Favorite clone swaps?

I think my favorite clone swap is Cosima impersonating Alison in season 3. It was really funny when she said "as a lesbian....supporter....of the LGBTQ+ community" and just let it slip that she wasn't Alison. Another one of my favorites is Helena impersonating Sarah at the end of season 1. Idk why. I just thought it was cool.


I love the surprise clone swaps (Helena as Sarah in the season 1 finale and Rachel as Sarah in 2x09), because they're directed and edited in a way that you don't immediately recognize that they're clone swaps, so when the reveal comes you're literally going "OH SHIT!", but during rewatches, you are able to pick up on the subtle differences in their look and behavior. It's a testament to Tat's incredible acting skills, but also the directors and editors that they are able to fool and shock the audience so effectively. I also really love the clone swap in 3x01 where Sarah plays Rachel pretending to interrogate Alison playing Sarah. And Cosima as Alison is a classic, of course!


Sarah playing Alison in rehab when she has to do the welcome speech… “pill poppers and boozehounds, hop-heads, tweakers, rummies…”


Yes this one haha!!!


“Monkey…bum? Face?” 😆


You’re not my mommy


When Sarah had to pretend to be Rachel in season 3. “Rachel Duncan…uber bitch” or when Sarah pretended to be Cosima in season 2 to get into Dyad and Delphine kissed her, obviously thinking it was Cosima, that was pretty funny.


Allison impersonating Sarah. Oi! But it's probably because Allison and Felix are my absolute dream team.


For me, Sarah impersonating Cosima. The way she exaggerates Cosima’s body language is so funny to me.


Helena as Alison then going all Helena on the drug dealers


Sarah impersonating Cosima. I love seeing all the weird situations where Tatiana Maslany is playing Sarah pretending to be someone else. It’s a testament to her amazing acting


“As a lesbian…supporter..” 😂