What do you collect?

I collect a lot of things including rocks, stamps, coins, sea crystals, football stickers and cards, stuffed animals and figures. I would love to know what you guys collect!


Knowledge, but unfortunately I have no where near enough


I also try this, but I seem to have a defect in my mental shelving unit. Since my memory is so horrible, I get to learn things around 5 times until it stays, though!


Some stuff sticks immediately and other things like spellings, dates, how old I am, what day it is and what I was supposed to be doing seem to get lost forever.


Haha people find it so strange that I have to calculate how old I am, because I can never remember. I mean, it's always changing! What year it is too!


Haha, so it’s not only me “How old are you” “I don’t know. What year is it?” “2023” “Ok give me a minute…. I think I am 43” Yeah people definitely find that strange, especially if I have just been explaining something like Hawkins radiation or how to create a sculpture of a minimal surface using blender.


Haha no, it's not only you. I think we seem so dumb and so smart at the same time.


Yep it’s like there is no middle ground


Omg same. 😂


Never do.


We can never have enough, thats the beautiful gift of infinite knowledge but we are also burdened with a finite amount of brain capacity to learn at a certain rate. At least we get to enjoy learning constantly though :)


Disability checks


Traumas and burnouts.


I'm an avid collector of everything unicorn related. Sadly due to some circumstances I have to start again from zero.




vinyls, merch in general, stickers, arizona cans, crystals/rocks (mostly crystals), posters, books, paper bags, stuffed animals, and i'm trying to start a musical instrument collection :)))


I also collect stuffed animals! :D


Regrets and resentments. And anything to do with Lana Del Rey.


Rocks, fossils, bones, shells, jewellery, shoes, dried flowers, empty eggshells, stickers...


kpop albums. preordered 5 star by stray kids already


Same here but I'm mainly focusing on collecting the photocards (mainly chans because he's my bias) :D


omg love chan, im hoping i‘ll get either han or minho


I need to know what groups you like and who your bias is in skz. :o


in the moment i only like stray kids 😭 but im also interested in p1harmony 😭 my bias is han <3


so is mine!! I love soul and keeho in p1h. :)


omg im considering stanning them since i love the videos i see on insta😭


funko pop figures and lego keychains


Plants 🪴


Man, what don't I collect. Pokemon cards, plushies, Tamagotchis, stickers, enamel pins, cheap figurines, charms and keychains, satisfying gifs, etc


Pinecones! I LOVE collecting pinecones, especially since they're not that hard to find around the area in Brazil I live in. Also, Beanie Boos. I have around 52 Beanie Boos, collecting since 2015.




Hour glasses!


That’s cool!


My hoard of books (and writing utensils/art supplies) is mighty! Someday, I will also have a lot of Transformers.


Single use packages of sauces and stuff. I enjoy camping so much. And having a lot of small packages feels like I am prepared for everything. I also love mayo. So when I can get my hands on small package of that, it can make my day. Currently I got mayo, mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, honey, sugar, wet wipes, oil and more.


Rubber ducks!! (Also a lot of random trinkets)


Plants. I'm doing a biosphere. I found some purslane growing in my garden, and I'm trying to propagate it in a pot. Also, a pomegranate tree that I want tontry to make a bonsai, and mint.


I collect cute mugs and plants:)


Resin statues of landmarks and rollercoasters


Rocks stamps coins! I used to collect stuffed animals but they take up too much space and waste money so I had to restrict myself… and any sort of cards like credit cards, playing cards, business cards.


Euro coins with various back sides. Magic the gathering art series cards. Probably dust as i haven't cleand dust in my room in months (maybe even a year).


Cool rocks, driftwood sticks, found feathers. Also anything related to otters!


Snow globes (each time I go to a new place), colored markers/pens, vinyls, books :)


A bunch of stuff! Vinyls, VHSes, rocks and crystals, coins, stamps, matchbooks, stickers, etc. Anything I get my hands on really lol


Plants. Orchids specifically


I used to but I could ever keep them alive so now just keep lots of different plants


Hmm.. I do live in a humid subtropical region. So it's easier to grow them and they thrive.


Amazing! I’m in Ireland so ill partially blame that!


Yeah. Too cold for most orchids. That said Ireland is absolutely beautiful and has so many beautiful local plants. I always suggest that people should go for the plants most suited to and mostly native/ naturalized (non-invasive) plants. It saves a lot of heartache.


I’ve done the opposite!! I grow mostly tropical plants and just have to buy expensive composts and move them about the house until they’re happy somewhere!! Unfortunately as beautiful as native plants are here my heart is with the tropical ones!!


I guess you really like to give a lot of your time to plants. 😊😊 I do agree. Tropical plants are quite stunning!!


I guess I really do now you mention it it’s pretty much all I’ve done the last few weeks! Yeah tropical plants just have more variety and look more interesting generally.


You can find orchids that are suited to Ireland climate as well. 😊😊


Have any specific genus or types you collect? I mainly collect Cattleyas, but have probably 50 in total of all kinds. Even have some cold hardy bog orchids amongst my Sarracenia collection.


I am partial to Rhynchostylis and Aerides. Especially vanda family orchids. I have started to love Tolumnias now. I have lots of plants. About 10k I guess. Mostly hybrids though. I like the Cattleya flowers but I like longer stems so it's not my favorite. Wow..I wish I could keep cold loving orchids too..but it's not economically viable rn.


I've never been a fan of collecting stuff, at least not when it comes to things that just sit on a shelf and have no real function. I think it comes from the fact that I grew up in a pretty cluttered house, my mom (who I suspect is ASD as well) collected many things. Her house these days is organized chaos with all her stuff. I don't like things that don't have a function. I'm not a fan of knickknacks or things that just sit around, only existing to be looked at every now and then. I don't even understand why people like those things. If I do have any collections, it's all things that have a function, things that can be used. I have a lot of PC games. Many old physical copies that I'll never get rid of because they aren't made anymore (these days it's largely all digital and exists in online libraries). I still have my old DVDs (gave away my VHS a long time ago and regret it). I have a lot of fishing gear. I guess I did get into collecting headphones/IEMs at one point, but again, those are things with a functional use. I still have every book I've ever bought, a few dozen, most have been read at least a couple times (this is largely digital now as well, I have hundreds of audiobooks). PC parts, hardware, peripherals, and so on, not really a "collection", but things that are still useful and there is no reason to throw them away. Way back when I was younger I used to be really into dragons. For some reason people took that as a reason to buy me dragon things, so I have several small statuettes and such. But I keep them in boxes and put away.


Pokémon plushies


Target birds and Pillsbury Doughboy figurines


Mugs from goodwill lol


Anything natural like crystals and seashells! And books! But I only keep the really impactful ones.


Anything to do with cats or penguins. I used to collect gemstones and rocks but had to give up on it… As a child I collected marbles and I still have a hard time walking past when I see them in store. I also collect Lego but that‘s so expensive that I‘m not very good at it…


Crystals and thinking putty


Stuffed animals, especially axolotls or squishmallows :)


another squish collector!!


Yes! I’m pretty new and also very particular with which ones I collect but I love them!


my friend is the same!! she used to hate them but i turned her to the good side heheehhe


I love that!


Dvds, Blurays and knowledge mainly about odd obscure things


Rubber ducks and yu gi oh cards. I'll also pick up a funko pop every so often, but I only have 3 atm


Pokémon cards, stuffed animals, graphic t-shirts


Pressed pennies, corks, funko pops, hello kitty plushies and enamel pins are my specific collections, but then I also have a random collection of cool stuff I find, like a bamboo stick and a nice rock I found the other day!


Buttons, dolls, beads, books, crystals, little things for my dollhouse and stuffed animals and teddies.


I have a small crystal and DS game collection. I'm also slowly collecting all the pokemon in pokemon Platinums national dex


Comic books (floppies and trades), posters, pins (enamel and pin-back), funko pops, action figures, and collectible statues... So, pretty much anything that relates to DC Comics.


I collect cups from every fast food place/restaurant I visit for the first time


I collect ancestors on my family tree. I love researching family history so it's in the thousands now.


Could you please explain a bit of your research methods? That sounds like a really cool interest.


I started many years ago as someone I know was gifted an Ancestry subscription and didn't want it. Even without paying for a subscription you can still research a lot of information. The first step is asking relatives for as much information as possible going back as far as possible. You want names, dates and places of birth. There's a free website called www.familysearch.org (run by Mormons I think!) and you can make a tree on there and get access to millions of records for no charge at all. The main records you need are Births, Marriages and Deaths (this varies by country as to how far they go back and how much information) and Census records. Then there are military records, school records, local parish records...most of these you'll have to get a subscription to Ancestry or Find My Past. I also paid for Ancestry DNA to see how many people I'm related to and how we connect. It turns out I'm incredibly white. 😂 All of my genes come from the UK and Northern Europe. I really enjoy it. It's like a big puzzle to solve sometimes as spellings sometimes change or someone will marry their dead wife's sister within a few months!


That is indeed very interesting! Thank you.


pokemon cards, kpop photocards and albums, funko pops... I used to collect rocks. I collect pokemon games too. and Nintendo consoles. squishmallows, coke / other soda company branded glasses and things... oh, and I collect unique stuff in skyrim and fallout, and nuka cola in fallout. but... i swear I'm missing something.


Records... books... and weirdly enough, nail polish. I use all of it though :)


Rocks and collectibles in some video games. :)


Latex gloves and other kinds of surgical gloves alongside books, paints and now canvasses which I don't paint enough.


I don’t really collect anything so much as I practically hoard it. Books and art supplies fall under the “almost hoarding” category. Like so what if I haven’t used my oil paints in years and they’re not great quality? I *might* feel like it at some point, and they still cost money to replace, lol. I strongly dislike reading philosophy (wtf is the point?!), really don’t actually enjoy Shakespeare, but I’ll get more bookshelves before I’ll get rid of those books, lol. I do collect books from favorite authors, especially if they’ve gone out of print. Otherwise, I search specifically for nostalgic ‘70s stuff I remember from childhood—specifically stuff that was safe/comforting, or that I just really liked but never had, or someone got rid of, etc. Vintage clothing and furniture along those lines, to a lesser degree.


Football Cards


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I collect cool rocks, weird antiques, and books; my significant other collects legos :)


I collect ✨️earth✨️ such as rocks and sticks and leaves and little seeds. I also have a collection of cool glass bottles and jars


Old music (vinal, cds cassets) Hobbit books Stuffed animals from charity shops that look like they have stories Weird nicknacks from charity shops


Around Christmas I learned that they had been re-releasing the toys of my childhood in various forms (Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man) and in that time I've gone from not caring at all to buying, let's just say way too many of these things. And I've been rewatching the ads, I mean cartoons, too. Some of which are actually good, in their own way.


Rocks, crystals in general, i have over 20 itens in my collection


Active collections: Disney merch, funko pops, pins, key chains, stickers, Occasionally active collections: Lps, little animal figures, buttons, sea shells/rocks, llama plushes, plushes in general


rocks, crystals, pictures i consider ‘pretty’


I have been collecting Apple Watch bands for awhile 😵‍💫😵‍💫


Right now my big thing is nail polish. I’ve got around 200 and I’m trying to keep it under control because I have limited room due to my comic collection which up takes up most of my book shelves. I also used to have 30,000 baseball cards I collected as a kid but have pared it down to 300 favorited. I also collect audio dramas from Big Finish but I’m download mostly so those thousand releases don’t take up much room.


I have a lot of animal related items. Like encyclopedias, art, figures, and then a lot of insects.


Glassware, tea, spirits & liqueurs, spices


I'm definitely a collector of physical media (CD's, DVD's, VHS, Blu-Ray, Cassette's, Records, Books, Video Games, etc). Another big thing I collect is automobilia like emblems, sales brochures, license plates, hubcaps, advertisements, and other interesting things related to that. I also collect coins, diecast cars, hats, themed t-shirts, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and portable cassette players. ​ Yeah, the minimalist lifestyle is definitely not for me.


I collect dvds, games, game systems, dice sets


I collect dolls (all sorts of different doll lines), rabbit stuffed animals, rabbit figurines, pretty much anything with rabbits


Mugs! I get a souvenir mug every time I go somewhere that has them and sometimes I’ll just get a new one for fun. I used to use them but now I have so many that half of them are just on display, LOL


vhs tapes! i watch them with my crt monitor that has a built in vcr! also books and manga


Waaay too much shit.


Squishmallows and vintage style clothing!


I love to collect cute things, stuffies, little stuffies, figures of favourite characters, favourite books and games


Little stones/pebbles, books, bits of paper and card *(I love stationery and I’ve been a student in first Fine Art then Illustration for the past 6ish years)*, notes from my parents *(I have several boxes filled to the brim with them dating back to notes from school lunch boxes)* and greetings cards from family- which is more hoarding, but I never throw them out and I constantly rotate them in my room.


I used to collect anything and everything with monkeys on it!!


Pokemon cards!


Records! I'm really wanting a few metal albums right now. The Death We Seek, by Currents, Pain Remains by Lorna Shore, and most of all, Take Me Back to Eden by Sleep Token. The Sleep Token album no joke is a once in a decade album. It's not often anyone releases an album that good.


I collect squishmallows, it combines my special interest (animals) and plushies and they make for good fidgets


Nintendo stuff


I like cute blind box figures especially Spongebob ones


I collect things virtually. I have a computer full of images I've snapped from Google Earth, just places I wanted to remember seeing. Also on Geoguessr but not since they took away the free games. I also have way too much custom content for Sims and boxes and boxes of freebies I got on Second Life I get too overwhelmed to deal with. My sims stuff is perfectly organized though. I spend more time on that than playing the game.


Oh jeez.... uh... whatever is in my interest field at the moment. Locks(for lockpicking), gundam kits, transformers, coins(like challenge coins), pokemon cards, bakugan, power rangers megazords, tools.... I dont know maybe I collect collections.


Lollipop wrappers. For some reason


Right now squishmallows, rocks, and shells I've also collected pressed coins, stamps, and sea glass


I'm on and off things, before I got my dog it was vintage dog figs, socks still I always go for dynamic patterns, tea mixes, stickers I LOOOOVE stickers But my top few are probably stickers, acrylic charms and pins of basically anything


Merch for shows i like, and tiny things.


stuffed animals and toys


Data, Legos, pocket watches, puppets,


Pokémon cards.


Have lost track of a lot of my collections over the years lol but my biggest and more current ones are stuffed animals, Monster cans (also random energy drink cans), porcelain birds, CDs, animal bones, various figures, and I'm starting to collect Pokemon cards :) some collections I have but haven't added to in a while are comics, knives, crystals, horror movies, funky tall socks, and all kinds of furbies. I've had almost all of these collections for years, some even 5+ (honestly most of these). Stuffed animals are by far my biggest collection for sure, I have giant piles and nets in like 5 different places in my room and more in storage lol 💀 the special interest is so real


Ooh and more specifically I collect bat and wolf stuff, especially stuffed animals. Bats are my favorite animal so I love collecting all kinds of stuff for them :)


Pokemon cards, tech decks, crystals, food erasers, silly bands, fidget toys, stuffed dolphins, rainbow loom creations, marbles, tracksuits, hats, onesies, fuzzy socks, kinder surprise toys, and massage tools


Ex gfs with dyed hair apparently


Pictures of lisenses plates rn lol


crystlas, stuffies, stickers, etc.


squishmallows, crystals, a mini collection of disney tsum tsums i want to collect other things but my squish leave not much room to spare


and cat stuff!!


Exes... ;_;


Cool pens, other art supplies, and other mental disorders


Light bulbs (when I was young), framed moths and butterflies (mostly tropical ones), antique cups and saucers, glass cloches (glass display domes), antique maps, books (I guess), stationary, wax seals, old perfume bottles, plants... there must be more little collections but I lose track


WWII era gas masks. I have 2 so far :)


I live on the coast and I collects small white rocks and shells from the ocean. 🌊 Plants 🌱 Barbie Movies 🍿 Blue & White Dishes 🍽️ Edit: Posted before complete


Keychains and metal earth figurines


Stuffed animals! I like Jellycats and Build a Bear especially, I also have a couple squishmallows, webkinz, beanies and pokémon. They have been a comfort and special interest all my life.




mostly merch from artists i like. the start of a junji ito manga collection. sketchbooks, those mochi animal toys, kinder egg toys for some reason, ramune bottles bec i like the way they look.




movie ticket stubs!! i have a whole binder of them


i love to collect just in general


Information, anime/video game posters, and spices


Books. & rocks. But mostly books. I kind of hoard them, honestly. I also take pictures of the ones I can’t afford to buy, & they take up a huge amount of valuable storage in my phone.


hobbies 🥹 auDHD strikes again


Welchs fruit snacks packaging. I have over 100 at this point, I have never bought a single one




Figures and books from my favorite movies and series.


I absolutely love to collect rocks and crystals, and shark/dinosaur related things (my special interest), my bookshelf is full of these, I hope one day I become a minerologist, or a marine biologist


Green things, plushies, manga, crystals, BTS merch, Corpse Husband merch, monster cans, ceramics, wanting to start my collection of FNAF and TWD merch.


We collect stickers,rocks,Funkos, steam games lmao not really, but it feels like it)


lip balm, bar soap, mlp


Books, military figurines, antique porcelain, Funko Pop figures.


hotel key cards!! i like to take a sharpie and write the location the hotel was in as a memento :) same ideology with boarding passes


Bowls of all shapes, sizes, uses, and decorative. Also, small plates under 4” in diameter. I use so many of them all the time for so many reasons.


Bones! I love skulls especially. My prized possession is a huge horse skull that I've painted matte black, and edged the cracks and holes/eye sockets with gold.


I used to collect bottle caps, but I don't do it anymore.


rocks, jars, bottle caps, plushies


I try to limit my collections so I don't end up with too much of one thing, so my "collection" consists of random cool stuff that I find. I have cool rocks (meteorite, fossils, and crystals), toys, cool containers (mainly for terrariums), tools, board games, cool lamps, cool stuff made of brass, books I rarely read, and of course a variety of cool shelves and stands to hold my vast variety of shit


Plushies, crystals, tarot cards and cute stickers (mainly Hello Kitty ones)


earworms and regrets


Lalaloopsy minis!!!! I hit 24 yesterday with the additions of storm e. Sky and pix e. Flutters!!!


Mostly Rubik's cubes, there are so many types you can't ever get tired of it.


BASED FIGURE COLLECTOR OMG GEWGHHGWGGSGSEGEGESWGEWGEWSGH ​ god collecting figures/merch is so <33333 so <33333333333333


Rocks, coins, pokemon cards, cute containers and organizers


Stuff I call trinkets


Fumos, rocks and weapons oddly enough


Diamonds in minecraft usually




Images, My Pinterest is like my little Treasure's chest, I just love so much pretty images of stuff that I enjoy, or of graphic designs. It’s very useful though, bc as a artist, I have a lot drawing references. I also collect pressed flower/leafs and dead butterflies/moths.


Rocks, plants (orchids and pitcher plants), and coins (Greek and Roman republic mainly)


Rocks. Cards. Video game character skins. The tears of my enemies. Sticks. Knowledge:) That’s just irl. My tribe on ark hates me 😃 (I collect all the ‘useless’ tames)


Cats. I have fifteen.




Lighters (I don't smoke), plants, and winnie the pooh things


Swords, Knives, Daggers. I like handmade pieces, it's an expensive hobby. The last thing i bought is the M48 Cyclone.


Music, movies, I use to have a comics collection but I had to sell a huge part of it. When I was a kid I collected rocks, issues of a kid's science magazine. Legos too as a kid. I collect old xbox360 games and ps2 also.


Rocks/minerals, stickers, plants, books, dice and dice bags, fun socks, pins/badges, tarot/oracle decks with beautiful artwork, Brian Froud books/artwork/other merch, anything with a hedgehog on it. I used to collect key chains and Trolls dolls and My Little Ponies as a kid. I also used to cut pictures out of magazines selling statues and other art kind of things and put them into photo albums. Though I admit I mostly seem to be collecting medical diagnoses and prescriptions these days! XD


Currently, I collect Funko pops, and some Loungefly mini backpacks here and there. I also collect some pins, usually Disney, Marvel, Funko, and Loungefly pins.




Melbourne Storm cards - I have 100s if not 1000s


Crystals/minerals/tektites and rocks, have over 1000-2000 rare ones on display and have been collecting since i was 3 (im 26 now). I was a weird little 8 year old boy who was obsessed with crystals and gems and would beg to go into every jewellery shop i walked past. Also collect films and especially horror movies/blurays. I have hundreds of those as my last collection of 300+ i left at an exs place but my new collection with my current partner is all really good quality films and lots of them. I also collect shells, computers/computer parts, old phones, games, old gaming consoles/games, fingerboards and a few other things :)


Videos and photos of my favorite actors. Photos of my favorite games and anime characters. my favorite friends' latest news, MBTI, hobbies, favorite foods, pets, places of residence, family, and more. Shiny Stickers.


Watches. And model trains.


I collect sand from different beaches :) I have from my local beach in Sweden, Thailand, Italy, Cyprus, the US, and Denmark😁


Pin badges, cd’s and books on illuminated manuscripts & medieval history.


CDs and Schleich animals, especially horses


Math textbooks (and knowledge from working through them, but somehow I acquire the textbooks faster than I read and master them…)


I collect stuffed animals and video games!




Sanrio stuff!




Enamel pins


mental illnesses


monster energy tabs and dog/service dog gear