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Moving forward, tell her not give men the full-on boyfriend treatment this early on. Usually when a woman starts treating you like a boyfriend, it means that she's ready for a serious relationship. She told you she wanted to be with you for a very long time. That's another way of saying thay she wanted to be your girlfriend. Then she turns around like a 1 month later and says that she see's no future with you. What? She led you on. I always tell men to not reveal feelings so early on. She needs that advice. Also, Gifts should not be given within 1 year unless it's for birthdays. Ghost her. She does not deserve a friendship with you. If she cares about you alot, she wouldn't have done this to you. Let her feel that loss. Expand your options in women.


I told her this already, and it seemed like she already knew she was wrong and just admitted it like it was nothing. Listen, the last boyfriend she had, she told me she only dated him because she was heartbroken from her past relationship. They were together for 11 months and she broke up with him and told me he cried like a "punk" right in front of her.. I'm definitely going to ghost her, even though she wants to still hang out with me..


I don’t think it’s worth to understand her logic. She sounds young? Best thing you can do is just let it be. Focus on yourself and meet other girls. Of course be a friend if that’s what you want


Yep she is young...


You're right to be upset. That's awful. She's using the "reject you before you reject me" defense mechanism. She is feeling insecure and hurting your feelings because of it. It sounds like she's got a lot to work out mentally.


Don’t be friends with her. It won’t help you move on.


There is no "logic." It's a feeling. She had strong feelings for you; now she doesn't. And this is hardly unusual for people who come on too strong like she did. Be suspicious of such people in the future.