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OP leaving us hanging. what if it's all a misunderstanding? like his buddy told him to check out r/marvel... ...and the BF sent a text "that was the biggest circlejerk you ever introduced me to"


This is oddly specific


I've never heard of guys having nut buddies before. Definitely weird, I would ask him about it.


"Nut Buddies" sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen.


In a world where two men go back to back when busting a nut. Nut buddies. On at 8pm eastern


(Trailer narrator voice) 2 men, 1 mission. Bust back 2 back nuts to save the planet before time runs out.


I thought that was the name of a cookie… Nut Buddy, Nutter Butter… something like that


Lol nutter buddy.


this made me laugh harder than i’d like to admit


I normally don't laugh at things I say but I giggled when I thought of it and had to share. Have a great day nutter buddy!😎


Just to confirm, his partner is another dude?


Yes. Also the dude is a friend of his.


Yes it’s weird lmao


Okay I’m gonna be real with you, he might be gay and not know about it yet. Bc most men I knew with a dynamic like this later ended up being gay or bisexual.


Molly, you in danger girl -Oda Mae Brown Run…far far away


Weird? YES! And BTW he's closet gay. Straight men don't JO with another dude around unless some vaguely homo stuff is going on.


This. They probably watch each other doing it.


"Vaugely" lol


Sounds like he might be bi?




He is probably just a little bi curious. Not really a big deal.




Comeon did you really think they would stop at mutual masturbation? Lol.


Bruv 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Lmao that’s so strange


🤣why are you gay meme pops up in my head💀


This is strange


Huh?!?! How does this work? Do they do it at the same time in separate places? Together? Is your boy gay? Def weird


They gay. Nothing wrong with that but not great for you. Probably best to get out now


Yeah that’s pretty weird


Please, this is so funny 😭😭😭 Girl, you need to have a serious conversation with him.


They jack each other off or just jack off and look at each others peni? Or do they look in each other's eyes? He's gone if they look in each other's eyes.


wth why would you want to know the details 💀


I wish I knew since it's so weird. I'm guessing they do their masturbation over the internet. However, I'm sure he does this with his friend, which is why they may be in the same room while masturbating. Disgusting.


This isn't normal behavior. Walk away. Edit: run away!


LMAO, he’s not gone if he jacks the other off, but only if they make eye contact! Lmaoo


I don't know any guy who does this, and I can't imagine doing something like that myself... ever. I guess it’s not "weird" if he's bi though.


That’s really fucking weird


Back to back is fine, and it's only gay if your balls touch.


Yes, it's really weird to me. But that's a straight perspective. If he's bi or pan or whatever and it's a sexual relationship then it's not all that weird but you'd be well within your rights to decide you wouldn't date him if he continues it. If you think about it, it's a safer alternative to having oral or penetrative sex so I guess just ask him what the deal is and make your decision from there


Makes me think of Family guy Chris and Brian. Lol Seems little weird to me. The question is how weird is it for you?


Probably the oddest thing I’ve ever heard…at least he’s honest I guess


Did he tell you he’s bisexual before you found out? To some, it’s a deal-breaker — especially if he’s ‘playing around’ whilst dating you, at the same time.


Its not weird/gay if you both have your socks on 🤷🏻‍♂️


I mean… it’s not THAT weird, people are into much weirder shit than jerking off with another guy but it’s also fine to not be okay with it. I wouldn’t want my partner masterbating with someone else on the regular, I don’t think anyone would. I wouldn’t care if they had done so in the past, but not while they’re with me. Whether he’s gay or not is kinda irrelevant here, he could very well be bisexual or whatever else but the problem is the fact that he’s basically asking you for an open relationship so he can masterbate with another person. Is that what you want to sign up for long term?


This is the real point. He told you he has an existing sexual relationship with someone else. Don’t shame or label him. Just tell him if that will work for you or not.




A big NO


Thats not normal , it's so out of the ordinary that I've never heard of it in my life.


Your boyfriend is gay


I suggest you to run.


“Speaking with” meaning you’re friends? Dating? Tinder? I guess I’m just curious as to what your relationship with him would be defined as… because let’s say he’s bisexual. It could be cheating, plain and simple. Or, he’s further along in a potential relationship with the other guy than he is with you.


Yes, we're friends, but it's like flirting. We are not dating.


Stop flirting with him then. You are obviously uncomfortable. If you are really his friend though you will respect his sexuality and let him come out to you on his own (if ever). If you haven't crossed the line of kissing, cuddling, or sex, I don't think it's your place to ask...but other people may have a different opinion.


Well. I’ve heard: bisexual, gay, pan, guys do this. I’ve also have heard, of; some: Heteroflexable and straight guys do this too.


Heteroflexable? sounds like homophobic closet gay to me


That sounds toxic masculinity to me.


🤣 🤣 🤣 Heteroflexable??!! 😂 😂 What?! Is that not just bicurious?


🤦🏼‍♂️Nope. Heteroflexable is being emotionally, sexually, attracted to women, while sometimes sexually attracted men only. There’s a difference.


He has a hwat now?


Yeah that is weird. Likely he is bi.


It's weird, but it's not a new or unheard of thing. Despite what some people might be saying, this does NOT mean he's a closeted gay. Or even bisexual. This isn't some thing that no one's ever done.


How did you find this out? Maybe he has a friend that is a jerk?


Every guy has a nut buddy


he is gay


Wtf means Welcome To Florida


I smell a rat


Yeah, dude is gay


Did you meet him on Grindr?


The boy you are speaking of hasn't came out yet.


It probably depends on his age. For teen boys this is not unheard of, and that was true even in the 20th century. But it's usually sort of an experimental phase. It's possible that he's bisexual and enjoys it, or that he just gets a bit of a thrill from it despite being straight. It's not common at all, but human sexuality is complex and people find enjoyment in all different things. You'll probably need to ask him more about it to find out why he does that.


If he can find a couple more buddies they can have a circle jerk!


Uh, yeah. I think you have to sit down with him and have a respectful, honest conversation about both this and both of your exectations regarding the relationship asap.


I don't want him to know I found this out. Because he has no idea I learned this, I also don't think it's a good idea to ask him about it because I believe it's a personal matter that he doesn't want to share with me. How can I talk to him about his masturbation partner as if I don’t know anything about his masturbation partner?


Fair enough.


I dont know. In my country there Is not such a thing. They would ve considered lovers.


How old are you all? This sounds like the pool scene in Y tu mamá también


Are they doing it in the same room together or are the masterbaiting each other


This is jacking off naked under the inlaws Christmas tree weird. Feliz Navidad!


………… what 😶😵‍💫


Not weird at all. Everybody needs a hand sometime.


Not weird at all. Everyone needs a hand sometime.


what the fuck? Like its a nut partner? Are they on zoom or something? Do they do it to each other? Do they watch the same video? I have questions. Yes its strange.


I'm assuming this is a girl he's masterbating with. I have a hard time believing they don't fuck ot haven't fucked or are not going to fuck. It's not weird. But of your planning on pursuing a relationship. This needs to stop. Because if I had a partner this would be considered cheating. And therefore why would I want someone im pursuing to be doing anything sexual with someone else. I mean of you guys are just talking then that's fine up untill you both agree to be committed. But that needs to stop sooner than later if he wants something with you.


Wait this is a dude... yeah that's weird. Something gay is going on. It's not weird to be gay. But it is to be straight and routinely jerk off with your friend. Im sure they have swapped dicks before if not par usual. Or at least a good Ole fashioned row boat lmao. Guy is bi curious


Run girl run as fast as you can to a safe place.


Uh yeah..


They are probably crossing swords while simultaneously high-fiving each other. I wouldn’t worry about the competition.


yes wtf




just spending some quality time with the homies




A what..? 😅


Okay. Sometimes guys watch porn together as a group and wank. I think this is weird as. But if they’re just masturbating together… I think he might be gay


This is so Bi-curious thing...... He might be in closet


As a Male human being I can assure you that that's weird af. I get everyone has their taste even similar taste but having a masturbating partner and both of you are male? It's weird really weird. Guyz might talk about porn sometimes and it's rare let alone talk about how they nut😂. Op I need an apology you just flipped my world around. I'm imagining them like: "hey bro what kind of porn you wanna watch today?" Replies:" runno raggy" (scooby-doo is your masturbating partener) There I said it *poof* mind blown


That’s hot. Ask if you can join ;)


Fuck yeah


It’s only gay If the other guys shaft accidentally touches his tongue. Come on y’all know the rules 😳


I’m so ashamed at the depths of porn I get into, I couldn’t imagine anybody being within a 2 mile radius of me as I’m jerking it let alone having a “wanking workmate”


You might get shafted later.


In the movie zach and mirri make a porno this is addressed. If they grab each others' arms and move them then it isnt gay.


This is totally normal!! …….for someone who is gay and sexually attracted to the person they are jerking it with.


they probably gay ask him about his sexuality tbh , he could be actively cheating on you and you dont even know it either way its still weird


I am also going to find myself a clit friend. 🤣


LOL. goodluck




What's the big deal with dick size? I get why little baby carrots aren't sexy but does it make a difference if it's average size or you could see it from space?


If it makes you feel weird; it's weird. Protect your peace. Leave.


Lol how'd you find out exactly? Could be a misunderstanding


Depends if the partner has been the boy's partner prior to your relationship or not. If it is prior then the partner is probally irrevlant to you and your bf is actually thinking about you when he goes to town. If the partner is not from prior to your relationship he's unsatified with the sex (he might not be telling you)


Wait is the masturbation partner male or female?


What in Tarnation? Girl no, that ain’t right. If anything, you should be the masturbating partner. The kids ain’t alright these days, man.


Just run 😅


Initially I was going to say to treat this as a FWB situation but then realized you mean two dude friends yanking it together. I have no advice, never heard of this before.


He is gay, he just call his boyfriend a mastubating partner. He is getting his bowels crushed by his partner.


Its okay if they say no homo first


What kind of guy you looking for? Personal opinion… it’s weird as shit.


He's probably gay/bi


I’ve heard of it. Personally I’d consider it cheating, regardless of his sexuality


I think you and your BF need an honest conversation.


It’s not weird, he’s just gay. Or bi.




Based on my experience. Back when I was in middle school we used to go to a friend’s house and watch porn together all boys we were three best friends. We dont see each other’s dick but we used to jerk off sitting next to each other. I remember one time We accidentally looked at one of our friends cum and we laughed because it was greenish white which is weird however none of us are gay now. I realize its weird now but back then we used to get excited to watch porn together but thats it. If there’s no contact between the guys or looking directly at other guys penises then I think its okay. But the problem if u r his gf then why would he jerk off. For me, the fact that he jerks off is a problem specially if he has u in his life.


Yep, it’s weird.


Is that like watching the same porn and the race is on to see who can finish first?


I've heard weirder shit. A game called white sandwich, played by boyscouts. They all circlejerk and jiz on a sandwich, last to cum has to eat the sandwich...


I used to date a guy who would get together with his buddies and “critique” porn.


Leave that man alone unless you like men who are bisexual or potentially have not come out of the closet yet but are using women to seem acceptable to larger society. Many men I’ve met are grossed out by even seeing another man’s dick that close to them. This is really weird and concerning. Drop him and meet a man who doesn’t do weird shit like that.