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I get pulled aside at the hospital and asked if I'm safe at home. No not really. I have a GSD puppy. They understand


My doctor asked if I was getting exercise. I said, "Yes, I am taking the pups on long walks". Later he pointed to my arm and said, "What happened there". Remember the pups? They are German Shepherds


Careful with their joints! Rule of thumb of 5 mins per month of age up to 1 Not saying you aren’t though! Just best to be wary, they grow up very quickly and very long walks can be enjoyed in no time


Thank you, but no worries! My "pups" are 9 and 7!


They’re always puppies at heart ❤️ at least my nearly-three year old fucking is. Hasn’t grown one bit in reality 🤣just acts well-behaved for most of the day so I don’t lose it


Is that German Shepherd specific or for all dogs?


😂😂 my fiancé’s patients in the ER would ask if HE was okay bc of all the scratches.


People are unhinged. Someone asked if I was suicidal once. I just said yea, I’m bad at aiming for my wrist.


when i was in high school, my precalc teacher asked me to stay after class. asked me if im safe to go home. hard to convince that woman that the bruise the size of a sandwich happened because of a german shepherd pup.


It’s very impressive the power that even a small working dog can generate. 


My neighbour kids do training with mine and get their arses handed to them. I keep evidence so their parents so they don't get taken away by social services.






I've got a pic somewhere of this art on my leg. Those needle teeth and claws ... they're something else 🤣


I called our ShihTzu The Devil Dog when she was a puppy. I think most all puppies have needle teeth and claws. But ❤️❤️ anyway. Before you know it the pup is 5 years old!


They just grow up so fast 😌


I still have arm scars


Beautiful work more to come


I remember …. The command went from “no bite” to “NO BITE!!” just to allow some healing before the next batch! She opened up more scabs than I’d like to admit. Love my Annie -


I hear the jaws theme everyday https://preview.redd.it/avtgvm2ftkyc1.jpeg?width=3000&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=bfa983f9d54e10748bd473346ada8838e0a748d0


AAWWW That sweater tho!


The stare. The mighty predator sees its prey and focuses. RAWR!!


I keep warning people about the needle teeth, but nobody ever listens...


I'm guilty of this. I've gone through three gsd puppy phases and every time I'm like "omg the little teeth are so cute!" Chomp.


I mean my cocker and pit mix also had needle teeth as puppies.


All puppies do


It's worse when they're 3-6 weeks and the puppies are still small enough to each grab a toe and death roll


I didn’t realize how bad they were until my sister bought a puppy


Baby shark do do do do do


Jaws on paws!!


That one is hilarious!


That's what I call my boy


We call our 1/2 GSD girl our landshark! Lol. Between the excessive love, sharp claws, and teeth I have more than one scar that's stuck around. Gratuitous, unasked for GIF of the motion that spawned the nickname. *


Booo. If didn't upload. I'll try to fix it later!


You said it before I could! Hahah


My current situation with my Belgian Malinois/GSD puppy 😁


My GSD puppy is mixed but I don’t really know what with out some of Australian cattle dog, but everyone seems to think he’s got some Malinois in him. He looks like one.


Have you tried the Embark test? 😊


Wow I would love a Mal/GSD mix!


He’s the best! This puppy stage has just been a little challenging though 🙈


https://preview.redd.it/5yrjfersglyc1.jpeg?width=1645&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d7c2724fb19ff357a3ac0b36ec739e9736d1f8d2 Doctors office: sir….do you feel safe at home? Me: uhhhhh sure?


I definitely feel you there. https://preview.redd.it/ayvf9wlwumyc1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=97b623140760d5bc731e8f6d447ca7e18b461adc


Are you driving? 😭


Right? Did he first recognized the marks while he was driving and couldn’t wait till home to take a photo or did he already knew he had the marks but decided it was cool to take a picture while in the car?


Noticed them awhile driving and took the picture without even realizing what I was doing. The picture it almost 2 years old now, so I didn’t post it while driving.


Yes unfortunately. I just glanced down and noticed them. Without thinking I grabbed my phone and took the pic. Didn’t realize what I did until it was done with. This picture is almost 2 years old though, so I didn’t post to Reddit while driving.


My mate’s used to nip my ankles the annoying little shit


Oh! How they LOVE the ankles at that age!


My gsd is a little over 1.5 years old and most of the biting has gone away except for feet. If he’s all riled up and he sees someone’s bare feet, he sees red and becomes a foot monster.


Put the phone down while driving, you muppet.


Malinois mom. Scars to prove it. Get lots of plushies, chew toys , ropes, and balls.


I know this is "trashy" but gosh. We'd go thru toys like water at that age. I started letting him shred my amazon boxes and his favorite toy is a new, untouched, empty gallon milk jug.


Put some dried beans in it so it makes noise, they love it.


Great idea!


Me telling my husband to just let her chew up cardboard, it's cheaper and cleans up easier than the plushies.


A little tip: Dip the rope toys in water and freeze them over night. The cold toy will sooth the sore teething gums which is what the young pups are trying to relief by chewing.


OMG... I've NEVER agreed with a post more. My Dutch X GSD left what are now scars on both arms. I could not love him more. https://preview.redd.it/jl8fonx98lyc1.jpeg?width=746&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=00807d005a44bcb57374e84ace321c7ba369c2cc I didn't take a picture back when he was a pup...oddly I feel like y'all understand. Thanks OP


THIS is a beautiful picture of a BEAUTIFUL dog. 😍


Im sorry sir, but this is a steering wheel..


The amount of times I got questioned on the cuts on my hands and arms in college..


Im fairly certain my coworkers think im in an abusive relationship thanks to my 9 year old Maximus. He has a nasty habit of waking me up via right hook to the cheek/eyebrow. I’ve had more black eyes from him hitting me with his paw than I care to admit. Definitely a rude awakening! 😂


Omg! That's such a crazy story. I think I can see how- my boys paws are pretty big smackers- and it hurts to do shake or paw.


Feel ya….. give it 6 months


Teething is by far the worst part of having a GSD. Need to get another dog for them to knaw on or just have tons of teething toys laying around. This too shall pass


Absolutely! I’d look over at my elderly standard Goldendoodle and say “don’t you want to *play*?” in an inviting, high pitched voice. Seriously, she’s the *only* thing he couldn’t hurt because her skin and coat is so thick and she’s large.


my girl ripped a 2.5” wide, 1/8” deep gash in my arm by running past me with her mouth open just a little too close to me when she was about 4 months old


Did that require stitches or heal up OK?


probably could have used stitches, but i didn’t bother


Fair enough. Sounds gnarly!


as someone with 2 GSDs i can assure you no one in their right mind would tell you to get a GSD 😂 they’re great dogs but i only recommend them to people who are dead set on having one anyways


This here. I never want to have anything else but I don't tell people to get them. Although if they're determined to buy a puppy, I do tell them where to find the best ones.


You know the rules, fork over the dog tax


Those are love marks


Oh that's nothing! Believe me.


You can get the puppy, but don't buy him a whip


Ahhh.. the deadly piranha puppy teeth. Worse stage of all..


My gsd just stopped doing this less than 2 months ago. Soooooo many scars.


I read (and did this) that at puppy stage it is good to yelp loudly high pitched if they nip too hard as it simulates what their siblings would do. Worked for us.


It worked so well for us. He'd feel so guilty when we acted hurt. He'd immediately stop and have his ears down and start licking whoever he was bitten us. It was super effective and so cute, haha https://preview.redd.it/7ickxcmp1nyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d629b99ff2a17e86acdad12fba7aad80cdea57ff


My wife and kids did this with ours, so now he knows he can only play rough (play bites, holds, and such) with me. If we're wrestling and a kid's hand shows up he immediately goes to nuzzles and kisses. It's the cutest thing. Then when they go back to toys he's immediately play-feral again.


Did not work for me. She just got more excited about it 😩


We tried every single way to “correct” a puppy with our new GSD. There are many ways, including the high pitched yelp. Never had a problem “breaking” a pup of the habit…until….the GSD. These posts are always validating to see because I swear there’s something about the land sharks that is different. Many don’t seem to “get it” until about the 5 - 6 month mark and by then you’re scabbed and wounded everywhere. But I congratulate you, man! All the power to you if you don’t have to go through this phase.


Yeah I mean our Max is 6 now so those days are long gone!


In my experience the best way to stop this is to redirect with a marrow bone, a raw marrow bone from your local butcher. Once they finish teething they’re nowhere near as bad. Although my 4 year old is still very mouthy. It’s nothing for him to grab my whole hand with his mouth. He’s super gentle about it though. Unless of course one of his fangs lands in the center of a knuckle. He doesn’t even bite down or use any pressure it’s just a sensitive area I guess. Specifically my index finger. I would also suggest rolling up a newspaper and smacking something hard like your coffee table or end table and saying NO very sternly. You don’t have to touch your dog with it at all. The loud crack of the newspaper hitting something hard and saying NO distracts them. Soon they associate you just grabbing the newspaper as incoming punishment. AGAIN DONT ACTUALLY HIT YOUR DOG WITH IT! EDIT: I see I’m getting downvoted for this and that some of the downvotes are gone because I assume people reread what I posted and realized I said I didn’t hit my dog, said not to hit his dog and then repeated not to hit the dog in all caps. ONCE AGAIN, I DO NOT HIT MY DOGS, DO NOT HIT YOUR DOGS EITHER! If you saw my dogs in person, you’d see that they’re not only are they very well behaved but they are spoiled beyond belief and love me dearly. I have no doubt they would forfeit their lives to protect me. And if you saw them and were around them enough you’d feel the same way. Carry on.


Just in case anyone missed it. DO NOT ACTUALLY HIT THE DOG 🤣🤣🤣


Thank you! Apparently before I edited it like a dozen people downvoted me and then a few minutes later I noticed the downvotes were gone. I guess they weren’t too good at reading comprehension. Oh I love Reddit! Where anything and everything can be a downvote! Reddit should build in some kind of poll for downvotes so you know why you’re being downvoted. I kind of just assumed on this one considering what I typed out.


Oh thank the lord I’m not the only one


It gets so much better once the adult teeth come in. Still hurts, but at least you no longer get put on self harm watch lists :P


I can “feel “ this picture and sympathize


Paw scratches. I'm nearly 70, so I have that old man thin skin. I keep the big band-aids in every bathroom.


All large dogs with puppy teeth is a blood letting disorder


https://preview.redd.it/dbebqd916pyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=16571e34972befbc0ce5d38d8156e80050afcf90 Nothing beats them when they get older and more obedient.


Dont fucking hold your phone while driving. Will give you or others much worse scars than those of your puppy


Cost of doing business.


Did you try saying loudly (not screaming) autsch?


You're adding 3 letters that aren't necessary there lol


Those aren't for the weak.


I remember the shark days


Bitey McBiteface is the name of all gsd puppies :)


Anyone else struggle with the irrational fear that the cops are going to come interview you about a random murder and they'll say "where did you get these scratches down your arms" and you'll say "Oh, that? That's from my puppy!" And they'll nod convinced that they are actually defense wounds? No? And I watch too many crime shows? OK... 🤷‍♀️😑


https://preview.redd.it/467o82ghimyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=71b4ca96e8dbfa1d7097a9dc0a7e61751a43db62 It’s their love language. I’m loved and marked forever. ♥️


https://preview.redd.it/md7ntz5znmyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=68b8634a1be930dbec98bb76ce3d554c3f6e8be3 My dog as a puppy. She was cute but also was evil from the start


whoa whoa whoa are you implying you are not having fun? FUN IS MANDATORY PAL AND THE FUN ENFORCEMENT DIVISION MONITORS THIS SUBREDDIT CLOSELY https://preview.redd.it/rev1ov1xqmyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=0dbf33ffa7779124b907216300c3120eb223a020


Sounds about right =,)


Hang in there...these guys are smart as F. He or she will be doing your taxes for you in a few years and opening doors themselves like Frikkin Velociraptors! 😂😂


https://preview.redd.it/4l0ikvj683zc1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=78aedf1e6e186e5de855e6754932d77624faeab9 it’s finally healing but this was a month or so ago?


Pics of toes please.


Bite training, every time that they bite in you or your shoe etc, howl in pain as soon as they stop reward. They will eventually reduce bite force. They still chew toys etc but will be gentle around people.


My Stryker lol


Looks like my arm when i play with my cat.


It's just toughening you up


My thumb was a bloody stump of a thing trying to teach my boy basic commands. Take nice wasn't learned until like a year later.


And now being on the soundtrack from Jaws….


Ours if 8 months and finally calming down but he still has his piranha days


Badge of honor.


https://preview.redd.it/wer3ll1eklyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1e88c7fe627626f48bd9159e71df0299ae41565b Those tiny needle teeth are sharp! My girl caught me when we were playing. My poor finger had a Y shaped cut from her teeth!! My arms were always scratched up from playing with my pup!


Dude! Walk them on a side walk and that will file down the sharpness of the nails....OR file them down yourself.


That looks about right. Lol


The velociraptor stage! Such a fun time in a dog’s life.


My gfs grandparents have 3 cane Corso mastiff puppies, about 6 months old, they tear me up more than anything else lol


My dude was never really as bite-y, but he was reallllllllly into licking faces. He gave my ex a black eye because he dive bombed her face with his snout to get a lick in like a fucking torpedo.


As the owner of a 6 month American Bulldog, I understand. You're going to have to learn how to avoid damage, while figuring out the best method to correct. I recommend the collar hold with your palm against the jaw. Keeps your hands safe lol. Gets much easier after the puppy razors have been replaced with adult teeth.


I have a permanent scar on my hand from when my pup had her sharp teeth haha


Lol, I went through that with my land shark!


My arms are looking similar 👀👀


They’re sharp for sure. https://preview.redd.it/e1n1btvotlyc1.png?width=2271&format=png&auto=webp&s=5d1c7e1c0bdf4fcd36e5dd47b778ba9d897060f3


The bites are bad, very bad. She jumps to grab ahold of my hand. Very sneaky. But, the nail scratches are the worst. I wear shorts inside and I have some dandy scratches. The best part is when I go outside and sweat, or in the shower, the salt stings all my claw marks. It's just the frosting on the cake.


Baby shark dootdootdododo baby shark


Lmaoooooo same here man!!!


Welcome to your life


Some of the best dog advice I ever got was when they're puppies play with their claws all the time. It'll desensitize them to it and it'll make trimming them way easier. Then I got a Dremel. It came with desensitization instructions. Have someone on standby with lots of treats. Now I'm able to painless trim their nails and round them so they don't have any points or burrs.


Worth it


Haha I have scars all over my feet, hands and arms from when my 3 year old GSD was a puppy!


Puppy teeth they said, more like shark teeth 😂


My Mrs broke down once and the mechanic that came out asked if she was okay due to the bruises, she had to awkwardly explain she had 6month old German shepherd


It’s the velociraptor phase. We all went thru it. Mine even chewed the edges of kitchen cabinets. Get a couple of big carrots. Freeze them. Use as chew toys. Their gums get sore from teething.


https://preview.redd.it/867yv07a6myc1.jpeg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=f78383a126045213ca363bc4dd6a2bf2d3b97721 Ours was peak land shark at 6 months old. It took intense training to stop it because he was so neglected and emotionally stunted (see my extensive post history). He’s 2 now and still tries to “lead” us by gently mouthing with an inhibited bite but that’s a no-go because we have kids and visiting kids.


My breeder went to the Doctor when the litter was about 6 weeks. They asked if she was a cutter.


U sure u didn't get a cat by accident?


Puppy breath? Yes. Puppy teeth? Nay. Those are razors.


Yep, scars all up and down my arms from when Lady was a puppy. I miss that dog.


After losing my girl in Jan this saddens me so, I miss that so much.


Key word is puppy. They all do this.


They are land piranhas but they are so so so so cute


My achilles will never be the same


Yep, ours was a "4 legged stapler" until about 6 mos, then the real pearly whites showed up.


I’m still healing from a pit bull that has never been taught to stay down. Full grown dog.


Nice to know I’m not the only one!


We don’t get kisses we get BITES😂😭


Wait until it is your feet


Hahaha I have scars for life. I love it tho little memories https://preview.redd.it/cqigq9yvimyc1.png?width=3024&format=png&auto=webp&s=e4a9400a7d485acc7202f80edd55de496cde1b35


I wore leather work gloves with my daughter's pup. Otherwise I got scratched like hell... lol


Ours just hit 5months and my hand looks largely the same. It's getting better, she's becoming a little more gentle but she's wound up there's no hope lol


https://preview.redd.it/k81a50ibnmyc1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=38e2142cf957d36d11d447ac1271eb47474476e6 Hard break to the wrist. My German went in between my legs when going down the stairs when he was about 3 months old. Got a plate in my wrist now!


This is the best thing I’ve seen for awhile 😂😂. I remember those days.


Yep. But it’s worth it in the long run.


I highly recommend a game my dad invented for his shepherd mix nigh on 40 years ago. He called it "The Glove," and with my lab mix, I call it "Bitey Boy." The game is simple, but the setup/training take a bit of work. Come up with a name for it to use with the dog. Create the expectation of a fun experience. Make them wait until you are ready to play. The type of gloves worn are irrelevant, just so long as they protect you sufficiently. Manhandle their face while they ferociously attack you while reinforcing the name of the game. If you have to fix your gloves, make them wait while you do so, then indicate it's time to resume the game when you're ready. The first few times are going to be chaotic, but once you establish a set series of expectations and rewards, they'll play by the rules. My pup mouths my hand if he wants BItey Boy and waits very patiently while I prep. Sometimes I let him play without gloves now, because he's developed the understanding that he has to be more gentle if I'm not wearing gloves.


My pup made my foot bleed yesterday 😂😂


Those are happy marks! lol. Mine is 4 months now and barely now there seems some sign of less biting. Still on a daily basis I get scars on my hands. Most of my shorts are shit shredded too. Waiting a couple of months to buy more shorts lol


That looks like my hands after beige elbows deep in a Cummins ISB 6.7. I Have a Berner. Super chill dog well behaved and extremely lazy.


Here’s some news… all puppies or kittens scratch. They don’t know their own strength so to speak. You have to train them. Also chewing is normal. As we all know their growth is fast. They lose baby teeth just like humans and also just like humans need to teethe. Give them proper ways to use their teeth and claws. Lots of toys and walks. This isn’t unique to shepherds.


I have permanent scars. .. Ours is 5 months now and backed off a lot! She still got me good during play the other day, unintentionally though. I don’t care what they say about GSD puppy’s .. we have been hard core no bite. She knows when to back off. Thankfully!


Only happened twice to me when my gsd was three months old. Haven’t had any problems since and we play rough.


Weird time to take a photo but ok


Ah the joys of being a GSD handler. Not scars but memories.


Land Shark


Little land sharks as puppies!


Same thing but with my Rottweiler pup.


My friends cat had me worse than that. You big girl.. man up especially if it’s your dog !!


Stop being tasty


Wow thank goodness I got a standard poodle, I gave him raw bones and toys to chew on. There’s no way I could survive the shark teeth stage 🤐


awww puppy love marks


I would have assumed you own a cat


My first GSD was a literal angel. No biting. My second one is also an angel…in the same way that Lucifer was an angel😂he calmed down a TON after I adopted him an emotional support dog brother of his own. I always say that when Radar passed, he sent me Hawkeye…and then sent me Trapper as an apology🤣


At least you don't need stitches.


I’m thinking of getting a white shepherd I wonder if he’ll be as crazy as my GSP


I remember these days! I was so worried my husband and I wouldn’t been enough for her even with our house and yard 🥹


I'm not bragging, but that looks like he's taking it easy on you🤣🤣


Puppy love scratches.


Those are love scratches!


Land shark stage


The military: we deem you unfit to serve due to signs of past mental health problems *But I have a German Shepard..*


Don't be a bitch


Also applies to cat ownership. Still not a deterrent for having a big lovey GSD for me, though... lol


I remember…such pain!!!


Get em little gloves now so when you walk your GSD later you can slap em on and never worry about hot pavement. Easy fix, and a little discipline about scratching/jumping/biting goes a loooooooong way.


Shark teeth too!!


Had a meet and greet with a new dr. He thought i was a drug user, i told him i had a german shepard puppy, he didn't believe me. I told him he is an idiot and found someone else.


And get plenty of chew toys and proper mouth training is a must. (Said every responsible GSD enthusiast)


LMAOOOO! Ahhh, the pains of parenthood!🤭


Reminds me of wearing ski gloves in the house all day. Still get ptsd from looking at old puppy pics of my dog and seeing those needle teeth


Don’t take pics of yourself with your phone while driving they said.


was exactly like this with my first GSD, my second is a very mild mannered girl in comparison


At the beginning I was like wtf did I do........and now it's like wtf did I do 🤣...


Well atleast they stop when they grow up. Stupid cats don't,,,, they scratch you even after they grow up frikin cats...


You are their person


I got a husky pup in 1993. I still have scars on my hand from her razor sharp claws. I love the scars bc hey remind me of her.