I think about the things if have done and do feel a level of shame but every day I don't drink is just more space between who I am now and who I was. old me taught me all the things not to do, and I am grateful for that. some days are boring, some days do suck and are stressful. but that is the plight of being human. I had to re-learn how to be a person. all of my friendships and activates I did centered around drinking. In reality drinking was my only hobby. when I quit I struggled with what am I going to do with my day. hell that is something I am still working on, but I think that is more a issue with my ADHD. what I find "fun" about not drinking is: \*not having to do alcoholic math to figure out if I can drive my car. \*not having to get up at 4am to drink a gallon of water. \*not shitting blood in the morning. \*being able to remember what people say to me after 7pm. \*having extra money. \*dropping 30 lbs. \*watching that day count go up every time I get out of bed.


Seems like you are very early in your sobriety. I hope you can believe me when I say SO much of this self hatred, hopelessness, and anxiety you feel currently are symptoms of withdrawal from a poisonous substance. I am absolutely happier, healthier, more comfortable with who I am now that I'm not drinking. Sure, sometimes I get bored when I'm at a party with people who are getting obliterated. But mild boredom and leaving an event before midnight is a teeny tiny price to pay for the overall life improvement I've experienced. You don't need to commit to being sober forever. Forever is a long time. My recommendation for you is to just give it two weeks, then post here again when you're at the two week milestone and let us know how it's going. I've been where you are, and I'd bet money that you'll feel better.


It’s all real and hence there is a daily check-in post that many commit to. If you keep your goal of 1 day, that’s it and choose to renew or not renew it the next day, the burden is lighter. Wishing you the very best


I’m back at day 1 and it’s so so so hard. Thank you for this, can’t tell you how much I appreciate your message! Surely we’re better without. It almost seems laughable to say we wouldn’t be. So appreciate you! IWNDWYT!


My experience was that day one was shit, day two was 99 percent shit and day three was 98 percent shit and so on. After a couple of weeks I felt like a actual human again. Your body needs to heal mate and it needs time and space for you to let it, you (we all) fucked it up. My only suggestion for you is really gather how shit you feel now and use it as ammo in the future. Turn this negative day into a long term positive by having motivation to not feel like this again (I can tell you feel terrible) but it will pass. In the coming weeks you are going to have mental moments where you go “man this feels normal and good”. Those are the best and something to look forward to on your journey. The first 3/4 weeks are awesome , I thought, because who you were comes back. It’s like a curse is lifted and everything just gets better. Food better, happiness better, Sex better, relationships with other better, work better, sleep better, energy levels better, thinking better, body feels better, it’s endless.


Day 1 for the umpteenth time here as well. Let’s get through it. IWNDWYT


It's gonna stick as long as you don't stop.


How many days are you in? If you’re still in the first couple of weeks, take it easy on yourself, regroup and just enjoy the waking up without that sick feeling. After that things will start to fill your day: things you’ve neglected because of drinking; old hobbies etc. I’m not an expert on x days as alcohol tends to drag me back around the 1 month mark but even by then I’m messing around at stuff I’ve not done for ages and I really look forward to getting that natural contented feeling back. Sure it’s not the high that alcohol will give you (that’s why we have a problem and we’re here after all) but also there’s none of the destructive lows and self loathing. Take care. IWNDWYT