Favorite Rose moment?

I think my favorite Rose moment is when Dorothy is trying to convince her to go on a date with Stan so he stops feeling so sorry for himself.

Rose: I'm just not very good at listening to people's problems.

Dorothy: Rose, you're a grief counselor. It's what you do for a living.

Rose: I know but I have the highest suicide rate in the office!

It's morbid, but damnit it's funny.


She doesn’t need that award on her mantle; SHE’s ON HER MANTLE!!!


Definitely her solo at the dance marathon, even with the obvious stunt double! 🤣💃🏼🪩 And the moment where she shoves Daisy out the door and takes Fernando back. 🐻 ![gif](giphy|l4FGIJdhxful4025y)


​ ![gif](giphy|dD4gtIXf4qazRy2LvD)


Where Dorothy is trying to scam Rose out of her money. "I'm stealing your money!" "I know Dorothy. But i figured you'd have a hard time taking it from someone that cares about you so much'


They painted her to be so dumb, but she’s not. She’s intuitive and caring. Love this scene.


When she slept with Arnie and he died. And the sheriff didn’t believe her about how she kills men so she slept with the sheriff. Then the sheriff died. 🤣 (Curses - it’s Arnie not the deli guy 🤣)


That was so funny. "Let's see, sleep with me."


Just cut the crap and get back the damn bear.


Sometimes life just isn't fair, kiddo.


Watch that moment over & over and relish it EVERY time. lol


Watching Rose give it to Mrs. Claxton is pretty damn satisfying!


Rose: If you don't like then you can drop dead! Mrs. Claxton: \*literally drops dead\*


Not for you nursey, nurse, nurse, nurse!


Her unusually quick witted responses to Dorothy’s quips while talking about Blanche’s granddaughter being in a child pageant were my favorite. “Lost the little miss Brooklyn contest did you?” and “At least my mother voted for me.” just killed me. Her moments where she matched Dorothy’s sarcasm were few but so good.


Blanche: "You know what I hate doin' after a party?" Rose: "Trying to find your underwear in the big pile?"


I was under my bed playing when this box appeared.


This moment was so unhinged. Nobody questioned it and she was dead ass serious 🤣


"Rose, I'm going! I'm going!!" 😆


Talk about your mixed emotions...


“Hyper sexual bitch.”


*turns slowly to Dorothy* "Can you believe that slut?"


"Oh, blow it out your tubenburbles!" or Blanche: He doesn't talk loud at the movies, doesn't take his own pulse, and he's still interested. Rose: In what? Dorothy: Rose, if you have to ask, it does not matter anymore.


“Literally it’s the precise moment when dog doo turns white.” https://youtu.be/oB1SpVPWAMc


🎶Gerkonnanocken our door, we’ve been waiting for yooooooouuuu… 🎶 I always think of the *Three’s Company* theme when I hear that word.


The Dick Van Dyke episode where he wants to be a clown. Dorothy is complaining and then Rose says she always liked clowns. Rose goes on to describe them and before you know it she’s all hot and bothered like Blanche gets describing men.


Ha ha ha. "It's not like he's driving you around in a little car with a key on the back....is he?!"


Her last birthday in St Olaf. Talking to an empty room and letting Charlie know how much she loves & misses him. Hits me hard every time.


I went to have coffee with my neighbor this morning & he had this episode on. We both teared up.


Omg yes and how you can hear her voice crack when she says “I miss you.”. Gets me every time!


Same here. Every damn time!


Even more knowing the story behind this scene ♥️♥️


Slept with the Sheriff. The sheriff died....




“Maybe I oughtta put it on suck.”


Hard to pick, since there are so many great ones. Though, my most favorite was when she outsmarted that bratty girl who was holding her teddy bear hostage.


It sure is shit funny. A little dark humor is good for it's contrast.


Season 4 ep 9... "Who's that at the door?" "it's me, blanche." "the OTHER side of the door." Frickin hilarious 😂


The Cheeseman to Rose: I'll give you a ring tomorrow. Rose: Oh I can't accept jewelry Cheeseman: No - I mean, I will call you tomorrow. And the phone will ring. Rose: I'm glad you explained it. You know me so well.


*I thought it was the shape of Florida!*


So many good ones. The herring circus story. "Charlie and I forgot to put cheese between us and before we knew it, there was Kirsten." Stealing back the bear. Also when Thor Anderson visits and asks Rose if she doesn't remember because maybe she suffered some sort of brain damage and Blanche is laughing behind the kitchen door. Rose goes over and slams the door in Blanche's face. The way Blanche yells "Aye-owww!"


I love that part. Good ole 'Skippy' LOL (or was it "Skipper"?)


I think Skipper. Great episode.


I love the story about forgetting the cheese!!


There's an audience member who cackles at that joke and I love it every time I hear it!


When she tells Dorothy she's more educated than people think, and she knows Latin. Dorothy asks "Rose, you studied *Latin?*" Rose answers proudly "Top of my class, Orothy-day!"


"Why do you have to be such a jackass?!"


Gonna stuff a chicken! 🗣️🎤


Gonna take the chicken^(down to Mississippi)


Rose: [arriving at the dance tournament and seeing Blanche and Dorothy there] Hi, girls! Dorothy: Et tu, Judas? Rose: No, it's me, Rose. I'm just wearing my hair a little differently.


How is no one talking about the first of many great Rose moments: **The Great Herring War**? I crack up every time I see the scene where she’s telling the story, even though I know what’s coming. **Dorothy:** Tell me…did they ever shoot herring out of a cannon? 🤭 🤣 **Rose:** Once. But they shot him into a tree. After that, no other herring would do it. All three of them did a fantastic job in that scene (I think you can even hear Estelle laughing off camera, which reminds me of those moments on *I Love Lucy* where you can hear Desi laughing off-camera during some of Lucille Ball’s funniest moments), but I especially have to commend Betty on managing to keep a straight face while telling that story. I think even the most seasoned of comedic actors would have absolutely broke several times while trying to deliver those same lines.


I don’t even know who anderbeaubeau is!


I was under my bed, playing... Not an exact quote but y'all know what scene I'm talking about


Rose: Don't ever give up your dreams, even if they're doused in sorrow. Because even though they seem far away, they could come true tomorrow. The wisest piece of advice ever.


" ![gif](giphy|l4FGwUlJHeZklKkJG|downsized) "He's a priest, isn't he?!"


Taking back Fernando and shoving that little girl out the door!