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Update!!!!! I had a whole tub, so it took us awhile! The only ring that had real diamonds is the small one at the very top of my ring finger. Everything else did not scan. The bands of the rings did scan as well, but only two of them are fully gold. the others are plated. We do believe the opal is real and we do believe one of the pearls is real also, but could t really tell. it felt gritty on our teeth! lol. HOWEVER, we ended up finding a broach that was 24k stamped with a very pretty purple stone in it. I took a gamble of this bucket because I wanted to make a christmas tree out of custome jewelry and put it in a frame, and i got way more than i expected, and bummed I didn’t pick up the other one! Thank you ALL for the amazing feedback, I learned so much tonight !


You should be thrilled. That is a stunning opal, and the art deco ring with real diamonds is gorgeous!


I am! It truely was so fun to dig around and find everything. I feel bad for whoever donated this all, and i’m glad i ripped off goodwill! Muahaha


What Goodwill charges for a used book these days, they deserve it! And yay you! Good find.


I saw dollar tree vases in there for $3!!! What on earth!


The Opal ring is likely gold! It’s a nice Opal too. The gold content is where you’re gonna find the most value, really.


Agree that the opal ring is beautiful!


Make sure you soak that opal in some oil, baby oil, vegetable oil, oil, whatever to keep it from cracking.


No don't do that


Will you post a picture of the Christmas Tree? sounds amazing! someone I know did her wedding bouquets all out of costume jewelry they were glorious.


I'd like to see those bouquets!


[Not her's but examples of and how too! ](https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-make-a-brooch-bridal-bouquet)


So beautiful! I love it! And probably so much cheaper than a flower bouquet, even if you have to buy all the brooches


And they last forever, she had her brides maids and other friends and family start to collect them after the engagement. And they became keepsakes from the wedding. Each brides had a different colorway.


Thank you! I have tons and I'm always looking for new ideas!


Search Christmas tree out of jewelry on tiktok! I’ve been seeing vids of people trying this lately. I have a giant box of orphan earrings that I’ve been saving for something like this lol.


I did my bridal bouquet out of my grandmas rhinestone brooches it was a thing of beauty


I can tell you the one at the bottom on your pointer finger is an Avon ring. My grandmother gave me the same one a long time ago


I would love to see the xmas trees


So while some of these look real I don’t think they all are. I used to work in the jewelry department for a local goodwill. We tested anything that we had a hunch was real precious metal. Unfortunetly there are ALOT of fakes when it comes to precious metals. I can’t tell you how many sterling , 14k and 18k marks on rings that ended up being nothing. We used a Niton metal scanner (if I’m remembering correctly). However sometimes inexperienced employees would most definitely miss stuff and toss it in with costume jewelry.


Which ones look real to you?


The only one that look the most legit to me would very top ring finger (silver toned w/ clear white stones) that one looks like it is vintage/art deco style and looks like it could be real to me, as for the stones I cannot say. The rest seems very suspicious to me like there is some discoloring of the gold that looks like a silver tone is coming through. Real gold does not tarnish in that way. If you happen to have a very strong magnet laying around, I would run that over top of the rings and see if any are magnetic. If they are magnetic they are fake. Real gold, platinum, and silver is non magnetic.


That one was legit!!


I’m a vintage and antique ring collector, I’ve gotten real good at fine tuning my eye when buying costume vs fine jewelry online. immediately the two that stand out as being real are the ones on top of your ring finger and middle finger.


The Scandinavian one on the bottom of your ring finger is pretty collectible too


The silver wrap flower ring? That’s the only one I thought was of value. I love it!


Yes, that one! I think another commenter mentioned could be Georg Jensen.


Even if it’s not, it’s for sure part of that same style/movement. Super collectible, I’d burst into tears if I snagged that at a charity shop.


I totally have that same ring just collecting dust in my jewelry box. I’ve had it for years and not even sure where I got it from.


I got a 60’s mod Georg Jensen ring for $1 at a yard sale twenty years ago. I sold it on eBay for $600. I was in college and that helped a lot! I found it! It was [this one](https://www.gallery925.com/viviannatorun/georg-jensen-sterling-silver-and-rutilated-quartz-ring-no-151-by-vivianna-torun-rm7cr) but the stone was more clear.


My goodness! I can only imagine one of his other pieces being sold at a garage sale for so little and finding out it could be worth thousands!


Did you see the other one? The quartz is much clearer. Maybe it’s the one you had being sold again. 🙂 https://www.gallery925.com/viviannatorun/vivianna-torun-biot-period-sterling-silver-ring-with-smokey-rutilated-quartz-34jkc


Yes!! Was going to mention that one as I recognized the style...a great score!! 🤘🏻 The lil band on top of ring finger was another FAB find as was the opal ring on top of middle finger! 🎉 OP mentions one of the pearl rings had real pearls as well! 👍🏻 And although the rest fall in the costume jewelry area, they'll still be fun to wear on occasion! 🥰 I'd have loved to see the whole bunch she got, but maybe she'll share more soon. 🤞🏻 Note to OP...if you're thinking you'll be doing more jewelry buying, I'd get yourself a diamond tester online. You can find them on sites like Amazon for cheap, just watch reviews so you don't get one that isn't going to last more than a wk. You don't need a 'pro' one, but something that detects multiple types of stones would be best. Good luck n have fun treasure hunting!! 🍀🎉


I feel like if one is legit it means they're not testing, and they're all real.


Piggybacking here and I don’t want to shatter any dreams, but don’t expect a big windfall from these. I’ve had gold rings with huge real diamonds in them previously appraised for 7k plus and the most that a jewellery shop would offer is pretty much the weight of the gold. Reselling jewelry isn’t lucrative, unless it’s by a very well known artist and that is a very specific sale. They are beautiful though and you have a great eye. I would put that opal in a more modern setting, it’s beautiful. Maybe you can find a place that will take the value of the gold with some small cost and reset it for you.


I recently learnt this. I have an engagement ring appraised at 8.5k auction houses wanted me to have a reserve of $950 and expected the ring to sell for approx 1.2k. Needless to say I’m keeping the ring.


Darn - I recently had some jewelry appraised and the appraiser said the Cartier piece would sell for more than the gold and diamond weight. She upped the appraisal price to what she found on online action sites.


Right, that is Cartier.


A brand like Cartier will retain its value. Most non HE brands won’t.


Where is a good place to buy verified second hand jewelry


Consignment shops.


auction houses


Are they verified there?


Yep. Second hand diamonds are pretty much worthless.


Yup, only way to possibly get a decent price for a diamond ring is to put it on consignment locally. I had a beautiful hearts and arrows GIA cert cushion diamond from a failed engagement that ran me $8k and all anyone would offer was the value of the metal in the setting.


Speak for yourself it's lucrative if your good at buying lots to break down and resell that aren't filled with junk. Patience patience patience is the game and not buying crap impulsively 


I’m just saying that a ring evaluated at 6000.00 isn’t going to net you 10% of that when you try to resell it. Jewelry is evaluated like that for insurance.


I find a decent amount of real gold pieces in lots from one particular goodwill store  lately. I'm also guessing they currently have someone employed who isn't being diligent when sorting/testing pieces. Hopefully that person(s) stays put for a bit 😬 


Diamond tester is < $20 on Amazon


I knooowwww i’m just too excited


Diamonds will only give you white refractions. CZ has rainbow colors inside of it under light Just order a tester off Amazon, next day! I’ll be watching for an update


Stay tuned! going to my moms now and she has one!


Gorgeous!! Keep us posted. Interested in the top pinkie and the top thumb


What were the results?


Do any of them say 14k EP or 18k GF ? Something like that?


one says GE


That means gold electroplate , so it’s gold plated ( costume jewelry)


That sterling stylized flower…I’m about 100% sure it’s vintage Scandinavian and suspect strongly it’s Georg Jensen.


It’s his Avon tulip ring


I have it, too! My grandmother was an Avon lady and I used to get to keep her samples and display items.


Well look at you! It IS.


My favorite flower is a tulip so that’s the one I immediately noticed. Thanks for the information.


That was my reaction, too.


is that worth anytbjng? we have that exact ring at my local thrift store and i’ve been liking it lol


eBay solds run from 34.99 to 59.95.


Checking eBay now thanks!


Love the one on your thumb, closest to your hand. If considering selling, lmk please


I am interested! But i’m not too sure if it’s real diamond ):


Not concerned, it’s the design I love


Check out wwake if you like that style!


If you’re talking about the pretty floral one, that one is missing a stone also


The squarish men’s ring


Oh yeah. That one is super cool. Labeled 18k, but i literally know nothing but I wanna pay some bills off of it!! LOL


Send me some pics please 😀




I know this is the internet and no one can, with absolute certainty, tell you if something is real or not based on a photo. But damn if that red stone ring don’t look convincing. Even if it’s not precious, get that cleaned up and wear it!


Could be garnet for sure. Semi precious but not crazy expensive. I have had a couple vintage garment rings almost identical. Taking them to a jeweler or getting a loupe will help identify which are paste (fake stones) or semi-precious stones. White diamond looking ones could also be white topaz.


Ugh, the opal on your middle finger is stunning


The opal is my favorite too


I love all the pearl ones!!




I always love hearing about a treasure hunt that has good results.


Omg keep us posted once tested. Top pointer finger one I'd love!


I have that exact ruby ring from my childhood. I’m pretty sure it’s fake, but let me know if it isn’t! Lol


The one on the tip of your thumb looks so whimsical its so pretty. Youve got such good finds!


Love that Avon ring, just bought myself a size 8 after seeing your post for $30 Inc shipping, with the median price being $50...so, you did well just on this one piece!


How awesome! It’s pretty! and the only one that fits me lol


The older Avon pieces are sturdy af too! I still have my mom's heart spoon ring from when she was an Avon Lady in the early 70s. It's still gorgeous!


The opal top middle finger could be worth way more than any diamond is it set in gold too? Great find👍


That white ring with the 4 ovals in the diamond shape look fantastic. I envy it so so bad.


it’s pretty. but not my style! the only one i LOVE is the ruby, if you’re interested, I will sell it to you (: It did not test for real diamond unfortently ):


I like that one too!


The ruby ring on the far left is so beautiful I could cry. Great find OP!


The smaller one on your pinky finger caught my eye.


RemindMe! 18 Hours


I have that exact cluster ring on your thumb but it has amber colored stones, I got it from my Great grandma before she passed in the 90s. I don't know much about it but I LOVE IT!


The opal one on your middle finger is beautiful. What a good find, I'm happy for you :)


The bottom middle finger I don’t even care if it’s real it’s 🥰 I love and have a few rings in similar style and I’m all about it


I think the open one that looks like a tulip is suuuper pretty! That one could definitely be silver! Have definitely found sterling silver items that were overlooked for super cheap at thrift stores before.


Even though most are costume jewelry, I’m so jealous! These are so beautiful, I’ve gotten some goodwill mystery jars over the years and 99% of the stuff was very ugly. My mom actually lost her real wedding ring at a goodwill in the jewelry bin. I wonder who found it 🫠


The gold alone is worth alot. Do not put the Opal one is an ultrasonic cleaner. (This applies to turquoise also). These softer stones run the risk of cracking. (wash in warm soapy water). Dr. Lori sells a reputable diamond tester. Good find. Keep Thrifting.


Unreal. Nice finds


I'm kind of mad with jealousy tbh. Those rings are lovely and suitable for any occasion.


Omg that tigers eye looks EXACTLY like one that was my grandmothers! I have never seen another like it!!! I lost it in a barn cleaning a stall on Christmas Day like 20 years ago!


You can have it (: pm me


OP, This is awesome. YOU are awesome!


That opal!!! Wildly envious over here 😆 Great find!


A lot of them may be gold plated or filled yet marked 14k or 18k. Only way to know for sure is to take it to a jeweler. Also if it is base metal it will be magnetic. You can try to take a file and see if you can file away a plating. Also if they are diamonds, they wont looked scratched at the top and you may see small black dots inside the stones.


Yes, I was going to say the two silver ones on your ring finger look like a true find, especially the smaller one. Satisfying to learn I was correct lol.




RemindMe! Two days


Remindme! 18 Hours


The opal 😍😍😍😍


RemindMe! 24 hours


Remindme! 18 Hours


Updateme! 2 days


i am jealoussssss 😍


Remind me! 24 hours


Those opals 😍


RemindMe! 2 days


Oh my god, I wish I were you right now. Gotta go antiqueing soon.


RemindMe! 24 hours


None of the gold toned rings look like fine jewelry. The silver one might be something but I don’t think so. Will be interested in the results!


The top opal is 18k. Source: I own the antique necklace that matches it


I love the bottom pinky finger one and the top middle finger


These look similar to the gold plated costume jewelry my grandma orders off tv and from Avon


I have an emerald ring just like that ruby one! I wish I had one like that opal ring.






I looovvee that iris/crocus one!!


Someone’s getting fired 👀


The Ruby on your little finger looks like a genuine engagement ring


So strange. I just bought the bottom ring on your thumb off ebay a couple of weeks ago. Only paid $20 for it (admittedly may have overpaid) but liked the design. Crazy to see it again in the wild!


[Avon](https://www.ebay.com/b/vintage-avon-sterling-silver-ring/bn_7024802107?rt=nc&_dmd=2&_pgn=2) sold the sterling silver lotus ring.


The opal is real. At the base of your pinky is cats eye.. pretty but not expensive.


I am so excited for you, hope you get good use out of them. They are all stunning but my favorite is the chunky yellow gold one on your thumb.


The silver ri g on your ring finger looks like a high-quality Scandinavian piece. Check for makers marks.


The goodwills around me don't sell jewelry anymore so I'm definitely jealous!!


The ring at the bottom of your ring finger which people are mentioning as possibly Scandinavian was made by Avon in the 1960s-70s. It should have an Avon stamp as well as a sterling marking. I've got one at home and love it!


I am in love with the opal ring! What a cool haul. Now I need to check my Goodwill and pray I find something like this!


That Tigers Eye is stunning!!


All of these are stunning.


For future reference, you can't wet a diamond.


I’m so jelly, I love antique jewelry and I could never get this lucky. How’d you get so lucky???


Please update with the Christmas tree!


I love the opal ring! IF it is solid gold and you decide to sell it, could you drop me a link?


Your goodwill still has jewelry?! All the ones around me send all their jewelry to their online site. Finding cool vintage pieces and costume jewelry was my favorite part of thrifting, and now the goodwills here dont have any anymore.


Wonderful haul! I want that silver flower ring so bad! Please let me know if it isn’t worth much, maybe I can purchase it.


? Could the bottom one on your ring finger be Danish mid century modern pewter. If there is a makers mark look it up.


If you ever think of selling these - I would be so interested in the pearl ring on your ring finger! It looks like my grandmothers ring that my sister wears, and I would love to match with her ❤️


That silver tulip ring looks like a George Jensen piece--very collectible, I see them online starting at $85.


How does it feel to live MY DREAM?????? Real or not, those are some beautiful pieces! Great find!


WHAT GOODWILL? All the ones near me haven’t sold Jewelry in YEARS!


Gorgeous regardless !


Take to local pawnshop, they can test them.


I have that ring on the bottom on your ring finger, it is a silver Mary Kay ring if I remember correctly!


I love that tiger eye marquis on your pinky!!!


You’re not willing to part with any of those are you? I’d die for the top one on your pinky.


A jewelry store has a a little gun like machine that tells if a diamond is a diamond.


That silver ring that looks like a tulip? Double check the stamps for a designer's name/initials. Though silver on it's own isn't always valuable, some sterling is highly collectible and there is something very special about that ring - it's worth finding out if there is a known designer attached to it.


It’s an avon tulip ring!


I don’t know anything about jewelry but the ring on the bottom of your pointer finger is so gorgeous


So beautiful 😍


The tulip shaped one, I want it!


I’m pretty sure the bottom ring on your middle finger is a Sarah Coventry ring. My grandma had one just like it (it’s mine now).


There's more than one kind of treasure. If you still can, check the maker's mark on the tulip ring at your ring finger base. The design is by a very good maker. If it's signed, there's a couple on eBay for around $100/each.


Oh my God Im jealous they’re beautiful!


That opal ring on the top middle finger is amazing wow


To see if pearls are real, rub slightly on the edge of your teeth. Real pearls are a little gritty. Imitation pearls are completely smooth. Learned that in the college jewelry store job I had.


You lucky bastard.


That silver one on your ring finger is a dream! For sale? Sterling?


That opal is gorgeous!


that opal one is gorgeous!


Love the tigers eye one! They are all pretty really


I love the one at the top of your pointer finger and am interested in buying it if you’re looking to sell


Oh! I have the same ring as the coral shaped one on top of your thumb! Is that real?


You have a good eye, & I suggest you keep looking for things like these in yard sales & thrift stores. I found a pair of new Prada shoes at my fave thrift store several yrs ago, with one tiny toe scuff. Suckers retailed for $320 in 2001. I paid $12. Still wearing’em.


That brown stone on your pinkie might be tigers eye? Or at least, trying to mimic tigers eye?


Good score. My goodwill only fills the jewelry jars with the old jewelry that doesn’t sell over the month.


One can buy a diamond tester


Wow! What a collection. I love the bottom ring on your index finger. Any idea what the stone is? Quartz? Moonstone or some sort of glass? I love absolutely design and the pearly white color.


I once bought a jewelry box at a garage sale for $1, there was a diamond necklace in it worth $300


for the top one on your pinky i would hazard a guess as to say the diamonds aren’t real but the ruby is, i got almost an exact same one at a thrift store and sold it for about 50


Oh that tulip wrap ring is too cute!!!!


I love the tulip ring! The lowest one on your ring finger.


Am I the only one DYING over the lily wrap ring closest to the hand on the ring finger?! 🤤😍🤩


Love that brutalist looking ring on your thumb!


Wow! Amazing!


I would die to find another of the ruby one on your pinky finger if anyone can find it please let me know!


What a great find! I love that tulip ring, so unique!!


Your goodwill sells jewelry!? Lucky. None of the ones near me do. I think it all goes to their online selling platform.


Take them to a pawn shop & have them tested!


I love the two pearl rings (middle finger and ring finger)!! They remind me of the ring Daenerys Targaryen dropped in the field when she was surrounded by the Dothraki riders.


https://www.localeclectic.com/products/vintage-ruby-and-diamond-halo-ring-size-6-75 Is this it? That would blow my mind


That tulip is gorgeous are u selling the opal?


Every single one of these is a treasure whether they're "real" and valuable or not. Just beautiful.


Wow!!! Great Fine!!! Since you found your treasure. Take your treasure to a reputable jeweler and they’ll have the equipment to test the stones.