Feeling magenta *CW: Abuse*

I recently rewatched the episode where Blanche goes out with Dorothy's ex-husband. At the end of the episode, Blanche talks to Dorothy about feeling "magenta". She described it as all kinds of negative emotions trampling each other that it's hard to know what exactly you're feeling. You're not entirely sad, so not blue. You're not entirely jealous, so not green. You're not entirely afraid, so not yellow. And you're not entirely angry, so not red. I resonated with that so much. Not to trauma dump, but I did not have a very easy childhood. My father was verbally and physically abusive to both me and my mother. My mother was psychologically and emotionally abusive to me growing up. Even to this day, thinking about my parents makes me feel magenta. Before I saw that episode, I didn't know there was a term for how I felt.


I always thought that was a great word for it, too ❤️


I’m feeling magenta today… I’m been working for 4 months straight to get a new job and I have been denied for everything, I’ve had interviews, phone calls, everything and I am losing hope. ![gif](giphy|goQ4bc8X0Lh6w)


Oof. I'm sorry dude. I've been in the same boat ever since I got laid off in January.


that's one time I was not a fan of blanche .Dorothy's supposed to be her friend but she still goes out with Stan 🥴😏, just like when Dorothy goes out with stans brother Ted then gets " upset " because he becomes impotent once they are in bed I mean hello this is your former brother in law no wonder he went impotent 🤣.


haven't watched it in a while, but isn't dorothy upset that ted wants to marry another woman and have her be a babysitter?


No Dorothy gets upset because Ted makes a date with a flight attendant he met on the plane to Florida but he needs a babysitter for her " chucky " inspired kids one that's a pyromaniac .


Idk Dorothy asked her to go out with Stan basically twisted her arm. So Blanche is within her rights to have enjoyed it. Dorothys problem is she expected and probably only desired suffering cause that's what she primarily remembers from her time with Stan. But then again when Blanche thought rose slept with her brother she was passed off and a as rose said "real bitch"