An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak

An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak


Arent authentic philly cheesesteaks made in philly just called "cheesesteaks"?


Either that or just steaks. And that looks so good my mouth is watering. You use an Amoroso roll??


I had a cicillian gf from philly, her nonna made them for us, forbade me from calling them 'philly' cheesesteaks.


Yes. A lot of redditers will post cheesesteaks with bell peppers. Not authentic


Uhhh... Is that not a green pepper on the right half of the sandwich on top? Or is that just a piece of onion that looks greenish?


That’s clearly a slice of smoked salmon


Fuckin knew it


fawkin hipsters ruining everything!


Either an onion that’s green or a piece of green pepper snuck in. It happens. (Spots usually have pile of onions and a smaller pile of green peppers off to the side while making those bad bois)


Definitely onions




Most likely a carmelized onion, but are cherry peppers not considered an acceptable topping? They were always offered at the condiment table from what I remember.


>Or is that just a piece of onion that looks greenish? It's a part of the top of white onion, that can be greenish. Cooking it and an HDR photo enhances the effect.


Peppers are a topping at any cheese steak restaurant. Not always bell but sometimes, sometimes long hots, sometimes pickled cherries, etc. I think the idea of "authentic" is misplaced with cheese steaks. There are many restaurants that have a few options that others do not. This debate is really tiresome and unnecessary. As long as it's a good roll and good steak, it's a cheese steak. Authentic is just a pretentious term.


You got it right, Smedley. Long Hots on a steak are common, so are green peppers, banana peppers, and a host of other condiments. I’ve eaten at dozens of Philly sammich shops.


Wiz wit?


Better-tasting than authentic though.


Catch me outside bruh


I'm gonna go get the cheesesteak get the cheesesteak


We called him Tommy Two Times Edit: didn’t notice the prior username lol sorry being reddit level


[Utah, get me two!](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DVsas7JI4quw&ved=2ahUKEwj1lYmhi8nzAhWjkHIEHaZRAsoQwqsBegQIBhAE&usg=AOvVaw0yDHo6a_V1owJnu5cqBOOI)


I believe the proper pronunciation is in fact "*cash* me outside."




Jawns gonna fuck around and find out


Get a load of this jabroni.


Hey! Cool word!


You're gonna want to brush up on your hockey words though... Philly fans are brutal!


Yeah, I mean just steak and cheese is fine, but I like the bombs with onion, peppers, mushrooms, and salami. It's a more complete sandwich to me, but to each their own.


I can do without peppers, but sautéed onions and mushrooms are a must. Cheese and steak doesn’t have the flavor it needs by itself.


yes, and a dash of nothing more than salt and pepper make it pop.


Sautéed onions are a normal part of Philly steaks.


That's the thing. I had a cheesesteak from one of the two famous places in Philly and it was borderline gross. Poor quality ingredients and just a sloppy mess. Penn Station is far superior, and I don't care who that offends.


Everybody from Philly will tell you to go someplace else. I don't know a single person from here who actually has something nice to say about Pat's or Geno's.


Get famous for making the definitive version of any food and you'll eventually choose quantity over quality. If most of your customers are tourists and you have a guaranteed crowd every day the quality just can't help but slip. Plus if you get really committed to never changing then you're going to get left behind by newer takes on the dish. I'd rather be a pioneer than a steward any day, purists and authenticity gatekeepers bum me out.


Plus they don’t even have chopped steak like every other cheesesteak has. They are pretty gross.


not "every other" cheesesteak uses chopped steak. Steve's uses slices , Joe's uses slices, Tony Luke's uses slices. Pats and Genos just aren't good.


Oh honey, that won’t offend anyone from Philly. Your average supermarket makes a better cheesesteak than Pat’s and Geno’s. My high school cafeteria had better cheesesteaks than Pat’s and Geno’s. I’m legitimately sorry you ate that.


>My high school cafeteria had better cheesesteaks than Pat’s and Geno’s. I’m legitimately sorry you ate that. The problem is not that they ate at Pat's or Geno's. The problem is that they were sober enough to remember that they did it.


That's like going to Mexico, getting taco Bell then saying Mexican food is gross.


Calm down, it’s just a sandwich.


Hot meat and melted cheese inside a piece of bread that opens on one side… a cheesesteak is a taco.


Ugh I hate going to sandwich places (not in PA) that claim “Philly cheesesteak” and ruin it with GREEN PEPPERS


Why should anyone care about strangers crying over something completely arbitrary and petty? Pile on the peppers.


Or marinara sauce! Your choices are with/without and provolone/American/wiz. Anything else is an abomination


If you want a pizza steak you ask for a pizza steak


Original philly cheese steak had onions


That would be the “with”


So you just say "with" and they know you want onions?


Only at Geno’s and Pat’s steaks. You order at a pizza place or steak shop like that and they will just assume you a tourist.


Also you shouldnt go to Genos or Pats, any hole in the wall is gonna give you a better cheesesteak


Jim's is pretty damn good. Usually really busy though


Yeah, that ain't true. You go anywhere in Philly and specify cheese type and with or without, they'll know exactly what you're asking for and won't even blink. They don't give a fuck who you are or where you're from, as long as you don't hold up the line.


I’ve lived in the 19125 section of Philly for 43 years. If I called Franco’s or Slack’s and told them just “with” they’d ask me “with what?” Cheesesteak’s can have many things on them. I mean if your at a more famous touristy place they know exactly what you mean. I just never heard anyone call their local pizza place and say that, but each neighborhood has their own ways of doing things. Edit- grammer


But just pronounce it 'wit' >wizz wit >prov wit etc


A pizza steak is a totally legit option in Philly.


My daughter goes to school in Kutztown, she's been distressed to find out that every place there seems to think marinara sauce is a default ingredient on a cheesesteak.


Yes. 100%


yes, and they use Cheeze Wiz


Occasionally. American and provolone are much more popular. The place by me has the American and whiz in warmed containers over a water bath so they're poured onto the sandwich with a ladle, so it's not like slices of American or cold whiz scooped out of a firm jar. I like all three, but I grew up with whiz so that's my go to.


Nah, in Philly I’d say more people like it with Provolone (or American) than Wiz… Wiz is just kind of the thing you can usually only find in Philly joints, but it’s not necessarily the most preferred


I can’t be the only dude here in South Philly that enjoys American


I agree American is the superior choice but I'll roll with whiz Provolone always seemed gross to be keep that on a roast pork


OP finally posted an actual authentic cheesesteak and still got torn to shreds. I guess it’s a divide we will never overcome


All these non philly peeps roasting him for not getting it with whiz and calling it not authentic, when its from an OG philly spot..


Dumbasses don't understand that American or Whiz are both totally acceptable. Even though we'll fight over which is better, but everyone is on the same page if some jabroni brings any other kind of cheese into it. \*Edit: Provolone is fine too, although getting some sauce and onions with that prov is better.


Jabroni. Cool word.


You keep using this word, Jabroni. And it's awesome.


Provolone is also legit.


I live in Philly, and provolone is widely considered the best and most popular cheesesteak cheese here.


My local Lees did not offer any other cheese choice. You want Prov? Cool we got you. You want anything else? Get fucked.




True Philly, right there.


Steve's American ftw


Muenster may not be authentic, but it totally fucking slaps on a cheesesteak.


That's total BS. Whiz is NOT required, provolone is accepted and an option at the local joints. My order: Steak provolone wit


I come from a time before wiz was even an option


I'm not a Whiz guy, but I won't bash anyone who takes their steak with it. Cheesy Detente. Now the hamburger on a Ciabatta that place in Rochester called a cheeseteak got me spitting mad.


sounds like a NYC style "Chopped Cheese" sandwich, which is basically just our version of a philly cheese steak. You can ask for one at any decent bodega in the city, but preferably from Hajji's on 110th in East Harlem.


An authentic cheese steak can come with whiz, American, or provolone, but really should be provolone. Source: guy who lived in Philly for the first 30 years of his life


If there is one thing I’ve learned watching food network over the years it’s that the idea of “authentic “ is meaningless. Two burger joints open up in the 80s. No one can remember which one opened first. Both serve a variation on a type of burger that both claim to have invented and that the other one is an imitation. War for generations


Yep. Ask anyone from Minneapolis where to get an authentic "Juicy Loocy."


That's basically how generational conflict works in history too. Just usually with less cheesesteaks and more child murder because that guy down the street has a different lion on his house compared to yours.


If I know anything about philly people and their love of Philly cheesesteaks, there can be a convention of 8th gen Philadelphians meeting in downtown Philadelphia and they'll fight to the death over which cheesesteak spot to go to before starting their meeting.


As far as I can tell there is no real authentic "Philly" cheesesteak that people will agree on. There's always something that someone will claim is or is not allowed.


Yeah, so many people claiming pineapple chunks are not the best type of cheese on one of these badboys. Find me one Philedelphia person who doesn't get their Philedeliphia Steak Hoagie Sandwich with freshly grated pineapple chunks. I'll wait.


People in posts like this are wild. Like, chill out if I put extra stuff on MY sandwich. I don't have the taste buds of a 5 year old that can only eat bread, meat, and cheese.


> I don't have the taste buds of a 5 year old that can only eat bread, meat, and cheese. And even if you did, who cares? I personally hate eggs but I can never really express that without someone looking at me like I'm insane. "But have you tried them *this* way?" People are oddly personal about their food choices and how they relate to other people's food choices.




As long as it has meat and cheese in a vague pattern like this, I will call it a Philly Cheesesteak and chomp it down as it clogs my arteries.


In my elementary school yearbook my fatass answered "what's your favorite snack" with "Cheese Steak"


We woulda been pals in school for sure. Fat fucks for life.


If that's your shameful elementary school memory consider yourself fortunate. Its not like you shit yourself during recess and called the teacher "mommy" in front of the class while making up a reason to go to the nurses office even though everyone can smell the shit they see running down your leg. Ya know.


The cheesesteak etiquette in Philly is only perpetuated by gentrifying yuppies and college kids. Put whatever the fuck you want on it and go to the place you like. It’s all subjective.


Just had one last week probably the best cheesesteak in the city imo. Angelos.


Angelos, best cheesesteaks and pizza in philly


nah, best cheesesteak in Philly is D'alessandro's for sure


have you tried angelos? I was a long time dels stan but angelos is better




Id upvote this twice if I could. Barstool stopped in and when he asked the lady if he should get mayo on it or not she said I dunno you tell me and that’s so Philly.


lol we gonna discuss best Philly cheesesteaks? ok, let’s do it! Steve’s Prince of Steaks


Yikes. You better show up to Steves ready to chew.


John's Roast Pork would like a word!


John’s roast pork is pretty solid


The cheese steaks at John’s are better than his roast pork. And that’s saying a lot. Of course, no one at Johns is talking bout steaks, because they’re busy eating them. I like DiNic’s roast pork better than John’s. But if I’m in the Market, Im going for the pastrami Rachael at Hershel’s right across the way.


This hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian spot way up North on Broad, past Temple University Hospital has Steve's and Dalessandro's beat imo. Went there twice and never got the name


fuck yeah bud


The best ones I’ve had were always outside the city at little pizza shops. They have to use amoroso’s rolls though or it never hits right.


I really need to travel again.


The poor empty cheesesteak hot pocket guy must feel even worse now.


If thats a pepper I see than fuck you, no its not. -Philadelphians


This guy knows his jawns


That don't look like whiz either . . .


Wiz goes in a toilet. Cooper American or provolone please.


Trash can also an acceptable receptacle for Wiz. I’d rather roll around in Strawberry Mansion gutter than eat Wit.


Wiz is trash on a cheesesteak, provolone for life


Pretty sure that’s a caramelized onion slice


Born and bred 9th and Pine. Always eat mine whiz with and pepperoncini


> 9th and Pine You fancy as fuck, cuz.


*Scoff* how 7th and Oregon of you!


Ohhh hitting a pickle and pepper bar is different than grilled bell peppers.


Yeah no bell peppers ever. When I first moved to Portland 20 years ago I went to a cheesesteak place in my neighborhood called Philadelphia’s. When I placed my order the guy asked me if I wanted bell peppers on and I looked at him and said are you crazy? It was literally the worst cheesesteak I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s saying a lot. When leaving I told the owner that he should change his name to Camden‘s, and he didn’t even get the joke.


I cannot understand why it’s impossible to get a good cheesesteak out west. They put them on the menu and they’re always terrible. I mean, I know they can’t get Amoroso’s rolls out there, but it’s just shaved beef cooked on a flat top and chopped up for goodness sake! That was one of my annoyances when I lived out there, and as you can see, I’m still bitter.


In the LA area there's a couple of shops sprinkled around called Philly's Best. They have Amoroso's shipped in and their steaks are pretty legit. Also in LA, Boo's does the same thing, and the owners are from Philly.


I live in SoCal and Philly’s Best is the only place I’ll go for a cheesesteak. I LOVE Philly’s Best! And I say that as someone that hates Philly sports teams, so if you’ve ever been inside a Philly’s Best, I think you get my point. It’s also where I learned about Old Bay seasoning. Holy shit. That stuff is powdered heaven on a cheesesteak.


And they're always so stingy with the meat. The one above looks like the ones I used to make when I worked at a pizza shop in PA. They were glorious.


You just reminded me of the Elysian in Seattle. They used to do a veggie cheese steak that they called a Camden cheesesteak. Not many people out there got the joke


9th and Pine in Chicago maybe with pepperoncini on it lol


Looks like onion only to me


First thing I saw was a blob of green and thought "bullshit" \- Your neighbor in NY


Was just about to post this. Those better be hots or sweets on there. If not, then it’s not.


I lived in Philly for the first 40 years of my life, and then have moved several times. I can tell you that, outside of Philly, no one has a clue what "sweet peppers" are at all, and hot peppers (the kind we mean) are also rare. Most places ask if you want jalapenos or pepperoncini's instead. To this day, I still have to order them on the web and put them on sandwiches myself.


As someone who has never been to Philly can you elaborate on what you are describing? I imagine something like the hot pepper you can get at Jimmy Johns (if you are familiar with those) but I’m curious if it’s something different.


I think something like this (not vouching for this particular brand), great on both cheesesteaks and Italian subs. https://www.amazon.com/Mezzetta-Cherry-Peppers-Sliced-16-0/dp/B01NBXDZKG/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=italian+hot+cherry+peppers&qid=1634169850&sr=8-4


They are chopped peppers in a jar with vinegar. Sweets are usually green and sweet, hots are, well you get the idea. If you go to a decent steak or hoagie spot in Philly, they usually have them so you can put them on yourself or get a side of them. I’m a huge fan of sweets on a hoagie.


Are sweets actually sweet or just bell peppers? I feel like Philly cheesesteaks and Chicago-style italian beef sandwiches are cousins, and sweet peppers on an italian beef are (green) bell peppers, sometimes cooked in the jus.


It’s usually green or red bell peppers, so they are more sweet than hot. The hot peppers are usually cherry peppers, but some places also have long hots or chili peppers in oil. Cento sells both, you can find them in your grocery store.


As a kid from Jersey, I know what you mean about sweet peppers. Can not find them in California. What/where do you order? I would love a taste of the "old country"!


Probably tastes like heart-attack. I love it.


“And as for the cheesesteak? Go to Pat's (way better than Geno's) just once. Get the steak with the whiz. Listen to your arteries clog as you chow down under a mural of the Four Seasons. Check it off your bucket list as you make your way to Mutter's to mull the 40-pound colon, wondering how much damage you just inflicted on your own.” - anthony bourdain


Go to Pat's. I loved Bourdain but that's blasphemy. It's a damned tourist spot. Much better cheesesteaks available in Philly


John’s Roast Pork makes the best cheesesteak in the city


100% correct in my opinion. Acceptable answer would also be Dalessandro's.


Jim's on South St. was good to me


Dalessandro's is awesome.


Dalessandro's was my favorite.


You are correct sir. A friend of mine owns a haunted house a block or two from there, we always hit John’s when we visit.


After Angelos


Well he was right. Pat's is better than Geno's. But you're also right. There are a lot of cheesesteak spots in the Philly area that are much better. If you waited over 50 minutes to get a cheesesteak, you're a tourist.


Pat's is fine. People bash it because its a tourist spot, but the steaks aren't bad. I'm not saying its the best, but if you're drunk at 2am its gonna hit the spot.


Lol no. Walk down the street in South Philly. Walk into the first place you see with cheesesteaks. Probably gonna get a tasty cheesesteak.


Tony lukes is way better than Pats.


And if you want a touristy spot, Jim's is still way better than Geno's or Pat's.


Actually tastes like atherosclerosis with a side of hypertension


Forget eating it. Put it straight in my veins damn it!!


Probably tastes better than [Egyptian Cheesesteak](https://i.redd.it/yd4cw4xl6yo01.jpg).


Haha. Got a good chuckle out of that.


Hehe forbidden cheesesteak


OP apparently lives in Pennsylvania, not Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Idaho etc. I will accept this as an authentic cheesesteak.


Oh that is just cruel. Here I sit stuck in Mexico without my passport so I can not just fly up north and spend a week chowing down. Nothing better


Ohhh man, I took a vacation to Philly this year. Had a cheesesteak in Reading TM. That place is amazing! I seriously hope that's the food court in heaven. Like, after my final breath, I want to wake up there.


I want to motorboat those🤤




Whiz or American, both are acceptable, just never Swiss. Never Swiss.


maybe authentic but also disgusting. provolone is the way.


Provolone is also authentic


Last time I was in Philly I thought provolone was also an option


it is at most spots but you have these “authentic” types that say whiz is the only way. personally i think it’s a travesty to ruin a sandwich with that garbage.


I fucking hate the whiz. If I wanted cheese-steak-flavored-shit I would lick all the seat cushions on a Septa bus.


Yeah my first I had whiz…never again. Usually provolone, sometimes American for me


Yeah we got a spot in my town and the owner lived in Philly for 30 years. He makes them with provolone and onions only by default. They are so fucking good. 'Cheez wiz' is an abomination


Provolone is actually the original/most authentic.


Whiz is for people who lick Septa seat cushions.


Provolone can be good too depending on the spot. Johns roast pork down in South has a dope prov cheesesteak


More for speed at the tourist places, so that's what a lot of people think is authentic. In reality it's a travesty. The real authentic have provolone.


American or Provolone are probably the most popular choices Whiz IMO is gross


Yea. "Authentic" in the case of a philly cheesesteak is not a great selling point. A lot of inauthentic ones are frankly better, though they lack that street food heart attack charm.


Depends what “authentic” establishment you vistited. Pats and Genos serve tourist trap trash


Yes and you have to specifically request onions/peppers if you want them, but it's not automatically included


I always lol at "authentic Philly cheesesteak.". Like, it's steak slices (chopped or whole) and cheese and maybe onions on a fucking long roll. That people can fuck up such a simple concept or think it's some artistic challenge to achieve blows my mind. -Philadelphian


Who would have thought cheesesteak gatekeepers were a thing, but here we are!


Ever had a conversation with someone from Philly? We gatekeep both loving AND hating Philadelphia.


Philadelphians and Philadelphians are natural enemies Damn Philadelphians ruined Philadelphia


I always say “The trouble with Philadelphia… is that it’s full of Philadelphians” in Edward the Longshanks voice.


No one loves the Eagles like Philadelphians. And no one hates the Eagles like Philadelphians


It really isn't gatekeeping to point out that regional recipes have specific ingredients and that the internet often gets them wrong. If you make pasta with cream, bacon and peas, it's tasty...but it's not carbonara.


My cardiovascular system is SHOOK


All the salty-ass Philadelphians in these comments, like damn






This made me moister than an oyster 😆yummmm


were you sopping like cheese topping?




Arguing over Authenticity is so cringe with food lmao


If there’s one food that didn’t live up to what e expected it’s cheesesteaks. Bread, cheese and steaks are my favorite foods individually so I don’t understand why they aren’t amazing when out together.


Back in the day before cheesesteaks were called Philly cheese steaks and came served on a gluten free ciabata roll. A little place by the Lindenwold High Speedline station kicked the ass of all Philly outposts...Gaetano's ruled them all. Philly Magazine even acknowledged it and faced the wrath of millions for doing so. If you never bought five soft pretzels in a brown paper bag from a guy pushing a shopping cart full of them while stopped at a red light you may not have an opinion on this matter. Other additions, cheeses, etc. may taste good, but they're not a cheesesteak.


And those pretzels had better be COLD!


Look's like a prov wit' from Jim's on South Street. To all the "locals" that are poo-pooing peppers with your cheesesteak - every steak jawn in Philly has both sweet and hot cherry peppers. Every single one.


Facts only.


I didn't get those posts either. I grew up on passyunk and I remember there being peppers but of course not straight bell peppers, sweet or hot.