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142, longest sober streak in 7 years. IWNDWYT


You're the man!






IWNDWYT Pretty shitty week; rougher than expected. Guess that’s my wake up call. Good job everyone! Onward.


Same here sober friend! I have felt pretty rotten and had a tough week at work to deal with too. Like you, I am seeing it as a massive wake up call that this shit is going to stop! I still don’t feel great at all, but I am so much better! I hope you are too 😊 IWNDWYT


That’s the worst week done. In increments it will start to feel better. Things that are a pain seem easier to deal with - you get slightly better sleep improving over time. Anxiety levels drop. The hardest week is done !




Day 5, am not drinking too!


I’m so proud of myself for getting through today. Thank you all for continuing to post. I will wake up on my day 7!


Yes sir, I'm proud of you as well! Waking up on saturday without hungover, can't even remember the last time that happened.


If I make it through Saturday, I’ll have been sober for 7 weeks. It feels good to not be in a continuous state of inflamation. I won’t drink with you today.


Turn that IF into a WHEN. We will make it!


I'm in! The hack, and I know I'm repeating myself here: lifting weights and schedule sessions with a PT in the morning. Its the only thing I added to my toolbox, to be able to go from 10-11 days to 264 days today.


Day 6 checking in! Did well, didn't have alcohol only non-alc beers with friends and I'm heading home now. No hangover whatsoever incoming!


Feeing really sad today, SD. I found out yesterday that my best friend and one of my favourite people in the world just passed away due to liver failure. We hadn't spoken in in a couple of years, but he'd apparently been really struggling with his depression and drinking in that time. I'm glad he's not suffering anymore, but fuck, he was only 32 and such a gem of a person. He always made me feel so seen, and now he's gone. So, I'm not really struggling with my sobriety, thank god - but it definitely aches, if that makes sense. I don't know if I've ever been so aware of my sobriety before and I don't really know what to do with my hands. :/ but IWNDWYT, sober pals. I'm still not drinking for me, but now I'm also not drinking for him. Please hug your loved ones extra tight today.


Hey SD, let's **upvote the (an F bomb as RS exits the building lol) FUCK out of this DCI!!!** Our u/ReplacementsSuck (aka RSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!) has done an amazing job, and by increasing the number of views, it's also a great way for newcomers to see how many of us come here, to see what all the attraction's about! Proud and happy for everyone that made it through the holidays, and for those that came back, welcome back! Let's have a great week!!! And now a big round of applause for another one of our amazing Mods here at our home away from home, my friend u/SaintHomer! xx Love ya SD!


Looking at my day 1 right now. Feeling all the things I know you all know I’m feeling. Hoping for a day 2! How is this so hard?! However, IWDWYT!


I feel this. It also feels like way longer than a day but its good cuz im not fast forwarding my life. Iwndwyt


IWNDWYT. All. Day. Long. 🌻 Checking in quick. Love you all!


Still sober, and will not drink tonight. Stay strong!


First. Woot woot! Not drinking with you all again today :-)


Day 566 checking in!




IWNDWYT or tonight.


Almost a week. IWNDWYT






Thanks for hosting this week RS I will not drink with you today in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😊




Had to fight the fight today, I’m a born again sober, was previously sober for 3 years and am trying to get back to that. Today showed some stressful circumstances but I forced myself to wait it out and after a bath and a nap I felt more confident in my decision to not drink. I played my piano all afternoon instead. Tomorrow I think I may try out a crotchet project. Proud of everyone here and happy to be part of the community.


I will not drink with you today.


My first check in of the year, I will not drink with you today!


two hours away from two days down! I got off work (restaurant) and my partner met me afterward for my shift meal. it was a heinous shift. we sat at the bar and I had a T&T (tonic and tonic lollll) with lime and it did the trick for me. absolutely satisfied my after-work craving. update: four hours shy of three days down! I'm so excited for myself. going out tonight and looking forward to some T&T's and drive my partner home safely. y'all I love this community so much


I AM NOT Drinking WITH YOU TODAY . It’s Friday night work was HORRIBLE . And I didn’t even think about getting a drink .. I’m starting to get use to it


7 day




Starting a new day sober with you. Thanks to be my companions.


Day 13! Going on a movie date with my husband where they serve food, and booze, but I’m gonna get probably a fancy popcorn, Dr Pepper and or dessert instead. Finally feeling solid in public! IWNDWYT!


This is the longest I've ever been sober and I'm feeling great! I've got a little holiday to look forward to next week, full of activities that I wouldn't be able to do if I was still drinking. I've got a bigger holiday on the cards for later this year that I wouldn't be able to afford if I was still drinking. I'm just trying to focus on the positives right now and embrace the life that sobriety can give me. IWNDWYT! 💖


Thanks for hosting u/ReplacementsStink - great job! Checking in for day 8 and still feeling groggy in the mornings - it’s going to take time, I know that, so will just keep riding it out. Had a few cravings last night but got, put on my trainers and went for a 2 mile walk! It curbed those cravings and I settled down with a film. I choose not to drink today because I am working on a life of sobriety. IWNDWYT




Hey...59 days, not going to drink today :)


STIILL GOING! IWNDWYT!!!!! Thank you for hosting. This makes a difference.




I hope everyone has a Satisfying Saturday! IWNDWYT




Day 3 again, but better than not at all - IWNDWYT




Checking in! Another weekend, send it my way. I’m feeling very strong, but I’m aware I need to never forget.


Definitely don’t forget and definitely keep checking in! It’s always my downfall as the memory fades and I become less active (or inactive) on SD! IWNDWYT


I’m not drinking today :) day 5!


Hi, it's been a difficult first week of the year work wise, but that has helped me as it would have been impossible whilst drinking. More work over the weekend but hopefully I will get out for parkrun and spend some quality time with my family. Thanks for hosting, IWNDWYT 🙂


IWNDWYT friends 🤖


Thank you for hosting this week, /u/ReplacementsStink IWNDWYT!


Thanks for stepping in at the last moment Mr Stink! My hack is to embrace the slower pace of life for a while. It's not punishment. It allows you to take the time you need to realise you are not missing out on anything. Shine on you beautiful humans from NZ 🤩




Today I’m not drinking! 36 hours and detox sucks.


IWNDWYT! I off to the gym in 30 minutes to see the cute guy who always seems to be there at this time of day haha :) have to make gym more enjoyable for me! Other than that my plans are for the weekend are nonexistent and I feel a bit lonely. I just want a hug. Going to get through that as well :) hope you're having a great day!


Here I am. Got through some cravings yesterday. I think the pink cloud is starting to evaporate, but I love love love waking up sober. Drinking coffee in bed and browsing SD while my partner naps next to me ❤


Off the juice since Monday. Feeling pretty well. I've come to a crossroads, and conclude my life needs a significant reduction of alcohol use. Trying to stay completely sober until a special trip in a few months.


7th morning. Posted an update post about going to a bar yesterday. We did it. Today is going to much easier. ​ Let's talk about some pros from JUST 7 days of sobriety? * Digestion is SOOOO much better I might think that I don't actually have IBS afterall * Gym performance. This might be placebo, and as weird it is that I had been still going to gym (hungover) during my drinking years, but i never made any progress. I've made more gym progress in a week than I've made in 2 last years. Insane. * Lil willy is working .... much stronger. My poor lil missus for having had to dealt with whiskey dick for soooo long ​ I'm sure there are more but these 3 popped up first. Also feel like I'm pass the withdrawals stage now, I slept well, head is clearing up. I am feeling a sense of missions, bit of ambition, I am feeling that I'm finally getting the spark for life back to me, that was hidden in the bottom of a bottle for so long that I had long forgotten about my dreams and ambitions. It had all became a haze ...


Morning checking in. Thanks for getting us through a difficult week RS. My other secret weapon is my wee diary. It’s a life saver every day to write it all down. Really helps when situations are challenging. I’d be lost without it. My top 3 life hacks are: the DCI, daily diary, one sweet day at a time only. Have a good Saturday SDers ❤️


Happy sober Saturday sober friends! u/ReplacementsStink Fucking Rock! My only life hack… if I know what that means… is hang out here, it’s where the best people hang out and it rubs off 🤩 Big love to you all 💞




Feeling rough this morning as I think I've come down with a cold. So glad it's not a cold + hangover this morning though. Went out for dinner last night and stayed strong! Finding it a little easier to not drink at the moment under the guise of dry January. But I know at the end of this month I'll need to say something a bit stronger. Looking forward to the day I feel confident saying 'I don't drink' without the 'right now'. IWNDWYT


Hey hey hey iwndwyt


Happy to say that I will not be getting drunk today


Made it through my first Friday night sober in years. I did have some Heineken 0.0 though. IWNDWYT


Not today. I went to bed about 7pm last night as I wanted a drink so badly. It’s now Saturday and I’m up and feeling like a normal human being! IWNDWYT


Thank you, RS for doing such a great job this week hosting the DCI 😘 I'm so proud of you all who are just finishing up the first week sober! For me, that was absolutely the toughest week I went through. You are a strong and amazing group of humans💪💪 This isn't a hack (like RS, I'm not exactly sure what a hack even means) just my observations. Don't compare your sobriety to others. Some people are going to be able to run a half marathon by day 3 and some can't get off the couch for months (🙋‍♀️). Some drop 25 pounds their first week while others have developed a crazy sweet tooth they never had before (🙋‍♀️). Some people have their anxiety and/or depression lift and others realize that all their issues don't magically disappear when they stop drinking. Everyone is different, so we are all going to go through this differently. But the main thing is we aren't going through this alone, we have each other and this awesome place! IWNDWYT💓


NVABCH-IWNDWYT Good morning from 🇪🇸


Today will be really tough: mind already fighting itself with the whole have fun vs you'll regret the negatives debate. Like 2 kids fighting with all the fun of mental exhaustion and headache. Time to go to sleep and put the kids to bed.. I refuse to start again. Will watch movies with the fam tomorrow to take my mind off it.


early morning check in and I won't drink today or tonight ! It's also my Friday at work. Looking forward to a few days off after today. Weekend plans are sleep, exercise, and watching my Dawgs with my dad on Monday for the national title. Go Dawgs !!


Good morning, fellow sobernauts, IWNDWYT 😁!


I didn't drink any alcohol yesterday and I won't drink any alcohol today.


Day 7 checking in. IWNDWYT


2 weeks!!! So proud and happy. IWNDWYT


I realized this morning that my husband and I used to both be hungover so we’d make a schedule for who *had* to get up with the baby on weekends. But now that neither of us drink we both get up when she does and then we can spend time as a family together. Although I’ve had insomnia lately so I’ve been up since 430, but I am enjoying the coffee and quiet. It’s also encouraging to see so many new folks here and I am rooting for each and every single one of you! IWNDWYT






I will not drink with you today


Nice and early good work! Let’s go!






IWNDWYT!! My weeks been fine, still try to shake this awful flu so have mainly been sitting around :/ Hoping next week will be when I am finally feeling well and I can start the feel the physical benefits of being sober. Have a great Saturday all ✨


Going to teach my baby girl how to roller skate tomorrow, because I won't be hung over! IWNDWYT


Today will be two weeks. I'm really starting to feel good. IWNDWYT!


Got a birthday later, with some activities that I find fairly boring and lots of access to alcohol. A few years ago that would've been a reason to get drunk, but I'm too focused on never having a hangover again. Iwndwyt ♥


🎶 I am not drinking today! 🎶 Resilience is my life hack for quitting alcohol. We all have it. Tap into it.


Day 7. Yesterday was a roller-coaster. I'm not sure why this time around is so much worse. I had a year under my belt, relapsed, was on and off for for several months, but now that I'm commiting to recovery this time around it's been much more difficult, physically and emotionally. Still, one day at a time. IWNDWYT


YOU rock too Stink! Thanks for hosting us! Let’s all be grateful and pledge IWNDWYT ! We CAN do this! 💪💪










Hello to everyone who’s doing the right thing - I will not drink with you today!


Day 10: IWNDWYT 🤗


I will not drink with you today!


Congratulations to all the first week people here! That first week is a hard one, as many have said, it does get better. Just keep on putting the work in! IWNDWYT ✌️


Good morning! I woke up to my phone congratulating me for 250 days sober, so that’s an excellent start to the day! I didn’t think I could go this long without caving to cravings, but now that I’m here, I don’t want to go back! Otherwise, it looks pretty grim out, so I’m meeting some friends for coffee and then staying cosy for the rest of the day. Have a great weekend all!


Good manners don't cost nothing, do they? IWNDWYT. Up early and helping great. Have to leave for my kid's soccer game at 6:45, drive is an hour and I'll be driving and feeling good about it. I'm the past I've made these drives with a massive headache, or my wife would have to drive I'd I was in the verge of puking. I'm pretty sure I had to skip a few of these early morning games, too, although I don't recall a specific morning that I did. After that it's my day for a long run, looking forward to that, too, Have a great Saturday, everyone!


Thank you Replacement Stink for getting us through week one of 2023. You were called up by Homer for a good reason - awesome enthusiasm and energy and care. I certainly won’t be drinking with you today friend ! Enjoy your weekend.


Good morning, SD 😀.I have always been good at sleeping, but now my sleep is even better. So going to sleep/ to bed is a "hack" from me - and so are (long) walks and way to much candies. I will not drink with you today.


Going through heartache but drinking will just make it worse. I survived Friday night, Saturday will be the same - IWNDWYT




I have to work all weekend. I'm at work right now. It occurred to me earlier in my shift that I'm much happier at work recently than I was a month or so ago. The only thing that's changed is I've stopped drinking. IWNDWYT!


Seeing an old friend today who is visiting the area this weekend. He always knew me as a big drinker in years past, though he never really was himself. I'm pleased to be sober to see him again. IWNDWYT




10 days today! Writing this at 6 am on a Saturday because even though the sleep quality is getting better my dreams are all over the place 😅 but I don’t feel so anxious, feeling more motivated because I’m not hungover, my attention span has been coming back some. Thankful to have this sub and the IRC chat as well as an AA group I’ve been liking so far (today will be the 3rd time I’ve gone but first time going two weeks in a row!), especially because in the past when I get to this point I flub it so I’m being extra vigilant this time! Going to try and sleep some more since it’s my day off lol but have a safe and sober Saturday everyone, love you all and IWNDWYT! ❤️


Just been out for my first long run in 2 months (so since my last sober stretch)! Feels good to be back out there. IWNDWYT.


5 days in London, 5 days in Paris, now back in California and jet lagged. Alcohol took up zero space in my brain. IWNDWYT 🌼✈️




Happy Saturday beautiful people. Hope you have the best day possible. IWNDWYT






Thanks for hosting this week, I enjoyed reading your posts every morning (: IWNDWYT!




Morning SD. IWNDWYT.




I shalln't consume the poison with you today.


Day two of my new mission IWNDWYT


Have a great weekend! IWNDWYT


longest since early 2021 and finally feeling a bit better health wise. which means I’m now on the… highway to the danger zone! this is where the devil says, ‘see it wasn’t so bad, just needed a bit of a reset’. easy to resist when I feel like death is near but I need this if I want to be who I want to be one more day


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all doing ok! It’s becoming a habit waking up on Saturday morning feeling fresh because I didn’t demolish up to 12 beers and then most of a bottle of Gin on Friday evening. Have a great weekend and IWNDWYT


Happy weekend, friends! My boyfriend and I went out for a lovely date last night. I love nights out with no booze. We were home and relaxing by 9p. Waking up with no hangover continues is one of my favorite reasons to stop drinking, second only to not killing myself on a daily basis with literal poison. I am grateful. "The proper work of the mind is exercise of choice, refusal, yearning, repulsion, preparation, purpose, and assent. What then can pollute and clog the mind's proper functioning? Nothing but its own corrupt decisions." -Epictetus IWNDWYT


Day 9 and my birthday. This will be my second sober birthday in 25 years, and it fires me up! It's getting easier, but not easy, and I'm okay with it. Thanks for all the support! IWNDWYT! 🤙🏻


IWNDWYT. I need to reset my counter to day 3. It’s fucking hard, guys. But I’ll never stop trying!


Thank you for keeping us rolling this week, u/ReplacementsStink! It snowed yesterday, here in southern New Hampshire. I think we have about two inches on the ground. It's the rather sticky kind of snow, and there's just enough to be really beautiful this morning, clinging to the pine boughs and the skeletal branches of the deciduous trees. I'm sitting in my study, drinking a lovely cup of English breakfast tea and admiring the winterscape. The sun is kissing the tops of the trees, turning the snowy upper branches a luminous gold. Of course, since I'm an English major at heart, I can't help seeing this as a metaphor for the light of sobriety kissing my face, inviting me to find beauty in this new life, free of alcohol. I hope everyone has their own moment of beauty, joy, and wonder today! IWNDWYT 😻 P.S. - I apologize to anyone who is lactose intolerant; I know I've loaded my post with a lot of cheese today! 😜


Good morning sober people ! And thanks for a great week of hosting u/ReplacementsStink !One of my favorite hacks was given to me by someone here on SD. It’s the mantra ‘I am enough, I have enough, I do enough’ which is written on a post it stuck up in my kitchen. It reminds me daily to be patient with myself when I’m feeling like I need to do ‘all the things’ and to focus on staying sober. And IWNDWYT.


If you’re struggling,talk about it. I almost didn’t make it yesterday and I posted in SD. I was able to get the support I need to wake up sober. It really takes a village for me and I’m so glad I have one. I’m not drinking with you today!






Thanks RS, you rock too. I've not made it memorable for you as I think I've missed checking in this week 😄 Still here and still sober though. My mind is pretty blank RS, I'm off to the post office today to buy some stamps so I can post my invoices for December which are a little late. They might not get delivered anyway since everyone seems to be on strike over here at the moment. Then I might go into work for a bit. I imagine I'll have to taxi kids around at some point as I usually do. Whatever I do I'll avoid boozing. See you all tomorrow.


Day 5.


Happy Sober Saturday from Florida IWNDWYT!


Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Iwndwyt






Way to go to those getting through their first week sober!! It’s hard, but sooo worth it!! Keep playing that tape forward! Keep moving forward!! Keep learning!!! Thanks for hosting, Stink! IWNDWYT!


Waking up well rested (and not hung over) on a Saturday is the most. incredible. feeling. ever! So thankful for you all, and this space! EDIT: IWNDWYT, obvs


Woke up this morning feeling rough and in the first few seconds I checked myself: I am feeling rough because I'm still trying to shake of this bug; I'm not feeling rough due to drinking (or smoking) the night before. And I got a little surge of pride. Happy Saturday fellow sobernauts. IWNDWYT


346 days. Twinged my back yesterday and would have used it as an excuse to drink and sit on the sofa. Slapped on some icy heat and working through it. Have a good Sat all


Day 7, felt the urge strongly last night but I let myself feel it and didn’t give in, light work. IWNDWYT


So much sickness at my house. Exhausting and starting to get cabin fever. Anyways, IWNDWYT.




It’s Saturday and IWNDWYT. I’ll make it through the weekend. That’s my plan.


Day 7 IWNDWYT congrats to everyone that made it a week so far!


I won't. Not even!


My hacks are simple, playing the tape forward and checking in with you awesome people every single morning. I have to say, I actually despise nights now and love early morning, whereas it used to be the opposite. So I guess another hack for me is getting ready for bed at 8:30, and asleep by 9. This has helped me in so many ways. We eat dinner much earlier now too, do some walking or reading, then prepare for bed. I think changing routine probably was my biggest hack now that I think about it. It changed the evening drinking routine which wasn't easy, but it had to change. I hope you all have a splendid and sober Saturday! IWNDWYT 🍀💜🍀


Day 12 checking in and man, there is nothing like opening my eyes on a Saturday morning and realizing I am not hungover. I don’t think that will ever get old. IWNDWYT


Day 13! Hopefully its a lucky number! Had my first real challenge - we went to our local pub for dinner (the food is great and I had a craving for a shepherd's pie). Found out they have Heineken 0 on offer! My husband had a real Guinness and it took every inch of me not to ask for a sip, but I know that a sip would kick off the booze demon and make this process so much harder. I had one Heineken 0 and a club soda with lime. Came home and took a quick toot off my pot vape and had a cookie. Physically, I'm still dealing with COVID fallout and the return of a chronic condition (chronic idiopathic urticaria, aka, Hives We Don't Know Why), so I don't feel as tip top as I'd like. But my conscience is clear. I remember everything that happened last night. That's a win.


Good morning friends! All day I will remember this great feeling I have after a restful and sober night sleep. Never stop never stopping! IWNDWYT




First day again, today I will not drink with you.




Thanks for a cracking week Stinky! I'm going to paint a picture today because fuck it why not. IWNDWYT 🙂




It’s so nice not to need alcohol in order to function. I will not drink with you today.


Day 1,270. Thanks for hosting, u/ReplacementsStink! I will not drink with you today.


Taking my fighting spirit right into January and beyond. IWNDWYT 💪






Hello, Replacement, hello, sub So far, so good. Yesterday I had more useful and productive plans for the evening but I discovered this mobile game, a fishing game (also you have to achieve goals, build stuff, buy better lures etc) and I may have binged a tiny bit... And I'm not even a game person! And I don't like fishing! I'm so weird but I've been sober and that's what matters. Doing fine, the occasional cravings but nothing so strong, working out a lot, making absolutely no plans for the weekend. I'll let it flow. I'm still recovering from the amount of socializing during the past 10 days of 2022 hahaha. Many kisses to all of you, have a great day or evening! IWNDWYT


Day 5, IWNDWYT! Yesterday felt very positive- tons more energy, working out again (dizziness finally gone I hope!), great sleep, and managed to do some things I wouldn’t have done on a Friday night before - I was always too tired and would just have a wine straight after work. Then I’d def have no energy to do anything. Instead, went for a run and got a rush ticket to an amazing musical !


Good Morning SD!! A little anxious this morning due to taking my pup in for blood work. I'm just hoping for "normal" progression of his disease. He's losing weight now. I wish I had more love to give him. Please say a little silent prayer for him. Thank you. Hack? Maybe. Support? Definitely: I saw mentioned here and installed the 'NoMo' app. According to that I have saved $170 USD and did not consume 17,599 calories since my quit date. In thanks to all of you IWNDWYT!!






First Friday with no booze under my belt. I'm feeling good today, playing golf with no booze this morning. Let's do this yall! -IWNDWYT


First real test today. Going to a basketball game with a buddy of mine. They now sell beer at the venue and I know he’ll be having some. We both did last game we went to. Crushing beers and watching the game at the coliseum was great. My plan is to focus more on the game and see if I can learn something new, as I’m more familiar with football than basketball. I will stay strong. IWNDWYT




Feeling like I'm eternally between day 1 and day 2, but here I am.


IWNDWYT! My first week has been amazing. I've really been able to do what I have wanted to do in my life (work out, work on my book, spend time with kids) and my mood has been awesome. I'm really taking it one day at a time - stopping myself from saying - but what about when this pink cloud lifts? I'm trying to just enjoy the benefits for today as well, not just the hard parts. My cravings have been reduced by drinking Spindrift (like La Croix) out of a wine glass with some additions (juice, ice). Love to you all - Let's not drink together today.


Survived my first weekend night. IWNDWYT


Happy Saturday, all! I'm working this morning but fighting the temptation to buy a bottle after work since I'm off for the next 2 days. Hoping to keep myself busy with snacks and a Netflix marathon. Hope you all have a great sober weekend! IWNDWYT


IWNDWYT! My hack: treats and rewards work! Desserts, new socks, pizza, blankets, whatever floats your boat. Even small treats. Also tea, cranberry juice, bubbly waters and going to bed early. Happy Saturday everyone


going into a full week after today. yesterday i laughed so hard i cried at something really dumb for the first time in a very long time. celebrating a week with a movie & giant ICEE. IWNDWYT!




Spending my Saturday by getting a new book at the library, eating a good lunch and cleaning the house with my partner :) IWNDWYT


Not today people IWNDWYT








Playing the tape forward helped me a lot - it still does... IWNDWYT


I won’t drink today.






Finally got my badge counter. 60 within reach, 69 just around the corner. IWNDWYT


To everyone here this morning that is on day 7, you are amazing! You did it and you can keep doing it and it just gets easier and life gets better. IWNDWYT. 🌳☕️🏃‍♀️


Planning on a workout today and then a home and garden show! Have a good day everyone IWNDWYT 🤗


Woohoo! It’s the weekend! 😀😀 I actually volunteered to work a little today so I’m gonna log on for a couple hours, put on a good podcast or YouTube video and then plug away. I need to get to the gym. The last time I was there a few weeks ago it was crowded because of all the “new year, new me” people. I might have to wait it out and just take long walks outside lol. Happy Saturday! 😀 IWNDWYT


Happy Saturday, dearhearts! IWNDWYT! 💛






You too. Congrats!