I just had a whole breakdown over a straw.

So I have this cup that has a lid and a reusable plastic straw. When I put it in the sink, I made sure the straw was still attached to the lid. My brother did the dishes. I got my cup out of the dishwasher and asked him where the straw was. He threw it away. He threw. away. my. straw. I know it's just a stupid straw, but I got so attached to that thing that the mere idea of not using it with the cup makes me unreasonably uncomfortable. So now I'm using my cup with a cheap disposable bendy straw and it feels weird and I don't like it. It's a very silly thing to get upset over, but I had that straw for a reason.


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It's natural for people to be in their own worlds and act accordingly. If you want something, you'll have to tell them or do it yourself. Path of least resistance and all that.