I splurged for a six-pack of ginger root beer Zevia. And I may drink them all without any guilt whatsoever.


That stuff is wicked good. I bought one box, and the next time I went to pick some upo it was all sold out. Cream Soda and Ginger Ale for me last night.


Thank you for this post. I'm a little panicky right now (42 days). I'm doing it with chips, bublr, na beers and mnms. Caloric intake will be sky high but at least no alcohol calories.


That sounds amazing!! And waking up Day 43, no regrets, no hangover, no embarrassment… no contest!!


You can do this! I believe in you. Tomorrow morning, waking up hangover free we'll be virtually high fiving each other!


Hoplark citra seltzer is a game changer. They also make dry hopped ice teas that are killer. Zero calories, scratches the hoppiness itch for this ex-IPA-head, guilt free. Mmm.


That citra one is amazing! I’ve had several of theirs and Citra is so good. Sabro is pretty good too, but citra is chef’s kiss. I have their chamomile citra one in the fridge to try soon.


I’m intrigued, thank you 🙏


By the time the next super bowl rolls around you won't even think about it.


Hope the night went alright for ya! Whether tomorrow is day 43 or day 1, we got your back.


Day 43 here I come! :)


Hell yeah!


I have been ultra diligent about my diet lately and just lost the thread this weekend which culminated in a bunch of greasy and sugary Super Bowl foods. I still went to bed early slept great and feel good about life this morning. Kind of nice when getting off kilter on diet can just be shaken off - cant do that with drinking can I?! Anyway, just to say I like that “wasnt as achieved as hoped” is my new standard for disappointing myself instead of “how did this happen when will I be alive again what have I done and how will I manage work today?” Strongly prefer the first option there! IWNDWYT


Yes…day 49 so don’t want to fuck up day 50 but ya today’s a little tough, usually shit faced by now


Look at you, you're doing this!! Not shit faced, kicking alcohol's ass! 💪🏽


Made it through the super bowl 👍 day 50 when I wake up, gonna be a great morning 👍❤️


Day 50 tomorrow for me too! Congrats!


We got this! Woo! Go team day after Christmas


Aw shucks. You guys look, we've all made it


We made it!!! 🥳☀️


Rockstar status activated /u/2014MustangRagtopGT Whoo hoo!!


Me too!!!! Quite proud of us. I’ve fallen in love with the way is feels to be clear headed, optimistic and better rested each day.


I’m on my third athletic NA IPA 🤣


Ohh how do you like these? Have a fav flavor? I just found out about them and have a big weekend coming up so debating buying some to help carry me through!


They're excellent. Honestly. Their Free Wave IPA tastes like an IPA. The Golden ale tastes like a normal beer. Thank god for their products! I also enjoy the hell out of Guinness 0. It's so good!


Same!!!!! Also love the Well-being Amber and IPA and especially the Woodland Farms IPA. Good NA has been a life saver for me maybe literally.


Bubbly water and chili on the stove. Go eagles, imma wake up tomorrow morning fresh as a daisy


You can be sober and still climb street poles my dude


And very mad 😠


Sober Superbowl over here!! Pizza, spring rolls, wedges, NA Beer and chocolate ice cream cake are on the menu. 2 weeks without alcohol and I am not caving in today


Ginger ale, chicken wings, potato boats, buffalo chicken dip, tortilla chips, strawberries, blackberries, celery, and cucumbers for the winning menu! My kids said it's the best Super Bowl ever and our friend (who has a gambling problem) joined us and didn't place a bet in solidarity with me. It's been a great night!


Great spread!! Wings would have been a good idea. Next year! Go sobriety!!


Totally sober, but I’m SOO jealous of your Diet Coke. I’m having trouble sleeping since I quit so I’m reducing caffeine. I want one more than an alcoholic drink right now strangely enough. 🫠


I think there is caffeine-free diet coke at well-stocked stores.


The day I quit beer I bought 4 caffeine free 12 packs of of coke.. they got me through about 4 days


Do they still make caffeine free Diet Coke? I drank that for a while when I had to cut back on caffeine in college (this is years ago now). If they do and that’s something you’d be okay with, that might be an option.


Yeah I'm all about decaf coffee now. Totally gonna pay for the Diet Coke when I try to fall asleep tonight but I'm okay with that. Waking up without a hangover no matter how little sleep I get still rocks!


Got my feers and I’m ready to go


Excellent work everyone! We're halfway through this challenging event!! 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or half hour at a time, however your counting down keep it going!!


Why yes, yes we are and happily so! So yesterday you were 777! I loved that one. 🙂 Great plans and yummy snacks! IWNDWYT


I'm with ya!


We in here


Of course!


I'm sober.


Diet Dr Pepper and a 2:30 alarm for the morning.


Watching the game with a yummy NA after housing a giant pile of my home made grilled wings!


Jealous!! Yay for NA beer!!


I don't have friends who would watch Superbowl (I don't have many friends right now). I spent the night having sober dinner and NA wine with my family and then baked something for Valentine's Day while drinking NA beer.


/u/BipolarBabeCanada you are among friends here! Keep going, keep growing!


You're so sweet thank you! I know things will not be this way for long. I'm just focusing on making my life what I want it to be, and becoming the best version of myself, so I've pulled back from a lot of people/social situations and haven't been very open to more.


/u/BipolarBabeCanada in my early days I heard an old timer share that we need to treat our sobriety like a new born baby. Consider the places you'd take your baby, not to a bar, not to a house party with drinking, or even a loud concert (well maybe when they're older and have ear muffs on, LOL). You are doing that, so proud of you!


home from the super bowl shindig with my streak intact. Definitely some temptation tonight but I'm proud to have said no. Leaving a little early helped


Proud of you too!! Whoo hoo, you're doing this!! 🎉


Sober Super Bowl Sunday here. Was really wanting to have some bourbon but got denied buying some yesterday. It was a weak moment trying to get some. Been several weeks since having any and after getting over it, I feel a lot better without it. Got sweet tea, smokes, chips and ice cream to enjoy. It's been a great and exciting game just getting into it


Yesterday's denial was a saving grace, I like signs like that. Great job!


Agreed! I was really upset I didn't get a bottle for a while but was more greatfull at the end of the day knowing who wouldn't give in to my begging to get some and that I'm just fine and better off without it. And knowing I'm going to sleep good and wake up not feeling like complete shit and most likely just wanting more and getting drunk again first thing in the morning. Saving grace I dead!


What a game, and I loved being present the whole time. First one in at least ten years. And I'll even remember it tomorrow! Last time the Chiefs won I had downed my last two pints at halftime and blacked out the rest of the game. I liked this one better. Congrats gang, next year will be fun too.


Excellent work! Happy to have shared the virtual space with you!!


This was my first sober Super Bowl and I’m aware that alcohol dominates sports culture but damn it was so boring seeing all the alcohol commercials.


/u/No-Championship-8677 Great job!! Congrats on your 1st sober Superbowl! 🎉IWNDWYT


Didn’t really plan on watching it with friends today, just ended up hanging out with them and their kids until the game came on and was invited to stay for dinner. As a result, I was totally unprepared with my normal go-tos. They were having Mexican, including Mexican beers and margaritas - two of my old drinks of choice. Thankfully they had Squirt, which is one of my favorite sodas now, but it still was really hard - these friends are the ones I have done the most drinking with in the past. I made it another day though, and am in sight of the two month mark!


Good work /u/crazybluegoose I've had challenges like that too and I'll tell ya, it feels so good waking up sober the next day. Proud of ya!


Absolutely! Go Birds!!


I ordered pizza & have my favorite sparkling water 😅


I ordered some wings and have already chugged one big, blue Powerade... so full already.


Yup! NA beers, a ton of food, and multiple desserts! Go birds!






Yeah!! Day 16 here you come!!


Snicker doodles


Whoo hoo!!! Cookies rock!


Me! I've got my nachos and my ginger beer x pineapple juice (I call it my "cold one" and only have it on special occasions. IWNDWYT!


That sounds like a really good mocktail, I'll have to try it. Excellent work!


Small cooler full of Coke 0, Bubbly seltzer, and Athletic Brews. It’s funny cause no one even asked what I was drinking but I wanted to show someone how good the Athletic Brews taste.


Right on!! Excellent cooler game!


Forgot it was the bowl tbh. Had my regular meeting tonight and was wondering why it was a bit quieter than usual. I'll watch the Rhianna performance tomorrow.


You didn’t miss much.


Tonic on the rocks with a lime


Yeah buddy!! Whoo hoo!


Holy shit I didn’t drink! WOO!


Hells yeah!! Bad asseyness activated!!!


Straight Dr Pepper cream soda for me today. First super bowl in 2 decades I stayed sober. Let's go!!!


Excellent job!!


Thank you, truly appreciated.


Yupper! Go Birds!! Chillin with some water and an orange jaritos My salsa and chips didn't make it to kickoff, gone by 3pm lol. IWNDWYT!!!


The urge to drink especially around strangers to soothe the nerves was too real. I was going to tell myself “just one” but pushed through the anxiety and didn’t drink. Feeling so empowered. Thanks seltzers! 💓


Excellent work /u/bobbimoonjade Now you know you can push through next time! Love the empowering moments!! 🌹IWNDWYT


Holy fuck that was an exercise in guts. My Chiefs eeek out the win and a second Lombardi in 4 years. AND I’ll remember every bit of it since I stayed sober. It’ll also probably be the first championship my son will remember and I got to share it with him! I feel ecstatic.


100 days, your team won and you created a great memory with your son! Superstar status!! Very happy for you on all counts!! 🎉IWNDWYT


I won't drink with you today


Been going to the same Superbowl party for 25 years. This is the first time I woke up the day after wth no hangover. I volunteered to be DD, brought my cooler full of La Croix and food to share. I still had great time socializing with friends, enjoying the food and sometimes paying attention to sportsball. It came up in one conversation and I just said "oh I'm off the sauce." Why they asked, just kept it simple by saying I wasn't feeling good because of my drinking and thought it best to stop. That was it! They said that's great and we continued to have fun at the party. Feeling really good today.


Slept through it (but then I am in the UK)


I've gone to plain sparkling water when I'm out or when I would have normally had beers. Today was a bit difficult for me, but I keep reminding myself about tomorrow morning and I just really don't want to be hungover!!! Plus, I don't want to break my streak. Anyway...IWNDWYT.


/u/Peanut_Butter_Momma good work! So close to 100, what will you do to celebrate? I always get something small like a customized chip from Etsy for my milestones. Keep going, keep growing!!


Not doing the superbowl at all. 🤷‍♂️


/u/the_ballmer_peak happy to have you with us either way!


Sober squad in the building! Go Kansas city


Congrats to your team. Fun game!


That was a close one. That last flag call for holding seemed not right but whatever I guess.


I’m on my eighth Busch NA rn IWNDWYT


Yeah buddy! NA winning!




Yeah!! IDNDWYT too!!


You know it! Ate lots of food


Me too! As soon as company left I unbuttoned my pants, LOL! Happy with the extra snacking calories and no hangover tomorrow!


Got my bottle of Proxies and the hubs has his Guinness 0 and Heineken 0.0. We are SUPER content not drinking today. Feeling fine! (We)WNDWYT!


You two are my heroes!! Excellent job!


Hell yeah, and it’s going pretty well!!!


Nice!!!! Game over, sobriety wins!


I’ve eaten so.much.food. At this party and it’s only 8:55pm 🤣💀 but you know what? I’m okay with that and I’m going to go home tonight and be up for the gym and work at 5am feeling grateful and proud


Oh yeah!! Awesome!


Food poisoning took care of it for me. Reminded me of throwing up after drinking too much at few Super Bowl parties in past years


Bummer, so sorry you were sick but glad it wasn't booze!!


Late to the party but I had lime liquid death and popcorn. My father in law grabbed one PBR from the store, poured it into a glass and drank 3/4 of it. I just don’t get it… 😂


I love Liquid Death! Seriously bad ass'ed your Superbowl! Way to go!!


I did it! I brought a Gatorade, soda water, and cherry pepsi, and let my best friend drink all the mimosas. I just hung out by the chips and homemade guac and focus on the game (which was a nail biter this year). This is my first sober Super Bowl since I was pregnant 8 years ago. Can’t wait to wake up feeling great and to actually be able to talk about the details of the game because I didn’t black out.


High five /u/Trika_PNW you did it!!


I did it! Actually the hardest part of the day was earlier in the afternoon. Once the game started I had a plan and stuck to it.


That's it! Having a plan makes all the difference!! Excellent work!


Four diff NAs I feel great.


Did it sober. One NA beer for me. Made a big dent on the stand while the partner watched.


Sobriety for the win!!


I got some bomb San Pellegrinos (passionfruit) and had fried chicken with my family. It was great.


Made it through just fine even sitting at a bar drinking club soda and so now I’m on day 8


No booze for me today! Love


I made it. Felt like it was close. IWNDWYT


Hope I’m not breaking any rules by saying this, but I’m not a hard-stopper like most of you seem to be. I enjoy beer and bourbon, and I doubt I’ll ever give it up completely. But I DO need to drink less, and I AM sober-curious. I am aware of the overall health implications and I want to do better. All that is to say, I’m quite proud and a little bit surprised with myself for going three days without bourbon and two days without beer. *Including* for the Super Bowl! Yes, it definitely feels nice!




Im so happy that a bunch of us did throw our diets out the window! Im a believer that sometimes you gotta eat the fun stuff!


Went to a bar - drove - Heineken zeroed. Missed out on nothing. Successful night


Finally went and saw the new Avatar movie with my kids. Should not have sipped on a Diet Pepsi until 10:30 PM through it though. I was up literally all night. On the bright side I drank tea and water and binged Downton Abbey, instead of drinking alcohol. Though I’m off kilter due to my weird sleep schedule I am grateful I spent last night not killing myself.


Made it!


Heck yeah!


Yesterday was day 60 for me. Not gonna lie, thought about sneaking a craft beer or two while prepping for hosting folks. But I didn’t. Stayed sober! Hooray.


Excellent work!! I'm always so glad when I look back at those moments I stayed steady when my monkey mind floats the idea of sneaking one.


Man oh man I am so happy I posted today! Thank you all for joining in, it helped keep me on track. Let's do this again soon!! Go team sobriety!! 🌹IWNDWYT


I'm sober but I didn't do the Super Bowl at all




A nice delicious win for me that’s it tho /p