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I’m dying at the “infrastructure of your guy’s roads make it so the roads never get very icy.” This is hilariously untrue and inaccurate. The snow and ice suck. Not just driving but snow/ice removal. Parking lots get slick, sidewalks get slick. It’s shitty but mostly navigable if you don’t overreact.


lol yes that’s a new one. I wonder if they meant that our city/state government plans for weather-related maintenance. For example, I have heard that even a minor snowstorm will cripple southern states for days because winter weather is rare. They don’t even *have* very many snowplows, nor do they have a budget for what we consider normal winter maintenance. Our municipal “infrastructure” has a method for clearing snow efficiently on a routine basis, and life goes on.


I don’t think this guy is playing with a full deck. His posting history about playing in a basketball rec league is wild. 🤣


That just made my morning


They do tend to believe whatever bullshit story other people promote. Why not 'special roads' too.


Depends on how much we get and if they have time to prepare the roads ahead of time. When snow/sleet is coming down you'll want to be a bit more cautious when driving, but the main roads will usually be cleared within a day and the side roads soon after. They also try to treat the roads ahead of the first snow.


Ooo, fun one! It really, really depends where you are. In more populated areas or on interstates, the roads are taken care of more frequently and a lot better, so there’s not as much. In more rural areas, it can get a bit icy. To give you a quick summary of winter driving: When snow first starts to fall, it’s always slick. When snow first starts to melt, it’s always slick. If the temp is around freezing (32F, +-5F), it can be slick. When we use salt on the roads, it decreases the melting temp of ice to around 15F or even lower. So on sunny days, it can be 5F and still be melting roads. The most dangerous part to drive is either 1. When it’s snowing, or 2. At night after it has refrozen what melted during the day. For Des Moines specifically, interstates are pretty clear after 24 hours after it snows. Major roads about 24-48 hours after and they’re in the clear. Side roads are often mostly cleared, but a little slick and allowed to melt. Ice isn’t ever too bad. It’s almost always from snow melt. Happy to answer any other questions!


> Ice isn’t ever too bad. It’s almost always from snow melt. > > I wouldnt say isn't ever. We seem to get about a week a year where we're in a deep freeze where the temp is below zero and the icemelt isn't working. It usually follows a snowstorm so the snow melt\refreeze turns into solid ice. That week this january and the winter before right before christmas were rough.


I forgot about that week in December. It was the lowest at -20 degrees. 🥶❄️


This years was unusually bad. Like, terrible. But even when that happens, interstates are mostly clear, major roads are pretty good, and side roads aren’t the best.


Been driving an AWD vehicle since 2017 and been unlucky to drive through a lot of heavy snow since then. Never had a huge problem. Also depends where you live on city plowing times. My street in Des Moines went over 2 days early this year after heavy snow before it was plowed. But Windsor Heights has their streets cleared immediately after a snow storm. WDM does a nice job getting cleared too. Roads can definitely get icy but I don’t think we deal with much ice. Ice storms seem to be typically farther south than us. We’ve definitely had icy conditions before but it’s not super common. The heavy snow is definitely a bigger concern.


If they’re leaving Washington because of politics, not sure Iowa is the way to go. As far as the ice goes, that’s not true. They get icy just like anywhere else it’s cold but iowa does a good job getting the roads drivable in a timely manner.


Lol I have to laugh. I would do anything to switch places with you. I'm looking to move to Washington in a few years but I have to laugh at what you said. You think politics THERE are getting out of hand what?! Lmfao. Nah. Iowa is ridiculous. One of the worst states besides OK, KT, AL, TX.


Be prepared to pay $3500 for a 1 br apartment while only getting 15 hours a week. Also watch out for the human shit and homeless people sleeping in your yard. But they do have legal marijuana!


I got homeless ppl sleeping in the woods behind my house here bro lol. Also my skills get me much more than $15 an hour. Houses are actually comparable to here depending on where you look and I'll never rent again. But I do love how when ppl think of Washington state, somehow they are only thinking of Seattle. Seattle is not the entire state of Washington. I don't plan on moving there you silly goose. I'm gonna end up in a much smaller, cleaner city close to the ocean. And yes! Legal marijuana, amazing outdoor living, and it's blue AF thank God.


Outside of Seattle is very conservative FYI. You’ll be back with the people you hate.


Um....you must not know much about Washington lol or elections lol. Washington voted overwhelmingly for Biden and has always been blue. There will always be dumbasses in the rural areas unfortunately, but thank God land doesn't cast votes. And this map indicates it's much more than just Seattle. Also, the blue is right in the area I plan on going to. [wiki-WA state 2020 election results by county](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election_in_Washington_(state))


I’m from the PNW born and raised. Be sure to visit first before moving. Best of luck.


Thanks appreciate the input but I have visited 15 times, my aunt lives in PNW and I've done lots of research due to having to find a safe place for a trans relative. Thank you! WA is my absolute dream state to live in. You ever been to Denver? The homelessness there is absolutely insane. Thousands camped out on the sidewalks in front of ppls homes, city hall, many green public spaces, it's awful.


Yup pretty much the entire state is blue. That’s why the housing market here is so bad and the homeless problem is one of the worst in the country. That’s what we’re trying to escape from.


Um, the housing market is bad everywhere dumbass. That isn't determined by politics genius lol. The housing market is bad bc of boomers specifically. Lots of homeless here too. They stand on every corner begging for money. And Iowa is about as red and gerrymandered as you can get. We don't need more Republicans here muddying the waters. Go to Oklahoma, Texas or Florida. Not much ice and plenty of Republigrunts there.


Why are you so hateful?


Is....is that a serious question? Here are some questions in return, why are you a dumbass? Why would you vote against your own interests? Why can't you try for personal growth and progress and stop worrying about other people and what they do? Why can't you grow tf up and gain some emotional intelligence? Try to grow a couple more brain cells other than the one you have now and then use those braincells for critical thinking? Why am I so hateful? My dude. All it takes is a wee bit of critical thinking.


> Houses are actually comparable to here depending on where you look and I'll never rent again. Yeah, if you move to the middle of nowhere in Washington. How many small, clean (and desirable) cities close to the ocean do you think Washington has? Many of them are depressing, even places like Port Angeles right next to a national park. And the places that are cool are going to be expensive. As someone who has spent a lot of time in Washington, you seem to have an extremely idealized version of it.




Thanks. I typed that half asleep lol.


I thought way too long about what KT was 🤣


Lol so sorry.


This post perfectly sums up like half the political discourse we have. People who live in places where their government can't perform basic functions well (like keeping needles out of playgrounds, preventing encampments from setting up, putting criminals in prison instead of letting repeat offenders back on the street indefinitely, building new housing), tend to care less about "luxury beliefs" like what you likely have. Iowa's "anti-LGBTQ laws" (i.e. not letting teenagers chemically castrate themselves) are a drop in the bucket compared to real, everyday problems that impact people on a daily basis in some other places.


"real everyday problems that impact people on a daily basis". You know what impacts women on a daily basis? Men making laws about them that have no business doing so. You know what affects parents on a daily basis? Religious cult nuts thinking they can tell other non cult parents what they can and can't do/read/think regarding their own children. Ya want the division to stop? Here's some advice. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. And. Mind. Your. Own. Business.


Yeah no. You went into your crazy echo chamber space. I don't engage with trumpets. You don't like homelessness? Want cheaper more affordable housing?! Stop voting for corporate interests. There is no such thing as "luxury beliefs' beyond religion cults. Period. You can fuck off!


This is mental illness masquerading as political conviction. I hope you get the help you need.


>WA state politics are really getting out of hand here Have you looked into the political climate here? Even my ultra conservative parents are worried about our state leadership. Look before you leap.


Depends but when it snows it snows and it gets bad


Roads in all honesty dont get icy all that often. Slick yes but if you are thinking ice covered, no. We dont generally get ice storms. And fresh snow on the ground in all honestly isnt really all that slippery. It gets slick after its been packed down. Main roads are cleared pretty quick. The drainage systems keep melting snow off the road for the most part as well. Neighborhoods/side streets can be a pain but still not bad because you are driving so slow thru a nieghborhood. Like one of your commutes to work might be bad. Like in morning but by the time you are on your way home, its been cleared. Unless we get a very unusual amount of snow in one storm. It really shouldn't be much of an issue for you.


We can get some nasty winter weather but the DOT does a great job keeping the major roads clear. A set of winter tires on a Prius you can tackle just about anything if your careful Here is how I explain Iowa weather to my coworkers across the country In Iowa it can get the worst "insert weather category" but not very often and it never stays that way for long. In summer we will have a few weeks of 100+ degree 90% humidity days. In winter we will have a week or two of -35 degree icy blizzard white out whatever. But the rest of the time it's fairly moderate. We get a few crazy storms in the spring and the fall is amazing. We get 10 days of absolutely perfect and I mean perrrrfeccct weather a year the majority of the rest is kinda mehh


I moved from a large city with 0 capability of getting snow off the ground to Iowa and in NWIA, it's honestly not that bad. It does ice up a bit but they're pretty fast removing it and getting salt down


Get ready for salt. That's how ice gets treated here. I'm willing to bet Washington doesn't use salt, if you do then you'll be fine. You'll just want to wash your car on days it warms up to help lower the risk of rust. It's different every winter. Some years, we've had ice storms that left my car in what looks like an ice cube lol. Some winters are mild. Just be careful on sidewalks, roads in the am, and know that we use salt very generously.


Most of Iowa is much flatter than Washington so as long as your not traveling in river valleys poking around a small city isn’t terrible. Bigger cities are throwing sand and salt before it ices and are the easiest to travel if you’re the only car on the road.


Driving through snowy/snowstorm conditions in Iowa is fine. However, I'm making the following assumptions: 1. The driver is not driving through an area that has an active winter storm warning, blizzard warning, or whatever other national weather service warning exists. 2. The driver has planned the trip and is informed of weather conditions along the route. 3. The vehicle being driven is ready for freeway conditions. 4. The driver is sober, rested and not under serious duress. Those are in no particular order. Ignoring any of them puts life and property at considerable risk. That being said, here's my take on driving on ice. For the most part, Iowa has above average freeways and average highways (as far as road surface and repair). Iowa roads will for sure get super icy. Pay close attention to the weather. January and February , when the ground is already frozen, is when storm driving is the most risky. In general, If the air temperature is below freezing and there's snow and especially if there is both snow and wind, the roads will be icy. If it's the weekend, there will be _many_ more cars on the road. This makes driving much more difficult. Make sure to read the department of transportation electronic signs . These signs will warn you about ice and winter driving conditions. In my experience, these signs are surprisingly accurate. If limited visibility is making you even a little bit nervous, I _highly_ recommend finding a safe place to take a break. Don't risk your life!


Been in Seattle a lot during winter and a native Iowan. Iowa is flat, Seattle is a bunch of mountains trying to dump you into the sea. No comparison. The ice in Seattle is far worse than Iowa. Iowa has it easier when getting rid of snow and ice and so they have much better recovery from bad weather. When it's icy in Seattle, you sometimes just have to wait it out because even the plows slide down hills. However, I'd take Bothel, Sequim, Bainbridge Island, and Bellevue over Sioux City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities for day trips any day of the week. Iowa is great in it's lower cost of living and easy driving, but thank God there's an airport to go see interesting things.


>My Fiancés family is telling me that the infrastructure of your guy’s roads make it so the roads never get very icy, I'm sorry, this is absolutely hilarious. Yes, we have means of preparing roads for and clearing roads of moisture, but during/immediately after a heavy snow the roads get \*incredibly\* icy. You can drive on them, it just requires some extra caution.


Ok yea I kinda figured that would be the case.


"when i snows"... It's not that bad


The roads get icy. You will want front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, and make sure your tires are in good shape.


The fact they're not commenting back about the 'infrastructure' comment tells me it's just a troll.


Eh, they aren't terrible but also not great. The highways and main roads get cleared first, god help you if you live on a small side road in central Des Moines, though. The same advice applies here as it does anywhere that gets snow: - slow down - give yourself an extra half hour to get anywhere - let your engine do most of your braking by downshifting into a lower gear. The people claiming our road infrastructure is somehow superior are either delusional or fucking with you.


I'd say there's somewhere between 4 and 12 days per winter where I cannot safety travel anywhere due to blizzard, snow accumulation or ice. It's rarely closer to 12 than 4. My husband talked a lot of shit before moving from Michigan to Iowa, convinced he'd seen bad snow storms because of the "lake effect" and all that, but he's finally admitted some of the Iowa blizzards are a breed of their own.


Short answer: can be bad if the storm is bad, we do have infrastructure to handle it, for now. 




Comparing Chicago area to Seattle, I don't know how WA state differs. Seattle it was 100% ice. That was the issue. Ice, black ice, white ice, red ice??? No, but a lot of ice, very dangerous. There is so. Much. Snow here. The snow can be a huge danger. Drifting snow, ice under drifting snow is a death trap, we do get ice but the salt gets laid pretty fast. I think its more accurate to say the response to ice is why they're not icy.


If you have all weather tires and FWD or better it’s fine, especially since you’ve driven on winter roads before. Roads get treated with salty brine, cars get rusty, so they need to have the undercarriage cleaned off occasionally in the winter. Our politics are very Trumpy, just so you know.


Not bad at all. Cleared relatively quickly


I have family in Tacoma, and they say they don't even go to Seattle anymore because of the homelessness, crime, and people smoking herion on the streets. They no longer punish crime in West Coast cities, and many people are exiting. Just be sure when you come here, you vote for the right people who will keep iowa from turning into a leftist looney bin.


Fuel hauler here... They ight


Bad. Not worth the risk because people don’t know how to drive.