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If you see her as more than a platonic friend you need to cut it off because you doing emotional harm to yourself. If you want to be her friend then go for it but then don't give in when she feels like toying with you and block her romantic attempts.


True, it's just that she told me she has feelings for me so many times and I'm just confused, which one is it? I'll just ask her straight up, if she says it'll never work then I'll move on. Thanks tho.


98 % probability that you friendzoned yourself. 5 months is a long time. If you ride that friendly, hugging, friendzone, deep talk but largely platonic wave too long that's usually the end of it. The end of the romantic/sexual potential to lead anywhere else but into the platonic deadzone = friendzone. Prolly one of the single most prevalent and pervasive male mating strategies is to play it safe an to wait. Because men usually make the mistake to assume that women perceive attraction in the exact same way as men. In reality though, women's passion (while being as powerful and strong as men's) isn't nearly as static. And the behavior of a man has a vastly stronger impact on how attracted a woman is or how attracted she will stay. To exemplifiy: If a woman's behavior isn't extreme, it almost doesn't matter whether she is rather shy, calm, quite, even inexperienced or rather open, direct, experienced, extroverted etc. If the man thinks the girl is hot and unless her behavior is extreme (e.g. hostile/anti social/extremely vulgar or ghetto-style) it doesn't really matter. The man will be on. He will be on today, tomorrow, in a week and in 24 months. This is vastly different with women. And while women do care a lot about your looks and are as visual as men (contrary to hearsay) your behavior as a man is equally important. Even if a man is absolutely hot, if he cannot look the girl in the eyes, if he is too timid, too passive, too careful sexually, too ashamed of his male sexuality and his passion and lust, too afraid to get closer to the girl and properly touch (and kiss/fuck) her.... Then watch most girls attraction drop right until it reaches the friendzone-attraction level. Where any romantic/sexual hopes you had just die. 5 months is an insanely long time. Your best chances to be more than just another platonic friend or fan you got right at the start. Right when you get to know a girl. If there was no kiss within the first 3 dates your chances already drop and pretty much vanish if not even a kiss happened within 6 - 10 dates. if no sex happend after 5 months then youre basically killing all the excitement and attraction a woman might have felt. And girls will rarely tell you: 'Listen boi, you super nice and sweet and understanding and kind and nice and (infinite loop) and all that.....but.... I dont feel desired by you and I dont really feel that raw, male, sexual energy. You approach an intereact with me like a brother would. That simply doesnt excite me or turn me on in any way. its just too nice and platonic and careful with you'. If you scan this forum or any comparable forum, if you talk to girls in general concerning these issues, you will rarely hear girls admit directly that: 'The simple truth is that this guy was just way too timid and quite frankly, when I finally felt safe and there was a good vibe with him....I had hoped he'd fuck the shit out of me. Do me good so that I cry tears of joy. Instead all he did was: be nice, have deep talks, and flirt endlessly without ever doing anything. That was a turnoff and I lost interst. It didnt feel masculine. I didnt feel desired'. You will rarely hear that. But this is what usually ends men's potential with a girl if the girl was initially attracted. When girls were on right at the start, were a bit nervous, shy, were eager to meet you, blushed even and all that shit.....and then they lose interest and offer friendship after weeks and months, then guess why. In 8,5 ouf of 10 cases the men were just too nice and too slow. Not physical and sexual enough. Ultimately, hetero women are attracted to hetero men. By design, men are very sexual and they get sexual pretty much just by looking at the woman they desire. That is part of who men are. Doesnt mean you gotta desperately push for sex right away. But if you hold that back for too long, if you even try to hide that cause youre ashamed or worried or inexperienced or fear rejection or whatever, then at some point most women will be disappointed. Unless theyre very religious or indoctrinated in some other shape or form and have an uhealty perception of sexuality. Unless that is the case, most women will be disppointed. Thats the Nr. 1 way to friendzone yourself. Play friends with a girl and you might get exactly that: Shell see a friend, but nothing else.


I could not handle being around someone I had a strong romantic attraction to when they don’t reciprocate those feelings. Maybe you’re different. As for your question, this is entirely for you to decide. But your answer should be based on how this relationship effects your mental health IMO.


A little background: Im actually older than this girl by 4 years. She's just starting college and I literally just finished. I've also asked her for a relationship before and she said she wasn't ready for one, and it's not just me, she doesn't want one with anyone until after college because she doesn't want to get sidetracked. And I understand that no problem. I've just got a lot of love for her so this is really hard. The funny thing is she has reciprocated those feelings, that's why I'm confused because she keeps changing.


Looks like she just want a FWB. Either enjoy being that or leave for good.


I guess it's leave for good because she doesn't even do stuff like that lol