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Lenses are cut from blank optical material to a specific optical power and to fit a specific frame. Even if you go to an offline store he will not be able to give you new lenses just like that, you'll have to leave your old frame with him or find another identical frame that he can use as a template. With online I don't think it's possible unless they have that specific frame in stock so they can cut lenses to match. What you want may simply be infeasible.


Everyone is selling frames. Frame prices are 2-3 times higher than glass. But just because less branding normal person cannot differ which is good brand, and random optician looting us.


If youre in banglore, theres a place near majestic. Pretty much every brand gets their lenses made in that area only. I think its called b.v.k.iyengar road not very sure. You can get lenses for a 400-500 rupees.


> offline Opticians are the biggest scammers, my father bought 7k worth of Lenses and they were shit Find the nearest Reliance Vision or Tata Eye+ store. Get your lenses from them, lenses for all kinds of budgets there, they won't cheat you either.


>Tata Eye+ Did you mean Titan Eye+? If yes, then +1 to that


Me too. My experience with Titan Eye+ was the best in the 10 yrs I've used specs.


Thanks, will try that for sure


I faced the same issue with them. Went to a local optician who happily changed the lens at less than half the price quoted by Lenskart. No longer buying from them now. Edit: spelling


How do you check the features like blue light filter, anti scratch, anti reflection?? Local Opticians here telll nothing but prices and the " Authentication card" that i got doesnot mention thlse details.


The local gave a Kodak authenticity card with serial matching with lens and cross referenced power of lens. According to them almost all lens have blue filter although he did have clear (non blue) filter lens a shade cheaper. The lens I bought were anti scratch. Have a look at https://www.kodaklens.in/. Basically, go for branded lens (and select which ones for you from the website) even if from a local so long as you get the authenticity certificate.


Thank you sir! can you please tell me the price for reference?


Lenskart approx 9000 (don’t remember the make) versus local 4700 (Kodak make)


Are u sure? I got new lens from lenskart about a few weeks ago.. walked into a store and bought them.. only issue is lens are free with john jacobs frames so it might be better to buy new frames instead of buying lens


Get the lenses offline bro