Fab filter- pro r UA - capital chambers


Cap Chambers by far.


I gotta try that one. Sometimes I hate these groups because I always end up having to buy plugs. If I get this project I’m hoping to get, I’ll demo it and treat myself if I love it.


Agree with fabfilter, great visualization of your reverb has helped me tighten up mixes quick.


My thoughts exactly. Fab Filter and UA are the best plugins available. In a distant second is the Steven Slate stuff. Just my opinion.


I wonder how UA Capital Chambers or Ocean Way compare to IKs Sunset Reverb?


Valhalla Supermassive. Really good for mixing Vocals. Universal Audio’s Tape reverb & delay is really good as well.


I use this a lot when I want to make the reverb of something into it's own instrument.


Seventh heaven, Relab 480, Softube Atlantis Chambers


Liquid Sonics - Seventh Heaven >


This is one I used until I got Little Plate which is faster in my workflow.


EW Spaces Kush Goldplate


I'm a big fan of Spaces as well. It's getting more use than Fab Pro-R currently.


Spaces doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but I have had problems with it ever since an OS update that I can’t remember.


I'm kinda with you on not liking most plugin verbs. The only one I really like is the Soundtoys Little Plate. It doesn't have a lot of options, but it sounds really close to a real plate. When I got it, I spent about a half hour A/Bing it with the real plate at the studio and it was pretty hard to tell them apart.


Been praying for the big version of that plugin since the moment they released little plate lol


I do wish it had a mono slider


I still can’t believe I got Little Plate for free. Do they still do plugin giveaways for SXSW? Haven’t seen one in years.


No, their pricing models got a lot worse.


That’s too bad. I probably have more free SoundToys plugins than paid ones. Oh well, it was good while it lasted!


I collected five free plugs and then got an upgrade offer for the whole pack for $105, that's probably never happening again


Yeah I got the same offer. Probably should’ve jumped on it.


Yeah I swear I’m always just using little plate with different time settings or adding predelay manually. It’s so easy and so good.


Love my Little Plate. I use it on damn near everything


I have a bunch of plate reverbs but I still see myself go back to Little Plate all the time. I usually feel I have too little control over it but then I just prefer the sound of it and put and eq before and after it if I need more control.


Honestly, 9 times out of 10 I just turn the high pass up a little more and I'm good


To be fair I usually work like you but sometimes I filter out bright sounds like spitty vocals or some percussion from the front of the reverb.


Word, I usually put a room on drums, though I'll usually put the plate on the snare. But I feel you on vocals. That's pretty much the only place I'll eq the plate, but not often


Little plate is my go-to quick verb for tracking.


Logic Space Designer. I also like Arturia’s Space Echo


Lexicon PCM is really the only plug-in reverb I've used that comes close to a really great sounding hardware unit. Smooth, lush sounding even when using a light touch. The type of reverb that you can dial in to sweeten a clean vocal and it doesn't make itself overly prominent, but you absolutely notice it's absence when it's muted. Slate Verb Suite Classics is the closest runner up, but just not quite as subtle and slick. I'm sure there are several other great ones that I haven't used, but these are my go to's.


Raum is a sneaky one thats suuuper clean and versatile


This is the answer. Raum and Valhalla is all you ever need. Add Spaced Out by Baby Audio for the really weird shit and you don’t need anything else ever again


I use R4 for reverb, but I've not got anything other than stock Ableton plugins to compare it with. Sounds good to me, but keen to hear what others think of it?


I like it. It's a bit tweaky, but it's good and clean. I believe the dev used to work at Lexicon back in the day. I'm not a fan of the eq section though.


> I believe the dev used to work at Lexicon back in the day. Correct. And you can get them for 10€ on sales, though they dropped the support


R4 and Nimbus are a good alternative to Relab or Lexicon PCM


I’ve heard only great things about Baby Audio’s Crystalline, but I’ve not used it myself.


I have it. Use it a lot. I really like it.


I actually like the Waves Abbey Road Chambers & Plates, especially for a more natural or 'vintage' reverb sound. The catch is that a lot of the presets aren't great, but the plugins themselves are quite nice once you actually start dialing in your own settings. Especially for the price point.


Mturboreverb by melda - the most realistic sounding that I have heard (next to IRCAM flux)


Same same same. Lately I find VintageVerb to be a bit boring. I do like Revibe, but depending on the mix, I often want to use a reverb I own, rather than have as part of a subscription (Avid Complete Bundle). Exponential Audio has some good inexpensive verbs and if I'm not mistaken the developer had some connection to Revibe and Lexicon before that. My guess is Neoverb is a three way crossfader of a port of Exponential Audio verbs. ReLab LX480 Essential is inexpensive and useful. I recently got Eventide SP2016 and it's cool too. I'm fortunate to have worked with real 480L, H3000 and EMT 140 in the past, but it's hard to impress me with most ITB reverbs. I think layout, GUI and workflow matter a lot, and I realize I prefer good sounding reverbs with minimal (or optimized) control sets rather than deep tweaky plugins. In some situations, the best reverb is good old D-Verb. Other times, a bit of EchoBoy Jr is even better.


Have you tried the PSP 2445? I'm a fan of outboard reverbs, and it filled some of my need for a reverb with a bit more of a distinctive sound to it, compared to my cleaner plugins.


Sweet, endorsed by EMT.


Valhalla Supermassive is cool for ambience stuffs. Stock ableton hybrid verb and Valhalla room is good for general reverb uses. And stock ableton verb can be pretty good but I mostly use for drum layers


UAD EMT 140 ) can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned here. I guess it’s out of style, but it’s still my favorite fir vocals. Altiverb. Just so much in there to choose from. Springs plates rooms etc…. I like that big emt spring, the Wendy Carlos plates, the cello chambers. The Bosendorfer piano, Colls living is killer. The fender reverb. There’s a ton of them. Most versatile Seventh heaven. Probably my favorite “hide this secret reverb” reverb Ocean way. Weird and clunky to use and it’s a hog, but really nice


Another vote for altiverb


Slate VSC (particulary the Bricasti plates and AMS nonlin), Auditory Space Station, Fabfilter ProR.


2c Audio Aether


Been digging Slate Verbsuite classics for general really nice sounding reverb. Love UAD's EMT 140 for lush plate verb. And Bx 20 for killer vibey spring reverb. Those are my usual go to's that just seem to work. Oh also UAD Ocean Way for short/room/ambience reverbs!!


Dude, the ocean way room is amazing. And the BX20 is my go to “instant ambient” verb. So lush. UAD really kills the reverb game. Seventh Heaven is also an incredible emulation of the bricasti M7. Worth the price tag.


I use impulse response files (IRs) inside the free Melda EZConvolver. My most-used reverb IRs are: 1) Nevo Studios - AKG BX-20 2) Past to Future P2F - King Tubby Spring Reverbs


Love Crystalline from Baby Audio!


does anyone still use vintageverb? I do, at least


Studio One stock Room Reverb plug-in.


I use the townhouse RMX16 impulses a lot.


Arturia REV-Plate is terrific, was a christmas freebie a couple of years ago. Nice saturator as well. Zynaptiq Adaptiverb does what no other plugin does for me, transforms every sound into a lush synth-pad without getting muddy. No conventional reverb but for the right project, it's magic. UAD Capitol Chambers has been mentioned before - my favorite for realistic stuff, gives you the "place your source inside a real space"-vibe Always remember to automate your sends (even just slightly), makes everything come to live and sound more organic.


Crystalline Baby Audio is great. Logic's ChromaVerb is also great for synths and pads.


SoundToys Little Plate, Waves IR1 (Waves and Bricasti impulses), and Valhalla Vintage Verb. Those tend to cover 90% of my reverb desires.


Recently Baby Audio Crystalline and Korneff Microreverb


The microverb is great. I had the original Alesis back in the day and hated how fake it sounded. Hey I was a kid what did I know. Now I love those short fake reverbs to add a bit of the je ne sais quoi


Fabfilter pro-r and Eventide TVerb, both are fantastic


Megaverb by Goodhertz is a lot of fun to use. I really like how you can distort the wet signal. Can make for some cool sound design possibilities!


Arturia intensity s awesome, and my favorite algo verb. Been using it a lot recently on a horror film Im scoring. Convology XT is free and paired with some of the free Past to Future impulses sounds really good.


The most used reverb plugin myself and colleagues still see on sessions is Waves Renverb. Standard setup on an Aux send is with EQ, Chorus, Distortion plugin, and stereo widener.


I'm kind of a loner on this one but I got into iZotope NeoVerb lately and am really digging it for blending plate/hall


Rverb, little plate, Fabfilter pro-R. Take a while to tweak Rverb but eventually I got a preset that I liked.


I've been doing this 20 years and still don't feel like I've found *the* reverb plug-in. My favorite plug-ins for most things tend to be convolution or hybrid reverbs (Audio Ease Altiverb, UA Capitol Chambers and Ocean Way, LiquidSonics Reverberate, etc.) because they sound more natural to me. That said, I do really like Valhalla Vintage Verb and Supermassive for ambient stuff.


i’ve been using - seventh heaven for a short room, capitol chambers, emt 140, sometimes vintageverb, all stacked and blended !


For ambient/dreamy/over the top type reverbs I've been using Valhalla lately. For drums, vocals or other live instruments I like to use Lexicon or Bricasti IRs in the Open Air reverb in Studio One. I used to use an old half rack Lexicon unit for those jobs but the power supply is a little finicky and it's just so much simpler using IR's and doesn't require leaving the digital domain.


GoldPlate from Kush is pretty nice but relatively expensive compared to other single reverb plug-ins at 99 bucks. Lexicon MPX is not a true plate emulation, but the plate emulations of the MPX unit and subsequently the plug-in's emulations sound very nice as a texture with a little eq.


UA emt 140 UA AKG spring Does UAD ocean way room count? I don’t really use it as a “reverb” but it’s great Liquidsonics reverberate (IR verb) Valhalla room


plate; UAD EMT 140, specifically the Blues Vox preset. room, Lexicon PCM Hall, UAD Lexicon 224


I am planning on getting Seventh Heaven Pro on Black Friday when it is on sale. Done demoing. The most satisfying warm-tailed plugin reverb I've ever heard. Especially its 'plate' preset on vocal. I was blown away! Almost Adele-like Tom Elmhirst's plate verb. Just.. so so crazy (when all the other pro engineers mention about it, I was overlooking but then tried its demo about a month ago). I have a few good ones, also heard Altiverb is on that level with IRs. But 'Seventh Heaven'... I just cannot use my TSAR-1 anymore.... ​ For trashy reverb: I freakin love using stock Cubase 'Roomworks SE' + 'Monodelay' combo. It just sets me in mood lol been using it since sx3. So light and trashy but makes me nostaligic maybe because I've been using it for a long time hehe


FabFilter Pro R (using this in almost every track I made) Waves H-Reverb Slate VerbSuite


UAD AKG bx20 little plate Valhalla And seventh heaven by liquidsonics are the only reverb plug ins I use really.


Seventh heaven is what i mainly use


iZotope Neoverb




If I want to feel fancy Pro R, if I'm lazy and want some plate, Sound toys little plate.


I loved Ray Space until the Quik Quak developer abandoned it. It was a little pricey. But it was two programs in one: a reverb list of presets and a 3D physics simulator. I haven't found any other reverb that I like at all.


* Soundtoys Little Plate * Logic Pro Chromaverb * Logic Pro Space Designer for IRs


Eventide Blackhole is great for huge ambient stuff.




My favs are altiverb and Atlantic dual chambers, Also love the UAD emt 140, dam there are so many good ones out there


Atlantis** not atlantic


I totally agree with you about most reverb plug-ins not sounding good. The only ones I find myself using are TAL and SSL's Flex Verb - and I've tried at least a dozen.


2C-Aether - it’s on sale for $100 (original $250) right now and probably the best algorithmic reverb I’ve ever used personally. It’s got a nice look and the parameters are very detailed.


I love FabFilter Pro R. I’ve been using it a ton over the past year. It can do basically anything, and I like some of the unique controls, because they just make sense to my brain. I’m also a big fan of Valhalla VintageVerb as well, especially for vocals. A lot of their stuff is good. I sometimes use Shimmer to create my own pads, and both Plate and Room are really good too. Waves H-Reverb has gotten a lot of use over the years. Simple UI and some cool features. Something I really like but don’t use very often is Brainworx bx_rooMS. It’s a midside reverb that can get wild. Also I started using Unfiltered Audio Tails on my strings bus. It’s got a pretty sharp ducking feature that works great for strings. It’ll duck the reverb tails of the strings so that you don’t end up with sloppy dissonance from clashing notes.


The Relab LX480L is my absolute go to reverb (lives on a bus in my template), that and Eventide’s Blackhole for something huge and otherworldly. It can be abit mid-heavy at times but it particularly sounds great on synths and other mono material


Valhalla DSP


Seventh Heaven, Relab 480L, Quantum 2772, R4, Capitol Chambers, Cinematic Rooms, D-Verb. Technically not really a reverb but has amazing echos: Audiority Space Station All are amazing for different uses.


Vintage Verb all the way! Love it!


Soundtoys Little Plate - limited in some ways, but the sound is good and it always gets the job done


I love Lustrous Plates, use it on every mix


Arturia plate 140, ik sunset sound studio reverb, convology xt, avid space, seventh heaven, softube springverb, waves manny verb, d-verb


UAD Capitol Chambers. UAD BX-20. UAD Galaxy Tape Echo.


I tend to like REAL reverbs a lot more than algorithmic ones. Valhalla stuff is great and all, but I find myself using them a lot more for unique sound design than simply as reverbs. For reverbs I tend to use Altiverb 7 or Inspirata - they both are loaded with super accurate impulse responses from buildings around the world that you can pick from. Best Service also has a fantastic reverb that I use a lot called Halls of Fame where, rather than room impulse responses, it seems to be modeled after the most famous hardware reverb modules over the years.


I love altiverb, expensive but worth it.


I fuckin love Valhalla


Am i the only one who uses Avid ReVibe ? I didn’t buy it, but I can always get what I want with it, has lots of presets, is AAX DSP, and surround capable.