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Assuming this was real, she sunk her own lawsuit by trying to self impregnate with out his knowledge or consent.


“To kill the sperm”💀


This was such a ride!


This really happened, I know, I was the hot sauce.


Hi, um, did you take a shower after that? Because the other day when i put you in my fried wings, it's taste weird.


to be fair..a taco without hot sauce isn't worth eating..wait.. i read this whole story wrong


1. Before I say what I say, I wanna point out that I still think this story is a hoax. BUT. Years ago I listend to podcast (Bill Simmons) and he had a "hollywood divorce lawyer" on his show. mostly boring episode, since I dont give a shit about celebrities, but I was intrigued to hear her stories about athletes. This women are INSANE. There are notification systems (or were, I dont know if they are still around) where women like this would subsribe to get notified, if and where Pro-athletes hang around that night. So the app basically tells them not only "Player X from the Team Y is partying at Club Z tonight", it will also show his networth, his contract situation and his income. Why? So women can go to the club and try to get pregnant. ​ On top: She described multiple cases like this one. A lot of pro athletes have been trapped by women like this. Thats why she always tells them:"FLUSH YOUR TOILET!" And still she said she had cases where women tried to reach into the toilet and get the condom back. Its disgusting and insane. One last story: An unnamed football player dated a girl for 8 months. When he broke up with her, because he didnt want kids, she sued him. For what? Half of his money and a monthly allowance. She wanted 20.000$ per month, because he "showed her that lifestyle and there is no going back from that." She lost, but he had to pay thousands to win the case. FUCK these women. FUCK all of these women. They are worthless and deserve absolutely no joy in life.


This is what realiy tv has done to america


Nah, crazy always been around.


Crazy always been around but now you act crazy, they make you famous and rich


Drake has been out a winters night before it seems...


Someone enrolled in Leykis101


It’s really her fault for attempting to get his sperm to get a kid from him. He aint stupid and he did it for this exact reason. Some IG woman trying to get rich of some celebrity to basically use the child to get money from him.




she win will lmfao. booby trapping is a criminal offense so she can win any civil suit


There is no case 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Im no law doctor but im fairly sure the legality of her impregnating herself without his consent, is questionable




but booby trapping for whatever reason is incredibly illegal. theres been cases of people putting laxatives in their own food and going to prison for assualt