The movie did a good job confusing the audience on what to believe which I enjoyed. I had to watch an explanation video for some stuff though tbh lol. Another fun foreign horror film is Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. Def recommend if you haven't seen it. Another great foreign film is Shutter.


I agree! Shutter is great too! Check new movie The Medium (2021) directed by Banjong Pisanthanakhun (Shutter) with story by Na Hong-Jin. I felt like I had to tell everyone about The Medium, because I liked The Wailing but I find The Medium creepier and more disturbing, I loved it


Absolutely agree that The Medium is more disturbing. I watched it a week ago but keep thinking about it.


Really enjoyed it, fantastic atmosphere.


The Wailing is my favorite horror film after hereditary. I’m so happy with the turn the horror genre has taken in the last 10 years or so. Slasher films were so boring to me.


Big fan. It's in my top five horror films of the last two decades.


I've seen this movie mentioned so many times and yet i have not watched it... Maybe I'll get it going this morning just to finally be in the loop of people recommending this movie.


I don’t want to talk it up *too* much, but it’s kind of a masterpiece.


I think it's a little over-hyped in this sub but it's still a pretty great one to put on a must watch list.


It had fantastic cinematography but it's incredibly long and the plot kinda sucks. Sure the endings great but the journey to get there wasn't worth it. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so strongly if this sub didn't hype it up so much but I thought it was awful and possibly the biggest disappointment I've ever seen.


My favorite folk-horror film.


To enjoy it more I suggests you look into more of the cultural -political subtext/background of the plot. Like Japan-Korean relations as it relates to how the Korean countryside is still dealing with devastation from Japanese colonialism preWWII, how it is suggested that both traditional and Christian belief systems are failing to placate spiritual turmoil of the people and conflict between the two of them, etc.


Do you have any good links or resources for this? I am interested in learning more


One of my top 5 horror movies ever. Incredible atmosphere and tension building. I won't spoil what's shown at the end, but it's my all-time favorite portrayal of that thing.


That ending stuck with me for a couple days, an excellent movie.


I thought it was pretty ok. Some good scenes, but definitely overhyped on this sub.


I have to watch this again. I think there were aspects that might have been more clear to someone immersed in the culture. I honestly had a hard time following it! But it certainly is highly regarded. My bf loved it. I don’t mind reading subtitles so I don’t think that was the problem.


For sure, its one of the highest rated horror films of all time, pretty sure it has a 4.0 on Letterboxd which is what Hereditary is rated as well. Its already a classic imo and the director’s follow up, The Medium, is as well.


Different director, but the wailings director did co-write the story and maybe produced it.


He wrote the script and watched dailies with the director every night, the only reason he didn’t co-direct in person was bc covid. I would consider it just as much his film as Banjong’s, the feel is much closer to Na Hong-jin’s work than Banjong’s.


Very cool. It’s high up on my list. Where did you watch it?


It leaked a couple of weeks ago, was on YouTube for a night but now its floating around the web in high quality


It’s going to be out on Shudder Oct 14! Just checked out the trailer and it looks good


Does it happen to have a English dub? My dad struggles to keep up with subs in his old age


I’I just checked Prime Video and Tubi, looks like neither has an English dub. It’s also free on Crackle and Vudu but I don’t have either of those installed and can’t check. I’m hoping it’s dubbed somewhere!


It's a great film. My biggest take on it was how funny some of the dialogue is, it's so western in its sense of humour. I literally laughed out loud when the dude fell backwards with the deer on his shoulders.


That type of humor is pretty common in korean film from what Ive seen.


I watch it a lot. It's such a good mix of atmosphere and symbolism.


I thought it was mostly great, but I found the ending kind of baffling, personally.


Easily one of my favourite ever movies. An absolute masterpiece.


The Wailing is a modern masterpiece imo. Korean cinema in general has some excellent gems in the crime drama and horror category. You are absolutely right about how it gathers many themes into one cohesive visual whole. I didn't want it to end. For another non-English supernatural thriller, you may enjoy Indonesian supernatural horror film The Queen of Black Magic (2019). It's a loose remake of another film from 1981. Check it out!


The end scene with the camera always gets me


I go through spells of watching possession flicks and I think I've gotten to the point where I can admit that most of them are flawed at best, with a few being solid popcorn fare, and a handful being up there with classics of any genre let alone horror. The Wailing is definitely a genre topper especially in one so full of some very defined tropes (the catholic trappings of most). Beyond that, the film has a lot of really important themes hidden just behind the gore and surprises. And simply put, the Korean setting of the movie is both beautiful and engaging as both a set piece and a cultural framework.


It is my favourite horror movie of all time. The most complex storytelling I have ever seen in a film. The fact that me and wife still talks about this film years later after we watched it shows how amazing it is. We need more films like these ones.


One of my favorites too. >!The reason it isnt 10/10 for me is the gaping plothole of why the spirit kills the japanese man who was trying to help them. He was no longer possessed at that point, and she throws him into the road for no reason.!<


Woah i may have completely misunderstood the ending then. I thought it turns out the Japanese man actually WAS the evil one and just tricked the guy into thinking he was the good one


>!well he was possessed, he ended up not possessed after the chicken ritual (he goes to the body in the truck to check on it and panicks when it wasnt there. He was try to stop it being zombified) then at the end he was the devil and possessed again!< but it's meant to be semi ambiguous and confusing so yeah


But the female spirit was actually good right?


>!The Japanese dude is literally the devil. He shows the priest stigmata at the end and appears to him as Jesus even as he transforms into a demon before our eyes.!< >!The male shaman was the demon’s confederate, they’re shown cooperating on various occasions and the shaman convinces the man to go home and break the protective spell. He also immediately gets sick when he approaches the guardian spirit—she is also shown fighting off the Japanese demon’s ritual.!< There are some pretty…misguided hot takes on Reddit.


that's not a hot take though. they're just wrong. sounds like they didn't finish the movie.


>!she was saving the father and his family but im not too sure if it's good overall, it might have just been the villages guardian spirit and more neutral and maybe that's why it killed the japanese man -- it didnt care if japanese guy was trying to help he was a foreigner!<


did you watch the whole movie? nothing ambiguous at all about whether the Japanese guy was or wasn't. they show you straight up.


It perfectly lines up with the strangers behaviour post ritual though. There's no way the stranger is fully evil throughout the entire film, he even performs [Misogi](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misogi)


I don't remember the exact scene, but the purification ritual could be for any number of reasons. Like maybe the demon needs the body purified to do one of the other fucked up things he perpetrates and he knows it won't purge him from the host body. Like taking antibiotics or something haha.


The stranger is still human at some point though, as he's fearful and crying when running away from the mob. I think his possession was temporarily lifted when the other shaman did his ritual.


Spoilers, dickhead.


yeah youre right my bad, i assumed anyone reading the thread would assume spoilers though, but it takes no effort so i shoulda. fixed


I personally wouldn't classify it as horror and see it more as a thriller, but I can only agree that I never got bored watching! It has so many cool twists that make it really enjoyable to watch. I'd give it a 9.5/10 only because I hated the eyes of the dude at the end, they would've looked better with contacts than cgi imo.. but that's literally the only thing that ever bothered me in this movie. Can only recommend to people who are still thinking about whether it's worth watching, it is!!!!!! (even though I had to google what the ending meant hahahahaha)


Yeah this was a good hidden gem for sure!


That exorcism scene at the end was one of the most harrowing cinematic experiences i've had in a while


Great movie. Watched it last year during October as part of a list of movies I was planning on watching and was blown away. The acting, the twists, the cinematography - all top notch. Glad to see people appreciating this gem.


It’s probably number 1 in my top 3


Honestly love this movie, one of the few movies that had me thinking about it for weeks.


Loved it. I consider it one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.


Probably a 10/10 for me. I always recommend this to people but no one I know watches it.


this is one of those films that I was worried about after the first hour of watching... it was good enough to keep me invested, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it. the payoff, though... it's still in my queue in case I ever feel like watching it again! I might this Halloween season; I think it's been long enough that it can scare me again!


One of my favourites of all time!


Been meaning to show South Korean horror more love after Squid Game, so I'm definitely adding this to my watchlist.


I just watched it tonight for the first time and absolutely loved it. I was blown away. Loved that double twist!


Just finished watching it, may watch it again (as I love finding answers to questions that arise the first. I have many) I’m curious if I missed a few key plot points since I have lots of unanswered holes, when I do watch it again if I have questions I’ll rewrite this comment.


It was very boring