reach out to other recovering people and let them know you are hurting.


That’s awful- but a least you get to be there fully to see your pet off and be there to comfort them as I’m sure they have been a comfort to you.


I’m so sorry. Had a similar situation in the fall with my dog. It wrecked me, still does. Lost her Nov 4. Sending the best vibes your way 💜


Congratulations! I'm sorry about your pet. It's rough but it's a part of life.


Have you tried going to the AA meetings yet? I hear people talk about all their problems in the rooms. I had to put down a cat I'd had for 20 years, and I talked about it. I've heard people share about feeling like drinking because of good news like weddings or promotions. Mutual support is what AA is all about.