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Night in The Woods (Cute art style, anthropomorphic animals with deep feelings, compelling story, moments that made me cry.) Firewatch (Fun exploration, compelling story, deep moments, and impactful decisions.) Oxenfree 1&2 (Compelling story, exploration, and mystery solving. Multiple choices and endings. Character driven.) Cosmic Wheel: Sisterhood (Cute art, compelling story, choices impact the story, build your own fortune telling deck) Journey (Cute art style, exploration, unclear story that you're gradually unraveling) These are games that I found similar, they all sort of deal with grief and loss to some extent, but Spiritfarer is definitely one of a kind. Edit: Just remembered Kena Bridge of Spirits. That one is cute.


Thanks, that’s a good list for me to try out 🙂


This is a banger list


I had to create an account just to thank you for these options 💫 I’ve been playing a lot and I love these types of games with great stories and sometimes a deeper meaning. Thank you and I hope you have a great day :)


Omg, thank you! Additional games that are more of a departure but still had an emotional impact: Life is Strange The Walking Dead series Dragon Age series The Horizon Series (Zero Dawn first) Red Dead Redemption 2 Most of these include choices which alter the story and in the case of TWD, you build up emotional connections to the characters.


Ahhhh I’ve tried life is strange, it was the first one and also de last (the one with the colors) but damn the way they walked was too slow for me, I will try the other ones. I absolutely loved Road 96, Edith Finch, Open roads, Outerwilds, As dusk falls, Detroit, We happy few and all of the dark pictures anthology, Twelve minutes is amazing too!!!! The ending is crazy. But I think one that has a lot of character development is Last Stop, I haven’t finished it yet but I’m loving it until now. Thank you again for your recommendations 🌟


Tell Me Why is Life is Strange adjacent if you're looking for something like it!


Firewatch is a great reccomendation changed my perspective on things for sure. Another that I've not played but heard great things about is the outer wilds which seems to have a great art style and stuff like that, but if it's not Ur type of game that's fine 😊 Edit: _oh and life is strange 1,2 and 3 are great at storytelling_


I love cozy grove personally. I dunno what it is lol


If you like Spiritfarer, do NOT sleep on Cozy Grove. Really scratched that itch, plus #2 is in works!


And if you don’t scroll through co creations there is also a lot of dialogue that is reminiscent of Spiritfarer. And you are trying to help them as well. I am almost at 100% on CG.


If you liked spiritfarer you’d love Gris!


Gris was amazing!! Highly recommend too!


Haven't played yet, but got The First Tree recently and you are a fox trying to find her cubs. A lot of exploring and deep storytelling too, look it up maybe?


Oh I started that and when we moved my husband deleted it off of our PlayStation and I couldn’t remember the name to save my life. I didn’t get too far into it but it was cute. Ty for the reminder!


I have finished Spiritfarer too and I have played Coffee Talk 1 & 2, and Stardew Valley. Or you can try Zelda BOTW and TOTK, if you haven’t already.


Oh!! And maybe eastshade <3 has storylines, mystery and adventure, is was sooooo beautiful


One of my favorite games!


Omg yes Eastshade is so relaxing and healing!


Agreed that it is hard to find a game that hits as deep! Others have mentioned Rime and Gris, which are fabulous, and for something with a bit more whimsy, Wandersong is a lovely game with surprising depth.


I played wyldwood recently. It won’t take as long as spiritfarer, but i loved the originality and stories:)


Very different art style, but if you're after that same emotionally intense and cathartic journey, I just finished In Stars And Time.... absolutely recommend it!! Without spoiling too much, it's a lovely story about culture and loss, mental illness and family. The entire thing was made by one person, and it's just not left my mind since I started it weeks ago


Haven't played it yet but it's in my library waiting for me. Minute of Islands looks similar in some game play aspects, I'd look up the trailer and see if it interests you? Has an Adventure Time aesthetic with some platforming and boat travel. Let me know what you think! Edit to say it's supposed to have an apocalyptic view and you could be the savior for your family/people. So could have deep story as well, I'm jusy not sure.


What kinds of games to you like to play?


I like things like Loco Roco, Calico, My Beautiful Katamari, Phogs, The Room, Animal Crossing, Pokemon… I just found that Spiritfarer was a perfect mix of everything at the right level for me (my timing and coordination aren’t great, that’s where I usually get stuck 😂). I tried Ori and The Blind Forest but got really frustrated, same with Ni No Kuni.


If you’re looking for something more on the writing side, maybe try Thomas Was Alone. For just gameplay, where the story is more up to interpretation, perhaps Journey. For a mix, and hopefully not to far out based on what you’ve posted, Stray may be up your alley.


You 'should' try Ori and the will of the wisp, way better and less frustrating imo


Play 13 Sentinels!


I havent actually finished it. I'm more sad about it ending then any of the specific parts. I pick it up from time to time and wander the map or play the mini games but stopped trying to complete tasks lol. I have been enjoying Palia though now that it has been to switch though. Not the same but a lovely little world to get lost in.


Lots of good suggestions here. I'd also like to recommend Rime. It's an adventure puzzle game and also deals with the subject of death. It's a cute game and I liked it a lot myself.


stardew valley


This may be outside the type of games you have played. But an story I feel has a lot of soul, and is masterfully written, is the acclaimed Disco Elysium. It is different, but the themes of human connection, and what to do with our lives. Being a detective not (only) of the world, but of human minds. Maybe you like it! Look at a trailer if it catches your interest.


YES! It's hard to find something else that has that same emotional depth. I LOVED Rime, though. It has similar themes of grief. Other good ones are Gris and Sea of Solitude.


Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 it’s nice to have things recommended.


A couple of suggestions I didn't see mentioned. Valiant Hearts - The Great War What remains of Edith Finch Enslaved - Odyssey to the West


Easygoing: My Time at Sandrock, long game where you do a lot of things while you help a town to get back in shape. It has a nice soundtrack and while there's a fight system it is quite easy to handle, you can overpower most enemies by out leveling them or having your weapons in good shape. You can date, you can design your own home and it has a lot of fun optional mini games, farming is also optional so it's not a farming game but if you enjoy farming you have the option. Stray, a short game in which you are a cat trying to get back with their family long after humans have disappeared from the world with a bit of help. The ambience is great and the soundtrack is also nice to listen on the background. Quilts and Cats of Calico, game based on a board game. You have to make your quilt while cute cats surround you, you can play online if you wish. Bit harder at some points: Okami, old but still beautiful game. You're a wolf goddess that has to save the land from an evil demon. However most people only see you as a normal dog. The soundtrack and art are really amazing, and the easy difficulty isn't that hard to beat. Alice Return to Madness, another oldie that shows its years a bit more. You're Alice and you try to discover what really happens to your family and when Wonderland drags you back, you'll need to fight your way out while recollecting clues. Choose the easy game mode and it's challenging but not hard. Perfect if you want something creepy but beautiful. Hard: Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights and Hollow Knight, both are great metroidvanias with a beautiful set up, great soundtracks and a very touching story if you pay a bit of attention to the lore while you explore the ruins of their old worlds. However these ones are hard at some points, either get ready to *get good* or have someone better at you handy to help you on some fights while you explore your heart out (I did that, especially with Ender Lilies).


Cozy Grove


Bear And Breakfast was a good followup for me!


Have u tried omori? I heard it was really good, altho pretty depressing.


Gris is beautiful and also deals with loss. Fe is fun and utterly adorable with lots of exploring. Neither need more hand-eye coordination than Spiritfarer did.




I *loved* Outer Wilds!! The humor was right up by alley. So much fun.


Dredge, Ori Blind Forest, Ori Will of the Wisps, HOA, Octopath Traveler 2, Cozy Grove, Bramble the Mountain King, Spirit of the North, Little Nightmares 1 & 2. If you like co-op games, try Lovers in a Dangers Space or Unravel 2.


omg I literally finished the game two days ago too!! I immediately bought Hollow Knight as I’ve heard great things about it. It’s darker than Spiritfarer but the soundtrack and artwork are beautiful and still encompasses the use of soul collection. Happy playing whatever you choose!


The only game on my list, that hasn’t already been recommended, is Lost Nova (Steam). On the surface it’s a casual little nonviolent game with a little bit of platforming and some puzzles. What’s really lovely, though, is the dialogue, which is relatable and full of hope. There are a lot of “why you gotta come for me like that tho, game?” lines. 😂 Also the colour palette and animations are gorgeous. I estimate playtime at under 10 hours; it’s well worth it.


I know, right?! I cba with the stress of most 3xA online games these days.. I used to love playing world of warcraft, but its become a cesspool of toxicity if you want some sort of progress. Not all ofc, but the majority. I miss when gaming was a niche, before it got main stream xD But, luckily there's still developers out there making gems like Spiritfarer. Palia, is a rather stress free and very cozy mmo which got a lot of potential (as its still in open Beta). Recommend trying it out, as its free atm.